Unfold Tweak Released in Cydia



This tweak has had a quick evolution from concept to release. It wasn’t long ago that we were talking about this cool new concept from designer Anton Kudin. Then we heard that iOS developer, Jonas Gessner, was working on bringing the concept to life. Today, the new tweak has been released in Cydia, and it looks great.

Unfold makes your lock screen fold up as you slide to unlock. It is the realization of Anton Kudin’s “fold to unlock” concept. Unfold animates smoothly as you fold the lock screen and reveal the home screen behind it.

Its fully compatible with Intelliscreen X, LockInfo, Camera Grabber, Bulletin and many more lock screen tweaks. Notifications are handled like normally. Passcode users have no security loss, as the lock screen reveals the “Enter passcode” screen if a passcode it set.

I am using this tweak in iOS 5.0.1, on an iPhone 4S, with few issues. It works fine with the lockscreen tweaks “LockInfo” and “Camera Grabber for iOS 5”. The animation is nice and smooth, and I have had no stutter or slowing of the system animations. I have only noticed one little glitch, so far. Occasionally, when folding the lockscreen over, it only reveals a black screen, until you fold the lockscreen all the way to the right.

Unfold requires iOS 5.o or higher, and is only compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. You can get Unfold in Cydia, under the Big Boss repo now, for free.


  • Jesse Frank

    too bad it’s incompatible with LockSliderz.

  • Frankie

    I installed it on my 64 Gb iPhone 4S. It worked fine for a few hours and then decided not to slide. That left me with no access to springboard. I wend through hell to get in and uninstal itl. Works and looks good but needs further development. I guess I’ll wait for an update before I reinstall.

  • JB

    Tried it – worked fine for a while but the SMS messages wont auto pop up when ‘unfolding’, so removed it. it’s cute, but Franki’s right, a lil more dev’t needed. nice job!

  • Clay

    Very cool effect.

  • Jduckets11

    Kinda cool but it kept crashing safari

  • Nw

    its also affecting the ability to dismiss my alarm clock in the morning.

  • Mike R

    I love this tweak, but it does not work on my jailbroken iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0.1 with LockInfo and Camera Grabber. I use the passcode security feature along with AutoProtect (bypasses passcode when it identifies a whitelisted SSID). When I first install Unfold, it will require my passcode. I enter it, and I never get prompted for it again whether I’m on wifi or using the wireless data connection.

  • Ultimate_xcutioner

    amazing tweak … love it just 1 issue…. Unfold and NoCameraGrabber ( For 5.1.1 ) don’t work well together… The text” Fold To Unlock” gets all messed up…. so i removed NoCameraGrabber and instead installed No Lockscreen Camera ( For 5.0+)  this combo works  without any probz … i read that Lockinfo can also help if your facing a similar problem….. Hope this helps.. 🙂

  • What’s the lockscreen theme in the screenshot ?