Alicia Keys to Leave BlackBerry After One Year



Singer Alicia Keys is parting ways with Canadian smartphone maker, BlackBerry, after a year-long collaboration. The company announced Keys will be leaving her role as global creative director on January 30. Keys joined BlackBerry last year at their New York launch event for BlackBerry 10.

Her role was criticized by many outsiders who said, despite her title, she was nothing more than a celebrity who was brought in to help promote BlackBerry 10. However the company said she had more of an involvement, helping a four-year scholarship program that encouraged young women to study computer science and related fields. A statement by the company said:

“We have enjoyed the opportunity to work with such an incredibly talented and passionate individual.”

Do you think Alicia Keys helped BlackBerry? Let us know in the comments below.

[via CTV News]


  • Paul


  • Nick

    Alicia Keys the singer.

  • Tim


  • Grant

    you remember… she was the one that tweeted how she is such a Blackberry believer – from her iPhone on Twitter.

  • Nick


  • gtasscarlo

    LOL, what a fail.

  • I’m not surprised, all though a talented singer, the relationship did nothing for RIM

  • Chrome262

    Actually I think it did nothing for her as well, she is not known for her business acumen.

  • bruce

    hopefully like a few wise others that cashed out early on rimm, it wasn’t too late for her. plus, we all know she has an iPhone

  • She got paid. Well done Alicia.

  • Kirk

    Did Alicia Keys make an impact working for Blackberry? She worked for blackberry? …????