Chronic Dev Team Wants Your Help to Find Exploits for Untethered Jailbreak [Updated]


Update 1: Windows version of the crash reported now available. Download here.

The Chronic Dev Team has released a new tool in an attempt to ask the jailbreak community for their help in discovering the next exploit for an untethered jailbreak, as explained in their latest blog post titled, ‘Weapons of Mass Exploitation’.

Earlier this summer, @p0sixninja and his team were at JailbreakCon (formerly MyGreatFest) in London to announce they had five available exploits that Apple had not patched yet in iOS.

Well, that has all changed as Apple discovered some critical ones and sealed up those holes before the team could use them. Although team member @pod2g did discover an untether exploit in the first week of November. He also warned people to stay away from iOS 5.0.1 if they want to jailbreak in the future.

Apple receives reports every time an application crashes on your iOS devices, if you enable these reports to be sent to the company. In an attempt to fight back, the Chronic Dev Team has released new tool asking the community to send THEM your crash reports to uncover new exploits for an untethered jailbreak.

This tool is currently beta and Mac only (Windows version coming soon). It neuters your version of iTunes so crash reports are sent directly to the Chronic Dev Team’s server instead of Apple’s.

If you are keen on getting involved, click here to download it.


  • What data is included in a crash report? Not that I don’t want an untethered jailbreak (or, even just a jailbreak for the 4s) but, i’m not sure what information I want to send to the Dev Team, without knowing what’s in a crash report in the first place!!

  • Yeah, this is an ‘at your own risk’ type of challenge I’d say.

  • Kraken

    Just great.  Looks like DT is getting desperate.  No untethered JB anytime this year, or even early next year for that matter.  Oh well, it was a good run while it lasted.

  • Kraken

    Your credit card and bank account info. I’m sure, will also be included. 🙂

  • Anon

    If anything this app will speed up the process finding an untethered JB.  But yeah isn’t a good sign.  And once they have one, it takes them forever to release it.

  • Anon

    All jokes aside, obviously only crash report related information will be sent.  The DevTeam are credible people.

  • Nick

    You can view the crash reports on your iPhone itself by going to settings – general – about – diagnostics & usage – diagnostic & usage data. Maybe it’s a good idea to make sure we also select ‘don’t send’ on that screen so crash reports aren’t sent to apple since if it’s a crash the JBers need for a jailbreak we don’t want apple finding them too, though i’m sure they’ll find them anyway, every little bit helps

  • Nick

    There is a link to a windows version on their post btw

  • ~Tom~

    I’m getting an “Error: Could not upload crash reports!”

  • ThatGuy

    If they want help, tell me what needs to be done for an exploit. Gaining root access, I know, but how have they gone Bout doing it in the past? Maybe Dev Team could give more credit to the more technologically advanced users and we can help find new solutions. You know how they say 2 eyes are better than 1… 100000 hackers are better than 5.

  • Aaron7095

    Its all a crock of shit the whole jb idea is trashed , we didnt move fast enuff on it, people themselves like idiots enabled to send diagnostics instead if disabling .People updated to ios 5.0.1 like desperate idiots for a battery fix that wasnt a help, and everyone bragged about the 5 userland exploits before apple even released ios5 Noone is to blame but society Apple probably wins from here on out