Apple Canada Encouraging Users to Download the Apple Store App

The coveted and powerful Apple Store app was only available to those with US iTunes accounts upon its release. Finally, the app was updated to include support for Canada in early November. The app enables you to book and modify Genius bar appointments, make purchases for in-store pick up, along with support for English and French.

Apple has started to widely promote the download of this app for visitors of its online store. As seen below, the banner shows up at the store’s landing page, both on the web and with a pop up on your iPhone within Mobile Safari. Considering Canadians haven’t been exposed much to this app, it makes sense Apple is trying to spread the word.

Click here to download the Apple Store app. Earlier today, Apple posted its Black Friday sale teaser online.

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  • Anonymous

    This made me think there was some deal for using the App. That’d be kinda cool if they did…

  • The deal is you get to spend more money on Apple products! Impulse buys linked to your Apple ID FTW!

  • Anonymous

    Will I need to delete the App Store I downloaded from the US site and then download the “Canadian” version or they the same app?

  • Yes, that would be recommended.

  • Kraken

    Kind of a useless app when you can type “” in Safari.

  • Anonymous

    This is more like
    And like most apps… It’s just easier to read and navigate than on their non-mobile formatted web site that you have to pinch to zoom in and move around.

  • Anonymous

    Really, exactly how pointless is this app?

    I mean, its not as if you buy Apple products on a weekly or even monthly basis, or even book Genius appointments or book to attend a workshop from your nearest store on a regular basis. And it doesn’t appear to offer special app user specials or even formatting to make it, say, iPhone friendly.

    So you’re eating up valuable storage space for this app when you could simply add a home screen shortcut from Safari why?