Apple’s iPhone 6 Pre-Orders Go Live, Says “Unavailable” But This Trick Worked [u]


Apple’s online store is now back, which means you can pre-order you iPhone 6 to be delivered. But right now the Apple Store online is still down.

However, people have been able to order via the Apple Store app. It still is not letting people order in Canada, saying “unavailable”. But I was FINALLY able to get through. Here’s how I did it…

1. Launched Apple Store iPad app. Went to the configuration page for the iPhone 6 Plus I wanted. Would let me choose configuration but not add to cart, says “unavailable”. What I did was tap on multiple colours, configurations until the add to cart price turned ‘blue’. Then, I just readjusted what configuration I wanted, added to cart successfully. DO NOT TOUCH IPAD CART CHECK OUT TAB.

Once you see the item in the cart (a ‘1’ should show), go to your iPhone and check out via the Apple Store app that way. It worked for me just now for two iPhone 6 Plus orders. Let us know if this worked for you!

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More info on today’s pre-orders are here in our iPhone 6 launch guide.

Update: is now live. iPhone 6 Plus units are sold out, shipping now at 3-4 weeks. iPhone 6 still showing a shipping date of Sept. 19.


  • Chris Zhu

    Tried this, still no success 🙁

  • The thing is, the “Add to cart” button isn’t even showing for some of us

  • faythebest

    Not working, both the app and web. Apple is disappointing!!!

  • eszai

    When I order thru ipad app, I don’t see the “add to cart”. But I see the Blue button at top right with price shown. I tapped on it, and eventually it add order to cart.Once it is in the cart, the rest of checkout is easy.

  • ohhellothere

    This also worked for me – but I’m looking into reserving for personal pick up (I don’t have any apple product, i’m using my mum’s ipad and apple ID to browse the app store) and it only lets me check out for shipping. Anyone know how to do personal pick up on the app? I can’t seem to find the button (I google stuff, and it says there should be a button somewhere?)

  • DrunkeyMonkey

    Worked for me

  • eszai

    I don’t see the pick up option

  • iPhone6

    missed the 19/9 delivery ?

  • Jeff H

    Use google chrome to go to the Apple website, it worked for me.

  • J

    this worked for me! got 128GB gold iPhone 6 and slate!

  • Steve

    I tried this on the iPad but couldn’t the configuration I wanted. I kept trying on my phone and my iPad. Then it started showing shipping of 2 – 3 weeks for some of the configurations. Went back to my phone and lo and behold I had 2 in may cart. Only wanted one, so edited it, then success 128GB Space Grey Plus. So, I guess, just keep trying. Good luck and good night.

  • EDIT: GOT IT 😀

  • Tap the configuration colours and capacities really quickly on iPad app until you see the price turn ‘blue’. Try different combinations. Once added to cart, checkout on iPhone.

  • Mike

    I need the pickup option as well. Anyone have luck with this??

  • Mike

    Need the pick-up option. Anyone have luck with this?

  • harman


  • Michael Burke

    I did the entire order on an iPad and was successful. I was trying on multiple iPads and my iPhone. The web site still isn’t working. Something is wacky. But I got my email confirmation! arrives 19-23 by report.

  • 777ca

    worked great. =) thanks

  • Kirk

    Crazy…. I got my pre-order done about 20 mins ago… iPhone 6 Black 128GB… man, oh man on man.. my pocket is going to feel this big gapping hole…. o.0

  • Rick

    did u get that configuration for 19-23 Sept? It only allowed me to select 3-4 weeks but at least I will get one plus it might quicker if people start canceling their orders because they double booked one

  • Steve

    I got the Sept 19-23 shipping. When I was clicking around on different configurations the shipping was going from unavailable to 3-4 weeks to Sept 19-23. Hopefully yours will actually ship Sept 19. Bit of a sh*t show on Apples part, but they must have sold an ungodly number of these little (or not so little) things. Well, now to head off to work on 4 hours sleep.

  • Paul Herman

    Had no issue with the iPhone 6 order through Apple Store app on my iPhone 4S. Confirmation received.

  • Anna

    The trick above didn’t work for me. I ended up ordering a gold iPhone 6 64GB when I actually wanted space grey, because gold was the only one I could get to add to the cart. Figured I’d be able to change my order today, but when I called they said I’d have to cancel and reorder, and delivery times were now 3-4 weeks out.

    I came here and saw the link for reserve in store, and just now (3:30pm Atlantic) was easily able to reserve a space grey 64GB iPhone 6 for the 19th at 9am in Halifax!! Can I trust this? Should I cancel my pre-order? I think I’ll hold off cancelling for now…

  • Yes, the reservations should be good if you got one.

  • Anna

    Thanks for your reply – that is reassuring. Wow, reserving just seemed too easy, considering I was up from 4-5am (my time) finally managing to pre-order the gold one…