‘iPhone 6’ to Sport 440 PPI 5-Inch Screen [Rumour]


Apple Introduces iPhone 5

The bigger-screen iPhone rumours just won’t die: The iPhone 6 is said to sport a much bigger display, and it will possibly even be so thin that Apple may promote the handset as the first phablet operated with just one hand, at least according to the Japanese Mac Fun.

Before you schedule an appointment with your yoga master’s “Seven Easy Exercises to Stretch Your Thumb to Operate a Phablet with One Hand” course for next September, here is what the report, spotted by Macotakara, claims: The next-generation iPhone will feature a 1,920×1,080-pixel, 5-inch, 440-ppi display.

The fact is, Apple has already focused on one-hand operation when it released the iPhone 5, which featured a bigger, 4-inch screen, compared to the original 3.5-inch display found on all previous iPhone models.

Also, if we look at Mac Fun’s track record on leaking information about Apple’s forthcoming products, we don’t find any at all, but it is worth noting here that the rumour comes on top of other reports claiming Apple is planning to release iPhones with bigger screens next year.


  • Why?

  • WatDah

    What does making it thin have to do with one hand use? It doesn’t make the screen any less smaller.

  • Mark Roberts

    Many people won’t buy an iPhone due to its small screen size. We prefer bigger screens.

    I think Apple realizes they’re missing out on a big segment of the market.

    I’ll go back to iPhones from Android when Apple puts out a bigger phone.

  • websnap

    No they aren’t. they are missing out on a vocal few. Sorry.

    If people REALLY wanted a larger phone, iPhone wouldn’t be selling as it is with big phones right beside them.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    thinner will allow for better thumb reach i guess, not by much… but yeah

  • Yeah, I understand there are a few who really want larger screens, but I’d prefer Apple settle for the massive marketshare it already has and leave the huge phones to other manufacturers.

  • Desmond

    Screen size will not save a product from patented innovation, UI/UX, cross-device integration, developer support, or services. You might want to stay with Android.

  • FragilityG4

    Judging by the sales numbers Apple just released I don’t think they are too concerned with capturing a small portion who want laptops for phones.

  • Mark Roberts

    Well, you’ll be loving your 5″ iPhone 6 next year. You probably wrote the same thing when rumours pointed to a 4″ iPhone 5.

  • Mark Roberts

    Small portion? Hmmm.

    You think screen size didn’t have anything to do with all the sales of Samsung Galaxy SIII and SIVs, HTC Ones, Samsung Galaxy Notes, Verizon Droids, Nexus phones, etc.?

    Don’t you realize you’re saying the same thing people said before the 4″ iPhone 5 came out or the iPad Mini?

    Instead of assuming people don’t want what Apple doesn’t make, why not keep an open mind?

  • WatDah

    Like you said, insignificant.

  • WatDah

    My thoughts exactly!

  • websnap

    No, I won’t. I just upgraded to the 5s from the 4 and I miss the size and ratio. You are presuming what others may like, much like those (not nessicari

  • websnap

    Theses screens are bigger because they are trying to differentiate themselves from an iPhone, and that’s cool… Apple won’t get everyone – but they don’t need to. They have and always will be about profit margins and not market dominance. They aren’t trying to make everyone a phone, they are trying to make a phone for everyone (an important distinction)… and they have succeeded. It may not be for you, and that’s fine… looks like you have alternatives.

  • Mark Roberts

    But looks like they will be making a phone for people like me, which is where this conversation started.

    It just makes good sense to offer something people want.

  • Mark Roberts

    Its not a presumption when millions upon millions of larger devices are sold by competitors.

    By the way, I never said everybody wants this. It makes good sense to offer a choice.

    To not offer an iPhone in a size that is already quite popular and successful is rather arrogant.

  • Mark Roberts

    Why do you guys keep saying there are only a few people who want larger screens? Given the sales of larger handsets, I would say there are way more than a few.

  • jbsmooth

    What does their massive market share have to do with you? Don’t you think a bigger phone / another size option would increase that market share?

  • John

    I dont know why this doesnt come up much… but the larger screen allows Apple to expand screen on apps. For example, they can’t make a fully functional iMessage app like the OSX version with the iPhone screens they have now. A larger screen will allow them to introduce larger screen apps that feel just as complete as an app on a Mac/iPad.
    Give developers more room to create bigger better looking apps.

  • Apple has always been rather arrogant in their product offerings. They’ve never given everyone everything they want. I think one of Steve Jobs’ famous quotes was “People don’t know what they want until we show it to them.” So this isn’t uncharacteristic of them.

    That being said, if Apple offers us a choice between a larger handset AND a new one the same size as what we currently have that isn’t underpowered, I’d be okay with that. But Apple tends to keep their product options minimal, and my fear is that if they release a 5″ iPhone, the current size would either be discontinued or underpowered (along the lines of the 5C), which IS very characteristic of them.

  • Mark Roberts

    I doubt they would do that. A lot of people love the current size.

    Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but there doesn’t seem to be any glaring spec differences between the iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini.

  • Keep in mind this is just a rumour, and this far out it’s extremely unlikely to be an accurate one. It may have stemmed from someone seeing a prototype with a 5″ screen, and I’m sure Apple has hundreds of prototypes with various sized screens, so who knows at this point what they’re going to choose to release a year from now?

  • You’re right, there don’t, however that is the first time that Apple has released two different sized products with the exact same performance specs that I can remember.

    Every MacBook Pro and PowerBook has had the better specs in the larger models (as much as I can recall), and last year’s iPad lineup had a year-old processor in the Mini.

    It actually makes sense to put better performance into the larger products because there’s more space for components and a larger battery to handle faster processors. It’s surprising that the new iPad Mini is up to spec with the iPad Air.

  • Kamal

    a few? typical north American way of describing 100 million customers who buy a bigger screen than a 3.5 aka 4 inch phone?

  • Okay, so “a few” is bad wording. But I was also referring to screens larger than 4 inches, as this article refers to, not screens larger than 3.5.

    Additionally, the sales stats for the iPhone 5 and 5s only prove that people want newer and faster phones, not necessarily bigger phones. Their only option for an upgrade was to buy a 4″ screen, as Apple discontinued the 3.5″ screens.

  • That’s what the iPad does. It gives developers more room to create bigger apps.

    …and I’m not sure what functions you’re referring to about iMessage that can’t be done on the iPhone. I see the iPhone version as fully functional.

  • John

    Personal Statuses, Profile Pictures, more similar to the iPad version with the sidebar.

  • Shameer Mulji

    Maybe will for iDevices, it could be the start of a new trend. Knock on wood, next year we see the current-size iPhone and a larger-screen iPhone both sporting the same internals. That way the only differentiating factor is screen / device size.

    Makes sense if you ask me. Why should the consumer be penalized because they chose the smaller device?

  • T_T ?

    That will be very interesting to see if true: Apple changing it’s form factor every two years, much like the competition has been doing for a long time. If it happens, Jobs will be trying to make a deal with the devil to get back to earth and bring back Cook so he can poke and pry him with the devil’s pitchfork.

  • websnap

    I doubt it. they have been talking about it for years – for as long as the competition has used it as a differentiating factor – but the majority of people don’t want it. Just a vocal minority – that already have the phone they love from someone else. You can’t offer everything that people want or you will turn out like samsung and make different phones for every whim. That’s a poor way to make a device that MOST people want and a great way to spend too much on production.

  • Mark Roberts

    Then how do you explain the iPhone going from 3.5″ to 4″ or Apple making an iPad Mini despite Steve Jobs’ wishes against doing so?

    You sound so sure you’re right; just like someone I argued with this time last year about rumours of Apple making a lower-cost iPhone. He was so so sure it would tarnish Apple’s image, but alas, we have the iPhone 5C.

    I would be willing to bet everything I have that the next round of iPhone updates will offer at least a choice of sizes. Can’t wait to see if I’m right.

  • websnap

    iPhone went from 3.5 to 4 because it went widescreen. It kept it’s width and got elongated. The 5c is hardly a “low cost” iPhone, the iPhone 4s is (it’s just not premium) and the iPad Mini?, well, I have no idea about steve not liking it, but it wouldn’t be the first time he’s wrong. He was wrong about iTunes for Windows and it ended up making the iPod as popular as it ended up being.

  • Mark Roberts

    The screen size changed because it went widescreen? LOL. It was clearly in response to people wanting a bigger screen without Apple’s coming across as copying the competition.

    “The 5c is hardly a “low cost” iPhone…”

    – Yes, it is. It’s $100 cheaper than the 5S. Did you not notice Tim Cook stressing its availability in China?

    The iPad Mini was made in response to people wanting an iPad experience in a smaller form factor. Did the majority of people want this? No, but Apple made it anyway.

    But what about those who said Apple wasn’t trying to make everyone a tablet, but instead trying to make a tablet for everyone? Nonsense. Apple knew there was a big enough demand for a lower-cost, smaller form factor in the tablet game and gave the vocal minority what they wanted.

    Did Apple tarnish the iPad name by offering two different sizes rather than one iPad made for everyone? No, not in the least.

    This is exactly what many (including myself) believe is to come with the iPhone.

    None of your points have made me change my belief that Apple wants in on the bigger screen-size market because they know there are more than just a few people like myself that want to see a 5″ iPhone 6. Apple will give us (the vocal minority) what we want, just like they did with the iPad Mini.

  • websnap

    “It was clearly in response to people wanting a bigger screen without Apple’s coming across as copying the competition.”

    Weren’t you the one that was just talking about “sounding so sure you are right”? During the presentation they said they wanted to get rid of the letterbox bars around the movies but keep it narrow enough to reach across with your thumb. In the words of Jay-Z “if you can’t repeat that your whole perspective is whack”. I don’t need you to agree with me.

    While you are quoting Tim Cook, try to look up what he said about the 5c in the last financials. he said it wasn’t a low cost phone but a midrange. A low cost would have been way cheaper, like free on contract. Their low cost phone was the 4s.

    iPad mini was a response to e-readers in size and portability. “But what about those who said Apple wasn’t trying to make everyone a tablet, but instead trying to make a tablet for everyone?”- I have no idea, that wasn’t me. I said that about the phone not the pad. keep in mind that pads are not phones. people don’t reach for them the same ways nor are the purchased for the same activities. you can’t apply one rule for both – especially since one was a brand new market. Not everyone knew what they were going to use a tablet for in the early days.