American Express Tells Canadians Apple Pay “Coming Soon” on Facebook


Nearly a week ago Apple CEO Tim Cook delighted Canadians listening to the company’s Q4 2015 earnings call, when he announced Apple Pay would be coming to Canada for American Express cardholders before the end of 2015.

Now, American Express has started to tease their Apple Pay arrival in Canada via sponsored posts on Facebook, touting their support of the mobile wallet is “coming soon”, as spotted by iPhone in Canada reader Hussein. The ad reads “Get excited! Amex Cardmembers will be the first to use Apple Pay in Canada”:

Proxy image 3

The ad’s link directs users to the American Express website and its list of available cards. The credit card company similarly posted the same thing on their Facebook page (thanks Varun).

Note the ad doesn’t say American Express is an exclusive Apple Pay partner here, so for all those people freaking about about big banks not announcing anything yet, I would stay tuned.

So far we’ve already seen TD Canada Trust accidentally leak support for Apple Pay, while sources claim BMO has plans underway, along with RBC as well. Here’s what Scotiabank responded when we asked them about Apple Pay on Twitter (we weren’t expecting a real answer by the way):

Apple Pay will also launch this year in Australia with American Express, while Singapore, Spain and Hong Kong are geared to get the feature in 2016.

Did you sign up for an American Express card after hearing the Apple Pay announcement?


  • Nick Cameron Greene

    First is way better than exclusive! Hopefully everyone else will get it soon after. Apple Pay was a big selling point when I first got the 6+. Between our banks being weird and our mobile providers monopolizing the market, the Canadian market should be industry leaders. We shouldn’t be stuck in the past, we’re better than that.

  • Gary Bowen

    I just signed up to Amex for this. Will consider using my regular Mastercard again, if and when, the banks support it in Canada.

  • Jon

    Does it specify which cards work with Apple Pay or will it be all? I haven’t seen specifics on their site.

  • mxmgodin

    It’s good to see some official acknowledgement of it. Looking forward to a more formal announcement from Apple with more precision concerning dates and, hopefully, future support from Canadian banks.

  • Jon

    Feel free to tell the banks that’s your plan. I told Scotia and got that canned response above (about investigating mobile payment options)

  • Ed Cicci

    If you follow the Facebook link from the Amex page where this post is, you get to see a list of the cards. From my quick look, it seems to cover most of their cards.

  • Jared Nash

    Hi Jon. I think it would be very unlikely that they would not support at least all personal (vs. business cards). And as Ed points out, following their Apple Pay ad leads to a list of all of their cards. Doing this and then not supporting all of them would be playing with fire as it could easily bring on lawsuits from anyone who switched to AMEX based on the ad. Regarding Cook’s claim that Apple Pay is coming to ELIGIBLE AMEX members, it likely just means that only cards issued by AMEX Bank of Canada, and not those issued by Scotia Bank.

  • Jon

    Any chance you could post that direct link? I couldn’t find it on their Facebook page and I don’t have an account to try and see the sponsored posts

  • Jon

    That’s how I interpreted the ‘eligible’ as well. I have the Scotia AMEX and I just wish I knew when it was coming to the banks (I’m assuming when as opposed to IF) because I don’t want to sign-up for another AMEX card if it’s just going to be a month or two of a wait.

  • Our post included a link to the Amex Facebook post, click there to see it.

  • Jon

    Thanks Gary, I clicked on the link but it said it wasn’t available. Could be because I don’t have a Facebook account.

  • john

    Not working for me either. Strange that it’s gone.

  • Jesse

    Ditto 🙁

  • McNucklefuts

    I may have jumped the gun a little, seeing as I do have a BMO card, but I did sign up for an Amex.

  • That might be it. I just clicked it to test and it took me to the Amex FB page post fine.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    If my bank, Scotiabank, holds out of Apple Pay and sticks with My Mobile Wallet then I will be switching banks!!

  • Ed Cicci

    Here’s the link

  • I resurrected my AMEX. Haven’t used it for over a year but logged in to my account today and checked my card’s expiry date to see if it was still valid. Looks like it is! 🙂

  • Ed Cicci

    Here is the link, I guess you didn’t get my response yesterday.

  • Gary Bowen

    I just told CIBC today. Also got a canned response saying they’re exploring mobile options.