Samsung Releases Two New iPhone 5 Attack Ads [VIDEO]


A week ago Samsung released new ads targeting and mocking Apple customers in line for the iPhone 5, and this morning they have uploaded two more slightly modified versions of the first video to their YouTube channel just over an hour ago. The scenario is the same: Apple customers are waiting in line for the iPhone 5, made to look like pathetic losers when suddenly Galaxy S3 users show up to show them what’s really cool.

Check out the videos below and tell me what you think:

Samsung previously released a misleading print ad targeting the iPhone 5. However, when put head to head the iPhone 5 has come out on top in benchmarks, display quality tests, and drop tests against the S3. All of these iPhone 5 ‘victories’ mean nothing to the stereotypical insecure ‘fandroid‘ user though.

Is this a way to target the customers you want to switch to the S3 by making them look stupid? Or is Samsung targeting those people sitting on the fence about whether to jump on an iPhone 5 or S3?


  • Adam

    You sound angry in this article.

  • let sue them. they are insulting us over and over and over again!

  • RaphaelNinjaTurtle

    I personally find them funny. Though it wouldn’t make switch, I don’t feel stupid for owning a superior device.

  • Nah, just having some fun. 🙂

  • fordomatic69

    Have not seen an Apple ad lateley that makes fun of Samsung. Just ads that show us the features of their products. It’s funny how # 2 always stoops to the mud-slinging first.

  • Yep. Smells like desperation and insecurity.

    Some S3 users are always quick to point out why your iPhone 5 sucks, yet iPhone users would never feel the need to attack.

  • excaliburca

    Apple did the exact same thing against PCs, making their products look to be “cooler” than the other guys, with it’s series of ads back in the mid 2000s. Karma… 🙂

  • hayman

    I would much rather have an Apple product than a Samsung product that can be easily hacked and remotely wiped. I think they need to get their act together first before throwing insults at Apple.

  • aRhyno

    lol, like excaliburca said, apple did it before. its all fun and games honestly. i would rather see this then huge patent lawsuits.

  • aRhyno

    and if touching phones makes someone buy a S3 over an iphone, then i wish them good luck lol. when i bought my second iphone, i debated a while over the s3 and iphone 5. ultimately i chose the 5, but both are decent phones. but apple does things i hate, like no sd card, do things like proprietary cables and trying to lock people to there ways. i almost switched, but i will say, they make good products which kept me with them.

  • Although I greatly disliked the apple vs PC attack ads, and they were one of the main reasons why I had such a distaste for them. But at least those ads were decently made. These ads are stupid, mindless and baffle me with just how tacky these are. Seriously, S Share? “I can share playlists, whee!!” If Samsung had something actually behind them, and didn’t focus on not only providing nothing on their product, but on making iPhone fans look completely mindless and downright dumb. “it’s all digital, WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!!”

    So thanks, Samsung. You’ve done more to sour my taste to your company than Apple did. Except where Apple was able to succeed in regaining my trust, I believe there’s no chance for redemption here.

  • This, this and more this. Just because I like the iPhone more than the S3, I’m not trolling Samsung posts and pointing out all the various ways I feel the iPhone is better. I’m not pointing out how the iPhone is more sturdy, that the display tests, and looks better. The camera is clearer and even though the S3 has an aperture of f/2.0 versus the 5’s f/2.4. No. I’m spending my time on Apple blogs that are pertinent to me and the rest of my time, I’m enjoying my device.

  • John

    Samsung doesn’t make ads selling their products that highlight themselves, they cause friction.

  • ddsmak

    The same kind of tactics when Apple were using the Mac vs PC ads a few years ago. All very funny.
    And that’s what ads are for, make your products look great while the competition looks inferior. Remember you only have 30 sec. to produce a commercial and you have to get the GENERAL point across to the audience. Then it’s up to the buyer to do, at least, some research.

  • Kofinni

    lol @ Samsung. Good for laughts.

  • FragilityG4

    Isn’t it obvious? Samsung is jealous that the public perceives their products not worth of a line up!

  • Samsung isn’t targeting dedicated Apple users, they’re targeting the people who don’t know enough about technology to make informed decisions and so they make decisions based on product hype. Apple’s currently winning in product hype and Samsung’s trying to deflate that.

    Almost more than that however, and this is where it gets sneaky, I believe Samsung is also targeting their own clients. First, giving them an ad that makes them feel like they made the smart choice and proud that they’re not blindly following Apple, and then subtly pushing their current users to go further and bring their friends over to Samsung. I think this is why most of the features they’re pushing require more than one person with a GS3 for them to work. While bashing Apple users, they’re also letting current GS3 users know of the features they’d be able to use if all their friends bought a GS3. The most respected opinion on what product to buy comes from your friends, not a TV advertisement. This aspect of the ad is pretty smart.

    Personally, I think the ads are funny. I had a few laughs despite the fact that they’re not realistic. But there is a hint of reality in the characters they’re showing in the ads, and that’s where the humour works for me. They don’t do anything to sway me, as most of the features they’re pushing in these ads only work if you’ve got friends with GS3s, which I don’t, so they actually aren’t advertising any features that I’d use. Then again, as I mentioned before, I’m probably not their target market.

  • thepeddle

    The iPhone 5 is not even close to a superior phone. It was awesome for the first couple of years now android has surpassed it in features. It’s using a stale long in the tooth OS and refuses to change.Eerily similar to what BlackBerry did. People have already grown tired of it, albeit there are a ton of Apple fanboys left the Is will die off if it doesn’t start To change over the next couple of years. But Idoubt any sheep on here will acknowledge this. You’ll just keep lining up for the same tired Is great after year with aslight hardware upgrade and be content. Pathetic.

  • I’ve found a product that works very well for me. All of its current features satisfy me, so any upgrades to those features are a welcome progression. Android may be superior in a number of ways, I don’t know. To be honest I haven’t looked into it because I have no desire to change what works for me and relearn a new operating system.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Sorry if that’s pathetic.

  • Tminusg

    I do agree that ios is getting stale. On the other side of things, iphone 5 does have it’s advantages over the s3 when it comes to durability standards and raw power. Added in with how thin and light it is, with great battery life the iphone 5 is a winner. Don’t let your pathetic fanboyism get the best of you bud.

    My jellybean tablet is great! Alot of functionality, and jelly bean is leaps beyond hc and gb (which were horrific). But for me, iphone is the only phone, syncs all calenders, contacts, music and pictures with my mac. I have used the s2, great phone but couldnt live with the gap of information between my mac and phone. So stfu, why do you even come to a site named “iphoneincanada”. Your just a south korean troll

  • KJ

    I’ve said before and ill say it again….Samsung products are like putting a perfume on pig….need I say more

  • present

    Samsong is clever in misleading stupid fandroid nerds…. guess what i found in their list of their S3’s advantages..??

    -Shake to update!!!

    Oh my God! ????
    Shake to update!!
    what great function!!

    -Tilt to zoom!!!!
    Are you kidding me!!????
    Any many shitty list function that roll only on their stupid fan

  • applesuxs

    APPLE SUCKS, always did and always will ! Good luck you fanapple and banana fruit cakes.

  • nodominanceplz

    You kind of person creates word like “iTards”. Stop acting like 12 yo fanboy.

  • DC

    Your comment to me sounded very superficial, illustrating a profound lack of understanding of the topic that you attempted to discuss. If you read it over again, it is actually an empty argument. This is more like a pointless rant.

  • As a consumer, I will not sit back and accept attack ads. From anyone. I especially will not feign enjoyment over poorly written, terrifically unfunny ads of any kind. The apple Genius ads were equally as dumb as these, and Apple was stupid to release them in the wild.

    But here, Samsung hired writers who would get booed by drunk people at an open mic event to jazz up this commercial. It didn’t work.

    The “crap apple fans say”, however, was funny and they could have taken something from there to at least make this a remotely funny or interesting attack ad.

    But as it stands now, it’s a lame ad that smacks of desperation. An ad that spends the majority if its time saying Apple fans are stupid, as is anyone else that picks the gigantic hunk of plastic that is the S3.

    I’m not an iTard, I’m a picky consumer who hates most ads as they are (god even the Apple ones make me choke on their sugary sweetness), but when a company, a politician has to attack their competition, all it says to me is they’re desperate and isn’t able to promote their own products well enough. The only S3 ads I’ve seen are these 2 tv spots and their incredibly moronic print ad, yet I’ve seen HOW many Apple ads, cheesy as they may be, NOT attacking the completion?

    Simply put, it’s incredible only in its mediocrity.

  • Paulman Chan

    Look, guys. Smartphones are becoming just like politics. You’re starting to get two entrenched positions that are becoming increasingly polarized, such that a reasonable discussion where each side gives the other side’s points a fair hearing is now impossible. Once you start entwining your identity with your position (i.e. pro-Apple or pro-Android or pro-Samsung), then once someone challenges your position it’s felt as a personal attack on who you are.

    The truth? Both Apple and Samsung (and Android) have pro’s and con’s, regardless of what category you compare them in (design/beauty, usability, performance, features, display). I’m a Samsung Galaxy S II user and I love my phone, but I really respect what Apple does with each iteration. I went with the Galaxy S II instead of the iPhone 4S because I wanted a larger screen and Flash support, but there are certain aspects of the iPhone 4S that I wish I had (mainly, a less buggy and very polished UI / operating system).

    Btw, did you know that Apple custom designed an ARM-based CPU for the iPhone 5 that is low-power yet high performance? Most companies just license an ARM CPU like the ARM Cortex A9 or latest generation A15 and integrate it into their SoC (System-on-Chip) instead of designing a custom core themselves. I believe that’s what Samsung, NVIDIA, and Texas Instruments do. Qualcomm (Krait), and now Apple (A6’s CPU), are the only companies I’m aware of that have custom designed their own ARM-based processor.

    In summary: it’s complicated, and that’s why it’s easier for the pro-Apple and pro-Samsung/Android camps to just shout and call each other names than have a real, intelligent, and constructive conversation 😛

    But you and I can change that!

  • crosseyed_mofo

    can we get more of this? phoneism is soooo annoying… well done sir

  • Matthew

    I think this sums up a lot of Android users I’ve some across online. It’s a shame really because I’ve owned a Black Berry, an iPhone and an Android device at some point and enjoyed them all for different reasons. I don’t know why some people feel the need to name call and attack anyone who doesn’t use the same cell phone as them. Pathetic.

  • SIII

    Apple doesn’t even have flash player and you don’t need to jailbreak to download anything you want
    Way more user friendly and tech swavey
    Android rules
    Apple users bite a dick

  • SIII

    Apple bite a dick and for all you using it open up wide bc Samsung is here to blank you in the blank…droid life!

  • kev

    You should include the link for the full length ad if you can find it. It’s actually hilarious. As excaliburca said below, it is really similar to the mac/pc commercials that used to air, but these are way funnier since they do such a good job of highlighting the stereotypes that go along with mac users.

  • kev

    There it is lol. Now before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, just relax. I happen to be an iphone user, but these ads are funny as hell in depicting iphone fanboys.

  • Apples_has_caughtup

    LOL. The Samsung S3 has been out for about 1.5 years now. And you think that is a valid comparison? The fact that the iPhone 5 is only marginally above in spec comparison , depending on who did the tests is not that impressive in my books.
    When Samsung comes out with the next version, do we need to wait another 1.5 to 2 years for Apple to catch up again ?