AirPods Release Date Delayed, Apple Says They Need More Time


Were you expecting Apple’s new wireless AirPods this month? The company had previously said they would be shipping in “late October”, but now that date has been pushed back.

In a statement provided to TechCrunch, an Apple spokesperson said “The early response to AirPods has been incredible. We don’t believe in shipping a product before it’s ready, and we need a little more time before AirPods are ready for our customers.”

This means we won’t be hearing anything about AirPods and their release date at tomorrow’s Mac event. This sucks. But, if Apple says they aren’t ready to ship, then I probably don’t want them.

The only way to listen to your iPhone 7 while charging at night in bed is to use Bluetooth headphones, or an adapter. Because of this, I’ve been surfing the web in bed with an ‘old’ iPhone 6 Plus and EarPods (#firstworldproblems). Where my AirPods at, Apple?

AirPods will cost $219 in Canada. Apple did not mention any future release dates, but most likely the delay will be a short one, if the company wants to have stock on hand for the busy holiday shopping season.


  • Tim

    People are just going to have to wait a little longer to look ridiculous.

  • FerrariF1

    Look ridiculous?

  • iR

    Their website still says late October

  • sully54

    Not true. People have looked ridiculous for many years wearing Bluetooth headsets.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Welcome to the Apple without Steve Jobs. If they don’t improve sooner rather than later,Apple will be the new Microsoft. Microsoft has a habit of announcing release date of products then end up delaying them.

  • MikeJenkinson

    It’s not that they need more time. It’s that … well … the AirPods fell out … and…

  • KIII

    You’re right! My carrier pigeon has also been the best way to communicate.

  • KIII

    They’re keeping it secret. It’s also secret that the mad cash grab known as the holidays will create wonderful stocking stuffers out of these things.

    Shhh… Apple’s going to make a movie with Arnold called Jingle All the Way to the bank.

  • KIII

    You do know Steve has been gone for some time now?

  • KIII

    There’s a proximity alarm that goes off when they hit the ground that sounds like the Gingerbread shooters in Krampus.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    That’s what I said. “Without Steve Jobs”. And you do know big companies have a roadmap of product launches for few years down the road. So whatever apple is doing since last year and going forward should be without Steve’s guidance. And anyone can see that Apple is not the same company it once was.

  • KIII

    No company is ever the same as it once was.Look at the customer base Apple had when Steve was here in 2011. Look at the customer base numbers for 2016.

    Tech adoption rate should show that the world is in a different place compared to when Steve was here his name shouldn’t be brought up in this context anymore.


  • Onomatopoeia

    My friend, as long as Apple, Inc. is in business Jobs’ name will be brought up, not just because he was the (co-)founder of Apple but also because he was an influence to the tech industry, allies and competitors alike. Considering his decisions as a benchmark is not a bad thing.

    How many times does Lincoln come up in an American politician’s speech even today? How many times do we look back to that one game, that one final that changed everything and compare all the performances with that one? I’m sure we all have a favourite restaurant and we all compare the dishes before and after a particular chef.

  • KIII

    I get what you’re saying but let’s treat his name with a little more respect than just haphazardly throwing in a post that comments on current business practice.
    It took him decades to get to that later recognition. Do you guys remember where iPhone was when Gary first started this site? Do you remember the older PC v. Mac ads?
    The world is in a entirely different place now compared to Steve’s last few years and yes if he were still here we would most likely have some more revolutionary innovations.
    Give Apple credit it’s due though- they are still head and shoulders above anyone else and so much so that Microsoft should no longer have any meaning to the name.

  • KIII

    LOL Man my son just sent me out for some goofy bot toy..some fruity robot named Turtle man! You know it’s all a ploy don’t you?We are being set up by rich and powerful headphone cartels ????????????????????????????????????????????????!

  • When I got the original iPhone, I knew a bunch of people who laughed at the device, touting how their BlackBerry was better. BBM!

    Those people now all use iPhones and RIM as we know it is a thing of the past.

  • KIII

    Isn’t it funny how much things have changed. The amount of times I had to tell friends about why a Mac is a more solid choice over a Microsoft PC and now…

    I think I remember you once posting on taking a trip across the border to pick up a iPhone, you were telling another board member about the process and how it was just better than dealing with a subsidized.
    Ha..RIM.. weren’t BB’s the go to devices for government & law? I can’t remember if that was actual or not.

  • You have a very good memory! Yep, OG iPhone first purchased at the Apple Store at Alderwood Mall in WA State. Second visit “touching” the iPhone, read the top story on Digg (!) about the latest activation/jailbreak/unlock technique and immediately bought the phone outright. The rest is history 🙂

  • Toshi

    If I remember right, the first iPhone didn’t have any apps available. Why then a need to jailbreak it?

  • In order to unlock the baseband and allow it to work with cell networks in Canada. Otherwise it was locked to AT&T when I purchased it.

  • Toshi

    First iPhone was only available on ATT?! Woah! I didn’t know that. I was a kid back then.

  • KIII and yes the jailbreak.. I actually recall where I had been reading that one LOL.
    It’s strange how I haven’t considered doing a jailbreak in maybe two years now! Said this before but Gary thank you for this website! ????????????????

  • KIII

    Isn’t it funny how Canadians had to wait out the first year for the iPhone and Apple Pay has taken a similar road to get here.

  • KIII

    It’s just Tim he prefers underwear on the outside for those first few days of new tech he owns.Shhh…here he comes now.

  • Dehop

    Yep, exclusive to AT&T (Cingular at the time the iPhone announced, but bought by AT&T before the actual launch a half year later) for several years.

    That exclusivity was arguably necessary the first year because no other US carrier was willing to cave to Apple’s demands, like equipment upgrades to support Visual Voicemail, OS updates directly from Apple alone, no carrier bloatware or imposed feature restrictions (yes, back in the day you often had to pay extra for the carrier to “allow” you to use wifi and Bluetooth on your own phone!). But, it held them back in the latter years of the deal as carriers turned to the new, unpolished Android to stop the bleeding of customers to AT&T.

  • Jay

    Wait… I thought they were already out…. how do the people with iphone7′ listien to music O.o

  • Thanks for reading all these years 🙂

  • rhodz_99

    They said it will explode in your ears, just like note 7. That’s scary..