Steve Jobs Explains Why There Is No White iPhone 4 [Humor]


Many would-be and existing iPhone users have been waiting a long time for the white iPhone 4.

After the recent Apple announcement that the device is being pushed back to Spring 2011, and then removing it from the company website, it seems that the white iPhone 4 may never arrive.

Well today, Apple CEO Steve Jobs explained in an exclusive interview with Satiritron exactly why there is no iPhone 4 coming.

Check it out:



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  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha probaly some truth this! That’s the sad part

  • haha Great video. There is some truth in it too 😛

  • haha Great video. There is some truth in it too 😛



  • Anonymous

    HAHA! Thanks Ex for the laugh(s).

  • Ex is always good for a chuckle!

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    Great work again, Brian!

  • Jt

    Common no iPhone version of the vid? Did we forget what the website is called :p?

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  • It works on my iPhone. Did you check you’re using the right phone? 😛

  • Ex

    No iPhone version?!
    Works fine on my iPhone. It’s a YouTube link.