Willing to Lose Your Jailbreak for Better Battery in iOS 5.1? [POLL]


We’ve heard from many of you that newly released iOS 5.1 has resulted in better battery life, as promised by Apple. The question remains–are you willing to lose your iOS 5.0.1 Absinthe jailbreak to get access to increased battery life in iOS 5.1? The A5 jailbreak for the iPhone 4S was a long time coming.

iPhone in Canada reader Rebbenik sends us a screenshot of his iPhone 4S battery life, along with the following comment: Battery at 22%. This kind of usage normally gives me 3%.

Some of my favourite jailbreak tweaks are SBSettings, My3G (for FaceTime calls over WiFi!), numerous Cydia tweaks, and a plethora of others. Updating to iOS 5.1 will remove my jailbreak, but I’ll also get access to iPhoto for iOS. Hmm, quite the conundrum. What will you do? Vote below!


  • Jon

    I waited waaay too long for y jailbreak to go without it again. Even though I have to charge my phone 2-3 times a day I’ll put up with the battery issues for the tweaks I have. I”ve come to the realization that an iPhone without a jailbreak is like driving a Lamborghini with a Toyota’s engine.

  • Edge

    I’ve been jailbroken since my original iPhone and right up until 5.01. I decided with 5.1 that I just really don’t have enough reason to jailbreak now. And to be honest, my phone us more stable and has longer battery life.

  • Wuju007

    I heard that some people has worst battery life from 5.1

    So it’s not guaranteed.

  • Jasonalphonso99

    I give up my jailbreak but I haven’t regretted it at all,before 5.1 the battery suck on my iPhone 4s,I would start my morning off from 7.00am with %100 and by 1:00pm it would have lost %40 of my battery,but now I only lost %5 of my battery,so I have no regrets,yeaaaaaaa 🙂

  • Me

    I have a 4S unlocked from apple store, I won’t give up my jailbreak status, it doesn’t make any sense, Some cydia tweaks drain battery, I have just a couple and I have no battery issues whatsoever. I waited too long for this jailbreak.

  • K3


    Well having stuck with a 3gs holding out for the actual iPhone 5 the battery problem became apparent immediately following the update to 5.0… there were zero issues, then the update, suddenly the phone is shutting down at %35. 

    After a month that shutting down showed at %75… the week before 5.1 it had been 85%.  Every time the phone would not turn on unless plugged in and the red battery icon would show with an apparent 5% charge left. 

    After the update, same exact 85% bs but pushing the power button brings the phone back up with the 85% still remaining, this also seems to happen at 65% and 35% now but the phone is still usable with 
    no need to be plugged in for power up to happen.

    All in all- WTF Apple & this was a non jailbroken device.


  • Glitch1989

    People who jailbreak have already thrown battery life out the window. They shouldn’t care

  • roadcarver

    At the end of the day, I always charge my iPhone 4 anyway so the battery life extension is not a biggie for me.  The manual correct, My3G, GPower and Lockinfo are my favourite jailbreak tweaks. 

  • Edge2

     One major reason to Jailbreak.  FREE paid apps!

  • Edge

    There is that, and I’ve been there. But decided I’d quit being a cheapskate and actually support the devs, and pay, um 99 cents for something I like and use!!

  • Leung Eyl

    I have been jailbreak free since I got my 4s which is like 2 months ago! I’ve always been a fan of jailbroken phones but now I don’t even find the reason to do so anymore. I love my stock IOS 🙂 

  • Jbaril

    I’m finding my battery draining much faster, getting about half as much standby time as before.

  • Dj_vallejo2001

    How do I remove my jailbreak to update? What do I do??

  • Trashforms

    The jailbreak does not affect battery life, it’s the apps which constantly run in the background like sbsettings or themes.
    Btw, I went with the update and a tethered JB.