Apple to Launch iMac and 12-inch Retina MacBook Air with 3D Logo Tomorrow [Digitimes]


Small volume shipments of new MacBook Air models, equipped with the 12-inch Retina display, have already begun – report Taiwan-based supply chain sources (via Digitimes). Larger volume shipments are expected in November.

MacBook Air

The news apparently contradicts the well-connected KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions for tomorrow’s media event, when Apple is expected to unveil new Mac computers. The 12-inch Retina MacBook Air was supposed to be one of them, but Kuo’s sources are confident that Apple will wait for Intel’s new Broadwell chips to start marketing the new model.

An interesting addition to the already existing 12-inch Retina MacBook Air rumours is that Apple plans to use a shining, 3D-like Apple logo on the back of the devices. The new logo will be present in the next generation iMac and new Apple products starting next year.

Apple Logo 3d

According to these sources, Apple is currently focusing on this logo update, which will be a significant step, since the company will need to equip up to 13 million MacBooks, 5 million iMacs, 75 million iPads and 180 million iPhones each year.

The Apple event is just a day away, and so are the new Macs and other devices Apple has been working on for “too long”.


  • Ian

    Wow, a 3D like Apple logo…. ” a significant step” …. Lol

    Maybe they should concentrate on other more important items like bugs & usability 😉

    Does anyone really care about a 3D like Apple logo?

  • Stefan

    Well I do. Isn’t the design and build quality the reason why most of people end up buying a Mac? That shiny apple logo is what has been around for years, and changing something customers are used to so much can be risky. I am guessing by significant leap it is ment that nothing has really changed when it comes to MacBook design so in a sense this is a significant leap, because there were no leaps before. 🙂

    However, I still thin those words are not the right way to describe that design change. It sounds so apple like. It sounds like seller is trying to convinc that the donkey he is selling is actually a mustang.

  • hub2

    I sure hope they don’t spend any time pointing out a 3D logo on stage. I was cringing during the Yosemite preview presentation when they spent more than a few seconds fawning over the translucent windows, as if MS hadn’t done it already (to much derision) in Windows Vista.

  • tHoj101

    The logo pictured looks as if it is a component lowered into an aluminum shell and attached to the device internally with other components. I don’t think it will be 3D in the final product, simply a new way of installing the logo due to a significant change in device internals. Seeing as this is a logo for an iMac (Macbook logos glow using the screen backlight, and iOS devices have a new mould injected logo, and iMac logos are traditionally black) the aluminum shell will be thicker than it would be on other devices, meaning the logo may appear to protrude in production, but line up smoothly with the outer shell of the final product. When Apple recently updated the logos on iOS devices, everyone had wild ideas of new logo-centric features like cellular antennas and LED’s and the like, yet it was a simply a matter of new methods used during installation. Mould injection doesn’t work with the iMac because an entire assembly system would have to be put in place to inject the logo in a bowed aluminum shell, and with the way Tim Cook has been running the design team (with cost constantly in mind) I’d say Apple wouldn’t bother with the costs of installing these new production methods for mould injection logos on iMacs, and would simply find alternatives to updating the logo, such as producing it as a separate part and installing it into the machine using laser guided suction and welding methods which are already the norm for producing Apple products.