South Korea Says, 4th Generation iPhone To Launch April 2010


With all of the iPhone and Tablet news coming out of France, South Korea did not want to be left behind!

A report from The Korea Times is claiming that Apple is prepping the launch of their next iPhone for an April 2010 release. The news is said to come from an executive with KT, the exclusive iPhone carrier in South Korea. According to the report however, this early launch is not a public-wide debut. Instead, the device is supposedly launching to large Korean corporate clients. The public release is then to be June 2010.

The KT executive even goes so far as to claim the new iPhone will have an OLED display, video chat capability and a removable battery (LOL!). As any Apple fan/customer knows, the iPhone battery is non-removable and Apple has even expanded non-removable batteries to its MacBook line of computers.

They said the coming 4G iPhones will be equipped with organic light emitting diode (OLED) screens on surface and live video chat functionalities, while removable battery is highly likely.

I am confident that we can file this rumour in the definitely-not-happening category.


  • Removeable battery lolthat would be cool

  • Dusty

    I second this rumor to be added to the definetly not happening category lol
    I can see OLED screens, well we better! 😛 But when ever the new iPhone is released, then it's released. I sure hope we don't see as many annoying rumours like for the tablet.

  • Nice try KT, but these rumours are never gonna come true!

  • Prailor

    yay i remember that pic, wasnt it the old iphone also
    couph fake couph

  • Now news are coming out iPhone with Google Nexus One,

  • Now news are coming out iPhone with Google Nexus One,