iPhone 5 Estimated Delivery Map Confirms Pre-Orders Will Arrive on Sept. 21st in Canada


If you managed to place your iPhone 5 pre-order from Apple during the first wave, you order will have a shipping estimate that notes: “Delivers 9/21 – 9/25”. Orders placed outside the first hour quickly moved to a delayed ‘ships in two weeks’ window.

Once again, following the estimated delivery map they also used for iPad 3 pre-orders, Apple has posted an iPhone 5 estimated delivery map for its customers. It explicitly states orders placed within the first wave will indeed receive it by September 21st (launch day) if your address is located in Delivery Zone 1 (essentially major urban areas).

Estimated Delivery Dates

Delivery Zone 1 – Sept. 21st (if quoted “Delivers 9/21 – 9/25”)
Delivery Zone 2 – Sept. 24th
Delivery Zone 3 – Sept. 25th
Delivery Zone 4 – Sept. 26th to Oct. 2nd

Also, this pre-order for the iPhone 5 is also an opportunity for many to experience text notifications for shipping, a feature that debuted in July. Did you make the first wave of shipments?


  • VancouverBlade

    I had ordered by 12:03 so pretty sure I’m in the first wave. Now my main concern is getting the
    nano-sim by the time the phone arrives. God knows what Fido’s plans are for that.

  • Hosein

    I suddenly woke up 2:52 am est and pre-ordered a 32 gb black one on my ipad. now i’m so happy that i didn’t postpone it to the morning; otherwise i had to wait another week! 🙂

  • Hosein

    Just chatted with a fido agent. he said starting on Sep 21st you can buy a nano sim at any fido store for $10, or if you want to use your fido dollars for this, you can do it online through my account on sep 21st.

  • Ottoes

    I orderd at 12:35 and got the 2 week wait. Maybe it was because I ordered a white model? Still, I’m hoping after the launch next Friday that speeds it up a bit. People getting their hands on one in store might mean cancelled orders and my name moving up the queue.

  • VancouverBlade

    Hmmm so I have to find a Fido store with no line to get the sim or wait for them to ship me one from the point I order on the 21st? Let’s hope the phone turns on without a sim.

  • Hosein

    well i’m sure they won’t have much iphone stock to sell at their stores on sep 21st (remember the same situation with iphone 4), so that shouldn’t be a problem if you just wanna buy a nano sim, which apparently they should have more than enough at the stores.

  • Jenny

    Try bestbuy or futureshop. You can just ask any associate for one and take it to the cashier to pay for it as opposed to waiting for a fido associate at the store

  • djepsilon

    Thank goodness, I was a little worried when I saw the “Delivers 9/21 – 9/25”…
    I ordered using the App on my iPhone. Ridiculously easy and fast. Was able to roll over right away and go back to sleep!

  • Opus

    Anyone knows if the Apple Stores will have them in stock similar to previous releases? Wonder if we can get one there at no charge if it doesn’t ship with the pre-orders

  • VancouverBlade

    I emailed someone at the Fido social team and he said they will be available to purchase at the Fido store. Just hope there are enough.

  • I’m hoping my telus Preorder gets here the same time. I bought 2 to resell from Apple, but those are ONLY for resale. If those come before mine does, I will CRY.

    That said, anyone in the lower mainland want a 16 or 32 gig iPhone 5? 🙂

  • The app was brilliant, wasn’t it? The site was down for the count, but there wasnt a hitch ordering it through the app.

    I’m just VERY sad they can’t process the carrier orders through apple like in the states. I know my Telua rider was placed within the first few minutes, but who knows if they’re as organized.

    I just want my phone… Now!! 🙁

  • They start selling at 8am on the 21st, but you’ll be paying out of pocket for it then, you’d have to resell or return your pre order to get the money back.

  • I ordered around 6 am and it wil be delivered only around october 9!! When I woke up around 2 am the store was down so it’s three weeks for me!!

  • Fab

    I order my 32 gb black in store with no Problem. I was the first one in line in ottawa carlingeood store. No 16 gb for pre order.

  • Hope it will take more than 14 days, I could have a 50$ credit to apologize for the delay. With the 90$ Fido Dollars I have = cheap price 😀

  • gerry

    I did the same thing. The app went live well before the only store did. I placed mine at 3am this morning.

  • jayshawn

    so then does this mean that as long as you live in delivery zone 1 you’ll get it between Sept 21-25?
    because i pre-ordered this morning around 8am, and it was quoting me at 2 weeks to deliver (has this been another error or should i expect mine to ship around the 28th?)

  • Ottoes

    Woot!! My order delivery status just changed to Delivers 9/21-9/25 via Standard Shipping!!!

  • DefenderTech

    So what does this mean? There is no delivery date…

    Reserved DevicesiPhone 5 32GB Black32GB BlackPosition : 1028Status: OPENView details

  • Tt

    I feel cheated. The store website was down until 3:25 am Est this morning. By the time I got my order placed. My delivery date was already Oct 2. That’s unfair. I’m going to cancel and line up at Apple store next Friday.

  • I did it at 6:45 am eastern and got number 277

  • Forget to say was Rogers

  • Opus

    Oh, I meant the Nano-sim. Will Apple Store have them to give out for free like they did before with the micro-sim? I was able to pre-order at 3am today and hoping I’ll get it by Sept 21. Can’t wait.

  • Steve31

    Doesn’t mean that it’s a sure thing. Last year with the 4s there was a lot of us in zone 1 that had to wait til Monday. If like last year…Apple will ship Canada on Wednesday.

  • ShaolinX

    I was one of those crazy fanatics who stayed up (in spite of work in the morning) and pre-ordered. Right around 1:15 am MTN, I was able to pre-order — I went through the store, since this is my very first iPhone and naturally I didn’t have access to the iStore app.

    My pre-order is saying Sep 21-25, so I too am hopeful that I fell in the ‘first wave’ of orders and that I should get it on Friday Sep 21.

    I’m wondering what you guys would suggest for a provider, as I said I’m an iPhone newbie and need the guidance = ).

  • hey_dude1643

    If you were quoted “2 weeks” then you’ve missed out the first batch of phones.
    Your phone will ship in 2 weeks. You’ll get it in October.

  • That’s a good question, I would think you’d need to get a carrier locked sim from your provider at the time you go to activate the baby

  • gerry

    My shipping got changed to “Holiday Shipping.” Anyone else’s?

  • gerry

    Mine’s still saying the same shipping date so we’ll get it, or earlier I’m hoping lol. Plus my shipping method now states “holiday shipping” so it could mean, a priority? I sure hope so. Hmm, you may want to do a little research on the web to see which carrier offers a better deal. Sorry can’t help you on that one

  • Zee man

    Preparing for Shipment!! 32gb Black

  • G

    Spoke to an apple store representative and he said the nano sim card will be available on Sept 21. Best of all it’s free 😀

  • gerry

    Anyone who pre-ordered on Sept. 14, should soon get a ‘preparing for shipment’. Mine currently shows that status.

  • Ex

    When did yours change?

  • Ex


  • Raids

    MIne is preparing for shipment too, 3 hrs ago, ordered mine at 12:01 am.

  • Ex

    September 14 12:02am: Preordered via website.
    September 15: Delivery changed to “holiday”.
    September 16 2PM PDT: Order status changed to “preparing for shipment”.

  • I’m with Telus and I’ve had no problems with them. Compared to Rogers it’s been pretty smooth sailing. Plus, if you’re a movie fan you’ll get 5 free movies at Cineplex theatres. Sorry, I sound like a Telus representative, lol. Point is, I’d avoid Rogers forsure, I’d check Bell, cause that mobile TV offer looks pretty cool, and give Telus a chance too, there’s free activation, which I’m sure some others are doing; hope this helps!

  • Does anyone know if there is a way to check the status if you pre-ordered directly from a provider? Also, any news on if the 64GB will be arriving later?

  • gerry

    Changed to ‘preparing for shipment’ 😀

  • gerry

    Mine changed around 4pm or so’ish. I’m probably gonna get an update overnight to shipped. 😀

  • gerry

    Just for those who’d like to pick up your package rather than have it delivered. I asked Apple if I could and they said yes. Once it ships, give them a call and they’ll notify the postal carrier that you’ll be picking it up (at the postal centre, UPS or FedEX) rather than wait for it to be delivered if you know you can’t be home in time for delivery.

  • steve

    So how many people bought the iPhone 5 with money they didn’t have? I’m guessing lots.

  • Kelvin

    Called Apple, they CONFIRMED that eventhough I am in Zone 1 I am now getting it on the 25th

  • Kelvin

    i ordered through the App and was preparing for shipment yesterday. Just like others it turned to holiday shipping today

  • Kelvin

    think its hte 25th now. called apple and they told me 25th for me.

  • gerry

    Booo. That sucks you’ll be getting it on the 25th. But hope all the best you’ll get it Friday.

  • Zaid

    Do you live in a city?

  • Chris Burke

    Sold my iPhone 4 locally unlocked factory for… $400!!!!! Getting my eup waived right now.. I’m number 192 in zone 1 with Rogers.. Hoping for Friday, but could be Monday I guess..

  • yvrgal

    I did the same thing. For a while I kept refreshing Safari for like 10 minutes until someone posted to use the Apple App.

  • yvrgal

    It’s like asking how many people here have a mortgage with money they didn’t have. I guess a lot!

  • Hilton Routley

    Read this off the apple forum apparently it means it WILL be delievered on the 21st:

    “I called the Apple customer service number and spoke with a representative. He said that they put all of the preorders that have delivery scheduled for 9/21 under the category “holiday shipping” so that the carriers (i.e., UPS and FedEx) would note that those orders MUST be delivered that day. Basically, it is too insure that you will get your iPhone 5 order on the date specified on your order status.” –

  • ShaolinX

    Hey Nick, thanks alot for the feedback. What problems did you encounter with Rogers, exactly, that makes you run in the opposite direction? One bad thing is that Rogers hasn’t rolled out its LTE coverage for my area, and won’t until October I believe.

    Cheers man, appreciate it.