AirPods in Stock at Dix30, Square One and Yorkdale Apple Stores and More [u]


Yesterday we saw a huge AirPods shipment hit the Eaton Centre Apple Store in Toronto, and as of this morning more stock has arrived in Ontario and Quebec.

According to tracker, AirPods arrived at Apple Store Dix30 in Brossard, Quebec; Apple Store Square One in Mississauga; and Apple Store Yorkdale in Toronto. As of writing, all three locations are showing AirPods are still available, along with Eaton Centre as well, still.

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These four locations are just 14 locations worldwide that currently have AirPods available. Online delivery estimates for AirPod are still six weeks out.

Your best bet is to visit Apple’s AirPods website, and select reserve and pick up for AirPods, as it’s available for these four locations. That way you’ll be guaranteed a pair when you arrive.

Yesterday, while visiting the New York Stock Exchange, Apple CEO Tim Cook said AirPods were “a runaway success,” adding the company is trying to make more stock as fast as they can.

Update 10:39AM PST: Carrefour Laval (Quebec); Polo Park (Winnipeg); Market Mall (Calgary); Richmond Centre (Richmond); and Mapleview (Burlington) are also now showing AirPods in stock. Go reserve and pick up online now!

Update 11:18AM PST: Upper Canada Apple Store in Newmarket, Ontario, just got stock.

Update 11:58AM PST: Halifax Shopping Centre now has AirPods.

Update 12:20PM PST: Oakridge Apple Store in Vancouver now has AirPods.

Update: 12:28PM PST: Chinook Centre (Calgary); Coquitlam Centre; Fairview Pointe-Claire; Place Ste-Foy; and Sainte-Catherine now have AirPods.

Update 12:42PM PST: Metrotown Apple Store now has stock. 

Update 12:57PM PST: Masonville now has stock. 

Update 1:16PM PST: Markville now has AirPods. 

Update 2:57PM PST: Conestoga and Guildford Apple Stores have stock . 


  • johnnygoodface

    Thx a lot Gary! I just placed my order for Dix30! Waiting for my confirmation text message

  • Sly C

    Gary you’re like my AirPod santa. Not only was I able to score a pre order for my girlfriend for xmas now I can head over to dix30 on my way home and grab a pair for myself.

    Also it looks like Carrefour Laval also has stock.

  • Yes! Cheers. Have my AirPods in my ears as we speak 🙂

  • Cheers!!

  • Jason

    Just reserved from the Richmond store! Thanks Gary.

  • Nice! Np

  • Brett Vincent

    Just picked up a pair in Richmond! The guy said they had tons in stock.

  • Sweet!

    Update: Oakridge now has stock too.

  • sidman

    Thanks for the heads up Gary, just reserved a pair at Mapleview in Burlington

  • Cheers! Great to see stock at stores now.

  • sidman

    24 minutes from reservation to pick up notification!

  • Josh

    For anyone wondering – these things are awesome! It may depend on your ears, but they DO NOT fall out of your ears while working out. Sound quality/loudness may not be any better than EarPods, but still a cool product.

  • Agreed!

  • dc07

    Already have my pair but I’m surprised Edmonton doesn’t have any avail

  • Ant B

    Love them, the ease of use and how awesome it is to finally cut the cord? Looking forward to gen 2 already where the fit is guaranteed to be address, see their recent patent news. Many thanks Gary for keeping us up to date.


  • Good to hear you are enjoying them. Cheers.