Apple’s AirPods Now Shipping in 2-3 Weeks in Canada


Earlier this month, shipping times for Apple’s AirPods improved, moving from six weeks down to four weeks. Now, we’re seeing another decrease, as shipping times are noted as 2-3 weeks on

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As we head into Apple’s expected upcoming iPhone announcements next month, you can bet these shipping times will drop down even further, considering successors of the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and ‘iPhone 8’ will again lack headphone jacks. Apple will need a lot of these available for new users moving to wireless headphones (unless they are included in the box…).

Click here to find out how to track AirPods stock in real-time at Apple Stores. You can always try your luck at Best Buy, The Source and other authorized Apple retailers as well.

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  • Kirk

    How are the shipping times still high for this? I mean Apple/most tech companies (but probably apple more) are notorious for creating “fake demand” on something making it look like a hot seller because of demand, but in reality it could be short supply which pushes the delivery dates back, but AirPods been out so long and it’s still at least 2-3 weeks online? Never mind, stores where you can get it instantly, at some locations, but online?