Apple CEO Tim Cook Rejects Proposal Asking Him to Focus Only on Profits



During an annual shareholder’s meeting, Apple CEO Tim Cook angrily rejected a comment from a representative from the National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR).

A conservative think tank asked the company to disclose the costs of its programs, such as its solar energy facilities, and to embrace a policy that would see the company focusing on profits over anything else.

The representative asked Cook how the company’s renewable energy programs affect the company’s bottom line, and also asked him to commit to projects that would bring in a profit.

According to a report from MacObserver, Cook did not take this well. The CEO’s body language changed significantly and his normally controlled speaking style gave way to a quick response.

What ensued was the only time I can recall seeing Tim Cook angry, and he categorically rejected the worldview behind the NCPPR’s advocacy. He said that there are many things Apple does because they are right and just, and that a return on investment (ROI) was not the primary consideration on such issues.

“When we work on making our devices accessible by the blind,” Cook said, “I don’t consider the bloody ROI.” He said that the same thing about environmental issues, worker safety, and other areas where Apple is a leader.

At the end, Cook looked at the NCPPR representative and said, “If you want me to do things only for ROI reasons, you should get out of this stock.” The message from Cook shows the company’s interest to continue investing in renewable energy resources.


  • bspence88

    Another reason why I love Apple

  • Canladdie Botanist

    Good on Tim! Yep, another good reason to buy Apple.

  • Farids

    It’s nice to see, in the world where players cheat, steal, copy and rip off customers and competitors to make billions, there are still some businesses and businessmen left that are still holding on to integrity, and values, and not willing to go beyond a certain point, and cross the line, not for profit, not for anything else. I know where I’ll be spending my buck next, when I’m buying another smart device. I’d pick the good, anytime, over benchmarks.

  • Sven L

    That’s slow clap worthy. Thanks, Tim, for standing up to what’s wrong with America.

  • Ari

    Tim Cook needs to go. He has forgotten who owns the company. It belongs to the shareholder. Apple is not a toy for him to use to push his world view upon the world.

  • Ari

    Are you kidding me? Apple is not Tim’s company. It is a publicly traded company.

  • Canladdie Botanist

    Surely CEOs — and every other employee of every firm everywhere — have the right, nay, the responsibility, to push for matters that they think are important. Are you saying the CEO of a big oil company acts without regard to her world view? …

  • interchange42

    What you have forgotten is that Apple has long had a strong environmental commitment, one that they have been happy to tout in their keynote addresses. It’s part of their culture, and it’s one of the reasons that people buy their products. When I pay a premium to buy Apple products it’s with the knowledge that the company uses some of that cash to go above and beyond to do things I care about.

    Good for Cook for standing up to those for whom only the bottom line matters. Bottom feeders can buy other stock.

  • Robert Walter

    As CEO, Apple is Tim’s company until investors and board members choose / vote to remove him from that position. Until then, everyone should realze that Apple is still incredibly profitable, and as such, there should be considerable discretion given to Tim Cook to spend money where he sees fit. One only needs to look back in Apple’s own history books to see what “profit over all else” created under the guidance of John Skully.

  • DDparkson

    Tim cook is not innovative at all he needs to go. He has no creativity sorry to say but he’s no steve jobs. The Apple Device needs yes a larger Screen but aswell as changing the capacity of the device to 64, 128, 256GB to be in the game or add expansion slots like the SIM card slot to increase the capacity. Also, if they can partner up with intel and integrate a Movile processor and CPU i believe Apple surpass google.