Apple Rumoured to Begin ‘iPhone 7c’ Production in January

According to a new report by Chinese website MyDrivers (via GadgetzArena), Apple will begin mass production for the widely rumoured 4-inch ‘iPhone 7c’, previously being referred to as the ‘iPhone 6c’, as early as next month. The source adds that the rumoured device will hit shelves in April 2016, as previously hinted by a roadmap recently shared by China Mobile during an event while discussing its upcoming plans for the coming year.

IPhone 6c concept render

The report also claims that the ‘iPhone 7c’ will have a chassis similar to the iPhone 5s, both in shape and size, with almost identical measurements and a full metal unibody design. The device will be offered in three colours similar to the iPhone 5s as well, and will feature a 1642 mAh battery. The source further states that the device has already completed its small-scale trial production and will be hitting mass production very soon.

Earlier reports have suggested that Apple will be holding an event in March 2016 where it will introduce a new 4-inch iPhone, alongside the Apple Watch 2.

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  • sully54

    All other news outlets are referring to it as the 6c. Not sure where you guys got 7c. And it wouldn’t make sense to release a 7c in April before an actual iPhone 7.

  • KIII

    That’s not the only name it’s also being labeled the iPhone 5s Mark II.

  • KIII

    Has Apple been known to release products around that time of the year or is this likely to be considered a April 1 “event” ?

  • KIII

    I’ve read all the postings on this but nothing seems to be mentioned about NFC for this device.