Should You Buy the iPhone 4S or Wait for ‘iPhone 5’? [POLL]


So, after months of speculation of a what to expect from the ‘iPhone 5’, all we are received today was the iPhone 4S. In my predictions post leading up to the ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ event, I mentioned you would be disappointed based on your expectations, and also the fact Apple didn’t really need to introduce a new design.

Whatever happened to those teardrop design rumours? The concept images? The leaked cases in China? All of that is out the window, because right now it’s all about the iPhone 4S. It’s here, and it’s real. Finally.

The biggest question on the mind of many existing iPhone 4 users is…should I buy the iPhone 4S? Here’s what I would do based on the following scenarios, to help you out. Hope this helps. 🙂

You Should Buy the iPhone 4S If…

  • You own an iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS
  • You’ve never owned a smartphone, or iPhone
  • Your contract is about to expire
  • Need 1080p HD video recording with stabilization and an industry-leading 8MP camera with incredible low light capabilities
  • The iPhone 4 camera is not good enough for you
  • You need the latest Apple iPhone
  • You are currently using an unlocked iPhone 4 and are itching to upgrade. Sell it used on Craigslist, then pay the difference for another unlocked iPhone 4S from Apple
  • You love talking to yourself and are dying to try Siri
  • You have been waiting your entire life for a revolutionary, futuristic voice-navigation system
  • Money ‘ain’t no thang’ and you enjoy spending frivolously
  • Your friends are suggesting you buy a Blackberry, Android, or Windows phone
  • All your friends are buying one, and you own a Blackberry
  • You own a Blackberry

You Should Not Buy the iPhone 4S If…

  • You are happy with your iPhone 4, the most popular cellphone in Canada.
  • You’ll be content with the new features coming in iOS 5
  • You’re fresh into a three year contract
  • You can’t get out of your three year contract
  • You don’t mind the sluggishness of your iPhone 3G/iPhone 3GS
  • You want your next phone to have a new design
  • The economy is on your mind and you want to save some money
  • You don’t care to have the latest and greatest iPhone
  • You’re patient enough to wait for the next iPhone, most likely a re-designed model
  • You have the ability to avoid when you’re bored
  • You have self control from Apple’s great, phenomenal, amazing, brilliant marketing.
  • Your phone is already the best out of your circle of friends

Are you going to buy the iPhone 4S? Vote below, and share your reasons for either buying or skipping the iPhone 4S in the comments!


  • Cellonly

    The iPhone 4/4S is not enough of an upgrade over the 3GS and given I am 25 mos into my 36 month contract I’d rather not use my big subsidy now but use it in a year when the rockin iPhone 5 with the new design is released, if not earlier. Otherwise I have to wait 2 years from now, at least, to get the maximum subsidy.

  • Auto Strada

    To those who are disappointed and are switching to another phone: AWESOME! That give all of us who actually want the 4s more hope of getting one on the 14th.


    I still have a year left on my contract so I’ll be waiting.

    There are a kod of features that I like in 4s but nothing that I can’t wait for iPhone 5

  • LTESpeed

    I am in Toronto so the incompatibility with the new LTE network will be my #1 reason for not upgrading from my iPhone4

  • roadcarver

    I’m still very happy with my iPhone 4 (contract free) esp with the iOS 5 GM that I installed yesterday.  The notification center is a good start for those of us who’ve beeen using jb apps such as lockinfo.   The little tweaks are nice such as the volume buttons double duties such as a shutter button, notification center very smooth, no performance slowdown on the iPhone 4 that I’ve noticed.   iOS 5 should have allowed DropBox as an alternative to iCloud.  I wonder how many companies out there will start making ‘widgets’ now? 

  • Tony

    First of all, why do people want 4G data? 3G is fast enough, people are getting so impatient these days. On top of that it would kill the battery quick. Second does anyone know how much RAM the iPhone 4s has? Is it the same as iPhone 4? Third the nexus prime aka iPhone 4s killer looks pretty ugly from the side and its 4.7 inch screen (from rumors). That’s huge, and I don’t want people having to see what I do on my phone with that big ass screen.

  • Ontario Swag

    I wont be upgrading my iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4s because im so over the iPhone 4s, its all about the 5 now! Unless they decide to make iphone 4ss or something next year haha. Still whatever happen its all about the iPhone 5 now!

  • Liam

    Great summary post. Looking for some advice from you smart readers. I have a now out-of-contract original iPhone 3G. I am moving to England for a year starting in December. I’m thinking of buying an unlocked iPhone 4S, hop on some plan for the next month here and then a year in England (my understanding is I can do this no problems with the 4S), and then see where things stand when I get back Nov 2012. The problem is this is likely an expensive option, and I won’t have an leverage for an upgrade to an iPhone 5 when I come back, right? I’d have to pay into a contract for that, and I suppose sell the 4S for whatever I can get.

  • Eriksher

    i will wait for the iphone 5. i have a 4 and ios5 is good enough for now. good try apple. but it wasn’t good enough for me.
    but thanks for the upgrade to the os.

  • Badinage

    IPhone 4Skip

  • I did the same and my phone’s now WAY snappier and feature-filled than my jailbroken iOS 4.3.3 before. I think this will tide me over and hopefully they release the iPhone 6 in the summer.

  • Jreid2375

    I will stay away. I thought that maybe if Rogers gave an early upgrade i would do it but i think I’ll wait for iPhone 5. By then Siri should be out of Beta and enhanced. I’m happy with the camera on iPhone 4 and as long as iOS doesn’t slow down the iPhone 4 it should be good enough for me.

  • JC

    Siri is the only thing that was WOW about the whole event. I personally think that we will get it somehow in IOS 5 using our iphone 4

  • Do you guys think they’ll be any line ups? I rather get one at the Store than getting one pre ordered

  • I have an old 3G so I will upgrade to the 4S otherwise I would have liked to wait for the 5 to become available.

  • beetle

    An unlocked iPhone 4 would also work in England

  • Jduckets11

    Whose to say there will even be a redesign. It makes me laugh because if Apple would have called it iPhone 5 everyone would be sweating it.

  • iamlynda

    I’m on a 3GS so I’ll be upgrading. I would have liked a new design but the 4S is still pretty sharp and so I’ll be happy with the change.  the extra speed and 8mp camera are huge selling points for me. Definatley want to buy it off-contract though. I have got to get out of my Rogers contract!!

  • Anonymous

    As much as  I wanted an iPhone 5 (bigger screen with new design or not) didn’t matter.

    I want the voice assistant so bad and I just want the 4S (better camera and processor too, YAY!)

    I’m doing whatever it takes! It’s actually starting to scare me.. LOL!

    I’m selling my iPhone 4 and I’m seeing if I have any money left around etc.

    It’s actually pretty crazy and I wrote what money I have. Too bad I have to pay $315 for an early hardware upgrade but then I still have money for upgrading to an iPhone 4S (If Rogers lowers or keeps the prices the same as apple).

    We will see what happens, but hey; I love my iPhone’s and I ALWAYS NEED THE LATEST AND GREATEST! Just because it satiety’s me.

    I’m clearly obsessed/crazy.


  • Anonymous

    Really your only option is to buy an unlocked phone… a 4 or a 4S. Unless you buy a phone over in the UK and go on contract for a year. Although getting an unlocked phone is the more expensive route, if you keep the phone in good condition, you’ll be able to sell it for way more once the 6th gen phone comes out. Keep in mind that you are also banking on the fact that the 6th generation iPhone will be worthwhile upgrade… what did we learn about expectations this week kids?

  • Anonymous

    My decision rides on two things:
    a) if Siri is indeed available initially for Canadians.
    b) if Rogers offers the same deal for “early adopters” as they did last year.

    If the answer is yes to both, then I’m DEFINITELY upgrading from my 4.

    On a side note, people should start referring to the next iPhone as the 6th gen iPhone as it likely won’t be called the “iPhone 5”. I personally am going with the name of…. iPhone LTE…. oooooohhh ahhhhhh!

  • Anonymous

    I think you’re on the money!

  • Anonymous

    It’s Apple. Yes, there will be lineups.

  • Jer

    I’m very content and happy with my iPhone 4 and with the soon to arrive iOS 5 it will be even better. I’m waiting for the iPhone 5, which I believe will be just what the “4” did last year but with all new design, bigger screen and better components. 🙂

  • Dennis

    You are trying so hard to convince yourself that faster and bigger is not better. lol
    Ya, who in their right mind would want a faster car, computer, phone or anything! Those ppl must be crazy lol!!
    Already you saw only the side view of the Samsung Nexus Prime, and its ugly… fanboys are hilarious.

  • Fastrace24

    I agree that you want to get the most out of your upgrade and if you’ve waited this long and like your 3GS, then waiting probably isn’t such a bad thing.  That said, I found that the 4 was a considerable upgrade over the 3G/3GS.  Good for you for having patience though!

  • Fastrace24


  • Marsdust

    I have a 3GS, so yes I will be buying the iPhone 4S.  I don’t know what all the annoyance is about, did you really think they were going to come up with a “bigger and better phone”??  They didn’t make a leap from 3 to 4, so what makes you think they are going to leap from 4 to 5?  The 4S sounds perfectly fine, and no I am not an Apple fan girl!

  • Jarndt08

    My decision rides on Siri. I do alot of Driving here in Edmonton, and with the new Distracted Drinving Law I can’t read/send texts at all on the road. Would love to be able to tell my phone to read me my new messages and then tell it what to reply. So if Siri is not available in Canada, I won’t be upgrading from my 4. But if it is (which I hope it is) I’m all over it!!

  • And about pre orders? Do you actually get it on the 14th or do you have to wait a couple more days to ship?

  • Poochi

    LTE plan costs more $$$ and locks you in on another 3 year contract.

  • Poochi

    Sometimes you don’t need to wait until contract is over to get the best hardware upgrade price.

  • Poochi

    With iOS 5, I think I may do the following:
    – cancel my text message, voice mail, call display package and save $20+HST/month
    – with the MagicJack app that works flawlessly on 3G, I can downgrade the voice plan too now

    I will prob buy it unlocked, and wait for my contract to expire and look around for best deals.

    In this age all we really need is mobile data access and a phone number taking incoming calls.

  • Flaxx

    um “You don’t mind the sluggishness of your iPhone 3G/iPhone 3GS”? Since when is the 3GS sluggish? It feels exactly the same speed as the iPhone 4.

  • It will be, and has been confirmed it will be.

  • Steve Lam

    slightly disappointed but only because the media hyped this like crazy.

    its funny because all of the iphone 4s specs were pretty much what people expected from the iphone 5 but since they stuffed it into the same form factor, people assumed it was just a ‘minor’ upgrade. i mean seriously, dual a5 is a ‘minor’ upgrade from the single a4? i don’t think so.

    nevermind the fact that the iphone 4 form factor is STILL the best looking phone on the market and its been out for more than a year.

    still, i won’t be upgrading from my iphone 4 (i didn’t upgrade to the 3gs when i had a 3g either) and will just wait for the iphone 5.

    if you still have a 3g or 3gs, then moving to an iphone 4s makes a lot of sense.

    as for siri, meh.

  • Hyperextension

    I will be upgrading from my iPhone 4 for sure.  Now that we can preorder online finally, I will be doing that and hopefully have it delivered on release day.  I have been quite lucky since the very first iPhone, whereas, I have sold it and made some decent cash to offset the purchase of a new phone.  Plan on doing the same here, as my iPhone4 is only 1 month old (replaced by Apple).  I also love the 64GB option, although with iTunes Match coming, not sure I need it.  Siri is pretty darn sweet as well.  Bottom line is…I always love to have the latest and greatest.  And yes, I will get the 4S and I will also upgrade to the 5 if and when it comes out.

  • Steve Lam

    the iphone 4 screen alone is worth the upgrade. i can’t even look at my iphone 3g screen anymore without wincing.

  • Steve Lam

    bigger is not better in smartphone land. weren’t you around during the late 80s/early 90s?

  • kdmatti

    You’re exactly right Fastrace24, if they had called in anything but the 4S everyone would be all over it

  • kdmatti

    You’ll most likely get a pre-ordered 4S a couple days before that, my guess is you’ll get it the day that iOS 5 is released, which is the 12th.  But thats just my experience with apple pre-orders

  • Anonymous

    Well on Apple’s Canadian website they doesn’t mention it AT ALL.

  • Howardck

    Upgrading for sure! It looks like a beautiful phone, and I don’t understand the nay-sayers. The Fido contract for my 3G is almost over, and I just have to make a decision whether to stick with Fido (I’ll see what sort of deal they might make to keep me in the family) or to get an unlocked phone. 

  • Jarndt08

    Where is this confirmation? Last I heard Apple PR said “There is no Canadian version of Siri”

  • thanks! i guess i’ll have to be awake at 3:01 am EST to be one of the first to get the pre order

  • iamlynda

    Anyone know what the CDN prices will be for unlocked 4S? All I can find is “starting at $649”. I’m trying to do the math: better to switch carriers (& have to payout my contract. HATE Rogers!!) & pay the lower cost or just buy the phone outright?

  • Frankie

    Same here. Once it’s confirmed and released in iPhones sold in Canada, I’ll upgrade. I won’t be in a hurry though.

  • Manny

    I am also interested in buying unlocked without contract phone. Do u know which carrier you would be going for the best plan in canada ( toronto to be specific)?

  • Manny

    This is a very good option. In UK i know without plan contracts are hour the price if u have ur own phone. Moreover, you can sell factory unlocked phone for $400 – 450 anytime on ebay and upgrade to i phone 5 when it comes.

  • Anonymous

    Siri will MOST likely be enabled on iPhone 4 through jailbreaking. The iPhone 4S is just not worth the upgrade if you have a 4.

  • Anonymous

    Confirmation was posted on this site. Check the recent posts.

  • Right, because they don’t have a proper Canadian language yet, but we can enable it. Confirmation was from a blog post on this site. Read it 🙂

  • JformK

    I have a 4.. what’s the point 😛  

  • Jarndt08

    Ya I see it now.  Definitely upgrading in that case. I’m not into the whole Jailbreaking thing.

  • Red Star

    I think I’ll wait for the iPhone 5 as my 4 is doing just fine. iOS 5 will make it feel new again too! If I had a 3G or 3Gs I would be in line right now! I took 3 days off of work tracking down my 4! Not looking to do that again anytime soon!

  • Mouss12

    If Siri is only a software upgrade (not a hardware thing) then why can’t Apple ask current iPhone 4 owners to throw in, say $25, to have it active on their iPhone 4’s! This all seems like a stupid ploy to have software that could run on my phone force me to buy a new one. I think I’ll wait for the iPhone 5, which might have 4g speeds and other cool (and better) features.

    At least they are good enough to give us the iOS 5 upgrade for free.

  • Anonymous

    stuck in Virgin contract til 2013 >.< but happy with my 4 

  • Lude

    I will wait to read the reviews of the antenna problem. I don’t think iphone 4s is worth to upgrade from iphone 4. Unless you want to buy the iphone 4s for Steve 

  • Guest

    If Siri is not available in Canada, then does that mean all Siri features are unavailable or only some?

  • rocky0138

    i want big screen on my next iphone,,, 4.5 inchs or atleast 4 inches.

  • NK

    I’m currently out of my contract, on an iphone 3G but will likely wait f or the 5. Unless i can get a really cheap deal on a used unlocked 4.

  • Anonymous

    I agree totally. I’m in the same position as you & won’t bother with this phone (mainly because I hate the iphone 4 design with the Gorilla glass) I’m not eligible for a HU until March and with any luck (fingers crossed) Apple will release an iphone 5 come June/July that is groundbreaking and revolutionary instead of playing “catch up” and if not then I’ll check out the competition. As another poster said Apple is no longer the leader here, they’ve turned into the follower. All you have to do is look at Samsung, HTC or Sony Ericsson products and what they offer in terms of features. (bigger screen,slimmer design,lighter phone,better camera,more memory/expandable memory, & up until now a faster processor) Only now has Apple caught up with a camera that other companies have had on their models for years now. (Nokia had an 8MP a few years ago and Sony Ericsson is now up to 12MP on some of their models) Typical though….Apple puts a bow & some glitter on a turd and all the fanboys ooooo and awww.

  • dennis

    Bigger is better just ask your mother 🙂 Btw Faster is also better iFlop needs to come out of the dark ages and join the 4G networks.

  • iamlynda

    Sorry Manny, I’m in Edmonton. It’s a different story here than out East. Personally I think carriers are all the same – once you sign the contract all we are to them is $$. But for cellular service I’m discovering that Bell has better coverage in Edmonton than does Rogers. People can actually get cell service in the LRT tunnels if they are with Bell/Telus. Rogers=many many dead zones all across the city

  • Liam

    So i called Rogers. I suspended my account for a year, keeping my #. I’m going to buy an unlocked iPhone 4S through Apple, take it to England for a year. When i’m back in Canada, and assuming a new iPhone is out by Nov 2012, i SHOULD be eligible for an upgrade from my original iPhone 3G to the new device (maybe?). I’m buy a subsidized 3-yr contract phone, sell the iPhone 4S, and everything is nice and tidy. flawed logic anywhere?

  • Switch

    Wouldn’t it be likely that they would call the next iPhone the iPhone 6? After all it would be the sixth generation.

  • jabest

    I was considering an upgrade from my iPhone 4 to the 4S. But that got shut down completely by Rogers new early upgrade policy. With what I spent on my plan, I was pretty much eligible for the new iPhone every year. Now it doesn’t matter what I spend: it’s two years or pay more.

    Good thing I’m perfectly happy with my iPhone 4!

  • Ryebuilt

    I would love the new camera, but, is the new battery that much better? THAT I want…

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