The iPhone 5 Already Has Apple Store Lines Forming [PHOTO]


With over five days until the official iPhone 5 release, Apple already has lines forming at their popular New York city location. Early this afternoon CNNMoney reported that seven people were camping out in lawn chairs outside the Apple store.

The line began on Thursday at 8 AM; eight days prior to the upcoming official iPhone 5 release on Friday, September 21st. Our source, CNNMoney has additional information on the leaders of the line:

#1 and #2: Hazem Sayed, 54, and his marketing manager Sage (short for Sagittarius), 31, set up camp Thursday at 8 a.m. — eight days early — to promote a social media startup called Vibe. Sayed describes it as a tool “to create ad hoc communities of people who happen to be in the same place” — like an iPhone line. He’s invited local developers to use Vibe this week to demo their mobile apps (through a projected image on the sidewalk in front of the growing crowd) and he’ll invite the people in the queue to vote — through Vibe — for their favorite. “It’s a real blue-collar app,” says Sage, whose resume includes opening up empty buildings for squatters and doing logistics for Occupy Wall Street. “Jet setters don’t get the app because they don’t have a neighborhood.”

Some veterans even are standing in line just behind Hazem and Sage. Jessica Mellow and Keenan Thompson camped out for the iPhone 4S in New York City last year for 17 days. This year their wait won’t be long stretched and the weather should hold up with lows topping out in the 50s.

In years past it’s typical for lines to form days in advance to the public release. I would personally enjoy waiting in line for the iPhone if I had time, but clearing four to five days off my block would be impossible.

If you aren’t amused by standing in line you can check out our iPhone 5 pre-order roundup post. All the information you need to know on pre-ordering the iPhone 5 can be found there.

UPDATE (8:44 PM, Sept 16): Since we posted this @culturaaple made us aware ten people are now standing outside that New York Apple store.


  • Tony

    What losers

  • tim


  • BryceMeiklejohn

    I see the Android trolls are out tonight!

  • Omar

    I have an iPhone 4 and think these people are losers.

  • gerry

    Crazy. Their goes a week of loss pay at work or missed school.

  • Zapperman

    Yep, couldn’t agree more. There are far better places and reasons to “camp out”, but to each their own I guess.

  • Meh, just vote the idiots down and ignore them.

  • RyanStOnge

    I wonder if any Samsung fans are annoying them in line like the commercials ;p

  • sully54

    Actually these guys could be considered enterprising geniuses. It’s a fact that there are people out there who pay other people like these to stay in line for them. Smart, IMO.

  • excaliburca

    Not my cup of tea, but to each his own.

  • Clay

    How can people afford iPhone 5s if they don’t have jobs that they need to be at?

  • swotam

    Hey, I guess if you have the time and are willing to do it, it’s one way to chew up a week 🙂

    That being said, I lined up for an unlocked iPhone 4 on launch day at Square One in Mississauga. I arrived at 5:00am (there were already over 100 people in line) and didn’t get my phone until 3:00pm, at which point the estimate was that there were over 800 people behind me still waiting! That was enough for me.

    Since then, I just pre-order my Apple gadgets, or get them somewhere there’s no line.

  • Lol. I know right?

  • steve

    I’m guessing none of these people have families, or have to buy for a family. Losers.

  • Oliver

    This is absurd! I am an apple fanatic way before the first iphone came out and yes, I did a line the same day it came out. But a whole week? Maybe these people have a lot of money to burn but if you ask me, i am an engineer that have to work in order to enjoy my gadgets!

  • RyanStOnge

    Wow, I guess though 10 hours really isn’t bad. But for a week, I couldn’t find that type of time.

  • RyanStOnge

    Haha, good point. Really never thought of that.

  • archangel3x

    looks like they r waiting for tortillas or burritos

  • RainMaker

    I guess that’s one way to spend a week of your paid vacation! lol

  • artikas

    I think some of you are missing the point with specially number 1 and 2 in the line up. They just got free global advertisement for their product by sittingon their asses. How much would it have cost them to advertise all the way to Canada?

  • el1288

    They don’t have internet access for online ordering?

  • Costa kavvouras

    People like this are sick

  • REal FANS 😀

  • NotGonnaQueue

    How many of these IDIOTS WITHOUT A LIFE are waiting for the iPhone 5 to actually use it? My guess is 90% of these purchases will end up on eBay.