Developer Hacks Google Maps to Work on iOS 6 [VIDEO]


Famed Canadian iOS hacker Ryan Petrich has managed to port Google Maps over to iOS 6, and previewed the early version on YouTube. Here’s what Petrich had to say in his video description:

Preview of the old Google Maps application from iOS5.1 and earlier running on an iPhone 3G S updated to iOS 6.0

Still crashy and cannot be distributed to the public yet, but it mostly works 🙂

Check out the video below:

If this continues to be developed, it could be released in Cydia for iOS 6–which has already been jailbroken by @chpwn.

Apple’s new maps have come under criticism for being released as an unpolished version compared to the former Google Maps. In our own tests, Google Maps still fares better than Apple Maps in search queries and maps details at zoomed in levels. However, the new turn by turn directions have worked pretty well in our early tests. Apple Maps will continue to improve as long as users report errors.

How has your experience been with Apple’s new maps?


  • If Cydia has been looking for a way to get themselves completely shut down, this will work. Good that people are working on this, but there is no way they’d be able to distribute it in a way that’s legal. Cydia’s gotten by so far by discouraging piracy, and they really shouldn’t be changing that.

  • Zing

    Already reported a problem it couldn’t take to apple store at sherway gardens lol..they should wait to release a jb until they fix maps because turn by turn is too clutch!! #i5in

  • DJGoofball

    Right, but who said it would be inside their repos that are pre-installed? Users put in pirated repos, so Cydia shouldn’t be held liable. The repo site should.

  • bradg17

    There are countless other illegal apps on cydia I don’t see how this would be any different. Cydia can’t get in trouble because the apps/tweaks come from other repos

  • Husein S.

    I used Apple Maps navigation today on the 401. It told me to switch between the express to the collectors and then back again a few km later. I noticed that the traffic was slower on the other side after each switch so it probably saved me 5-10 mins of sitting in slower traffic. I am impressed by that – I’m assuming that wasn’t dumb luck!