Microsoft to Reportedly Challenge iPad Mini With 7-inch Xbox Surface


The competition in the 7-inch tablet market is heating up, with Microsoft reportedly eager to secure its share. According to sources cited by The Verge, Microsoft is indeed working on a 7-inch gaming tablet.

Xbox Surface
However, as the leaked information reveals, Microsoft thinks you will likely use a smaller tablet mostly for gaming, as the Xbox Surface tablet will include a custom ARM chip and high-bandwidth RAM designed for gaming, yet this is subject to change before the device is announced.

Also, the 7-inch Surface tablet won’t run a full version of Windows, but a custom Windows kernel, keeping some of the tablet functions such as Messaging.
Looks like gaming on tablets sounds interesting for Microsoft. Are you interested in getting a gaming 7-inch Surface tablet for yourself?


  • Good luck getting gaming devs on board for a MS gaming tablet.

  • Surface. *click* *click* *dancing*

  • Biggy604

    Ummm iPad could do all that and more. If the tablet has Halo or other xbox console exclusives, this MS Tablet wont stand a chance.

  • Husein S.

    Why would anyone buy a gaming-specific tablet when you can have a multifunction tablet that also does a great job with games? And that’s not just the iPad but Android ones too.