Apple News Starts Promoting on Twitter, Canada Still Missing Out


Apple News on Twitter (@applenews) has started promoting featured stories today, to share “top stories & great reads from your favorite publishers, curated by our U.S. editors.”

Apple news

The account is not yet verified, but is followed by Apple executives such as Eddy Cue.

Apple News launched exclusively in the U.S., and expanded to Australia and the U.K. last fall. Earlier this year, Eddy Cue revealed the app had attracted over 100 publishers and had been used by 40 million customers.

Unfortunately, since Apple News is still not available in Canada yet, Canadians do not have native access to the app, unless they try workarounds such as this one.


  • Tim

    Apple can take their time on this one, I don’t think we need to see any more advertising on Twitter or Facebook

  • winnertakesteve

    I don’t particularly miss this feature, but it confounds me who exactly is blocking this?

    But I guess I’m hoping apple puts their negotiating efforts behind getting Apple Pay here first.

  • Yeah, it would be nice to have Apple Pay expanded to our banks here. As for what’s stopping this, not sure what it could be, may be our big consolidated media companies here, or even some sort of French language support issue?