iOS 5.1 New Lock Screen and Siri in Japanese Confirmed


Earlier in the week it was reported that iOS 5.1 might be getting a new camera button on the lock screen and support of Japanese in Siri. BGR is now reporting that they were able to get a hold of the alleged iOS 5.1 GM release, and have confirmed these new features.


BGR reports that the new lock screen does indeed have a new, fixed camera button (double tapping home button is no longer required), and instead of tapping the button to open the camera, you simply slide the screen away to reveal your camera. Also, they have confirmed that Siri does know Japanese, and will have this language included in the next release.

I always like hearing about the new features in iOS. The last few releases have blown me away. They are getting closer and closer to a perfect operating system. All they need to do is keeping looking at the jailbreak community for suggestions. 😉



  • Mr. Man

    “Perfect operating system” That’s reaching a little.

  • Actually if you ask Siri now what languages she speaks Japanese is no longer there. she does say she is studying new languages as well. 

  • Mark Morissette

    Isn’t this all under NDA?   Does it just not mean squat anymore?

  • Setak

    It is not related to this topic, but has anyone noticed a change in iTunes songs’ preview ?? The preview time is now back to 30 seconds for me. Anyone else ??

  • Rizulli

    No such thing as a “perfect” OS. Just ones that are better suited to someones particular needs than others.

  • Anonymous

    “All they need to do is keeping looking at the jailbreak community for suggestions”

    This new feature is rather lame. They need to look a little harder. I’m sick of the watered down OS with very little tweak ability. I feel like Apple treats us like 80 year old puppets who can’t figure ther way out of wet paper bag… Let alone use a computer.

    I’ll be saying goodbye to ios if Apple doesn’t get their shit together.

  • nope, I get 1:30 on all previews. tried metal, pop, even whatever singles where on the front page. not sure what your problem is though.

  • Anonymous

    Some places will leak shit regardless of NDA.