Apple Canada Lists Stores, Apps Where Apple Pay Works Right Now


Apple Pay has finally arrived in Canada! The day that we thought would never arrive has landed. The launch did not require iOS 9.2 as expected, but rather as an over-the-air update to the Wallet app, today as promised.

Right now, those with American Express issued credit cards are testing out Apple Pay all over the place. Apple’s Canadian Apple Pay website has been updated to list the following stores that will support the mobile wallet right now:

  • Chapters
  • Coles
  • Indigo
  • McDonald’s
  • On The Go
  • Petro Canada
  • Roasters
  • Staples
  • Tim Hortons

Screenshot 2015 11 17 07 00 55

Apple Pay will also work at your local Starbucks as they support tap-to-pay for Amex.

As for iOS apps where you can use Apple Pay, Apple lists the following:

  • Beyond the Rack
  • Domino’s
  • Fancy
  • Groupon
  • Hotel Tonight
  • Kickstarter
  • Living Social
  • Priceline
  • Starbucks
  • Uber

Screenshot 2015 11 17 07 01 01

For merchants ‘Coming Soon’, Apple lists the following:

  • Aldo
  • Delta
  • Pizza Pizza
  • Staples (listed twice?)
  • Toronto Transit Commission
  • Ticketmaster

Screenshot 2015 11 17 07 01 05

The App Store also has a new section called “Buy with Apple Pay”, and lists the same iOS apps as above, but adds the following:

  • 1stdibs
  • B&H Photo
  • Gametime
  • Touchnote
  • Touch of Modern

IMG 1149 IMG 1148

You can also try this list of retailers that accept American Express, but not necessarily tap-to-pay, but worth trying to see if Apple Pay works. How’s your experience with Apple Pay so far?


  • Rio

    The Petro Canada near my house doesnt take the AMEX tap at the gas pump. would be awesome if the phone still worked.

  • Guest

    Is there a purchase limit when using Apple Pay at a terminal or is the limit your credit limit?

  • Nate Heagy

    Bought some coffee at McDonald’s this morning. Worked perfectly 🙂

  • ……

    no limit(well of course your credit limit)
    but the $100 limit that is on tap to pay for cards does not exsit

  • Booya!

  • mxmgodin

    Coming soon to TTC? My local subway station always have a post-it over their their payment terminals saying “No tap”.

  • Kirk

    The Canadian banks can’t seriously let this happen… They must be planning to launch their cards with Apple Pay access very soon… They’d be crazy not to at this point…

  • Drew

    Just used Apple Pay in store at Starbucks.

  • Liam

    It didn’t work at my McDonalds. I told the teller credit and tapped but the terminal said something like “Payment Certifier Not Supported”. Then the teller said they don’t support Amex so I used VISA.

  • Sly

    Not surprised really. They invested too much money into their own wallet system (which currently only works on Android by the way). They are afraid that Apple Pay will kill their chances. This is their loss. Just don’t use your Visa/Mastercard and any chance you have to talk to them let them know why 🙂

    Only consumer pressure may help change their minds.

  • Anthony ?

    The best way to push them in that direction is to sign up for an AMEX card (they have lots of options, most are no-fee) and use that card instead of your usual VISA or MasterCard from one of the banks. They’re dinosaurs and unfortunately require a lot of public pressure to do anything even vaguely innovative.

  • Anthony ?

    Well, it is the TTC. If any organization ever exemplified the definition of a corporate dinosaur, it’s the TTC. These are the same people who only started accepting anything other than cash a few years ago. Give them a decade and I’m sure they’ll start accepting tap, as soon as their union negotiates a full time job for staff to sit there and watch people tap.

  • Anthony ?

    Pay inside? The pumps probably aren’t enabled for AMEX tap, or it might be VISA specific in the case of Petro.

  • Anthony ?

    Worked at my nearby McDonalds (Yonge & Adelaide in Toronto). Of course, if your particular store doesn’t take AMEX then obviously it won’t work.

  • Rio

    Yea they take MasterCard and visa taps. Would benice if Amex was enabled. I don’t wanna go inside every time

  • Anthony ?

    I usually go inside just because I have a digital Petro Points card which the pumps won’t accept, but yeah it would be nice if they enable tap to pay for AMEX at the pumps. I expect they will now that more people will likely be asking for it.

  • Ed Cicci

    I did my part by emailing CIBC and telling them I was curtailing the use of my CIBC Visa card until such time as they came on board with Apple Pay. I asked that my comments be forward to senior management.

  • Sly

    Thanks. Everyone needs to do this.

  • Andre

    Just went to Timmies – the girl had no idea what Apple Pay was. I said the “tap to pay” thing with my watch. She said their tap to pay was down.
    I get if the system is down, but they should at least be informed as to what Apple Pay is.

  • Sly

    Its normal since its a soft-launch. Many people won’t know. Just say tap to pay for now.

  • Sam

    Tried it at a small cafeteria where I work that accepted contactless and worked like a charm with my Watch. The cashiers were fascinated seeing it work! LOL

  • Magical!

  • Kirk

    Just applied for my AMEX half hour ago lol… Their loss..

  • Kirk

    Yeah. I applied for my AMEX only to spite them… I’m good with credit so I know I’m not making a mistake… We will eventually get it (Canadian banks)

  • Rio

    Ha! I have had the petro Canada app for a while now and never realized it had a digital card.

    Do they just scan it?

  • Rio

    It would also be so awesome if they added the petro points to the iPhone too so we tap once for both

  • mxmgodin

    I didn’t know Starbucks had tap-to-pay terminals in Canada. Good to know! Though I’ll probably wait until their rewards system gets integrated with Apple Pay too, as it was announced by Jennifer Bailey in October.

  • Anthony ?

    Yeah, they just scan the barcode at the counter. For some reason they don’t have support for Passbook / Wallet, but then it’s PetroCanada so, you know…

  • Ed Cicci

    I was just at my local Metro supermarket here in Newmarket and tried Apple Pay. It didn’t work, it wouldn’t even take tap. I went to The Wine Shop (in-store) and Apple Pay worked like a charm.

  • Anthony ?

    Doesn’t work at David’s Tea stores despite the fact that they take AMEX and have Moneris terminals. Guess they have to enable this on their side or something. Time for the hive mind to fire a salvo at @DavidsTea asking them to get this working.

  • Salinger

    I just made a purchase at Shoppers Drug Mart; worked flawlessly.

    It struck me while scanning my Optimum card off my phone. A lot of naysayers of Apple Pay say it’s easier to just tap your credit card. But, for me at least, it isn’t.

    I have a loyalty or points card for most stores at which I shop and I store them in my Apple Wallet. That means, I have my phone out for most transactions anyway. It’s so much quicker and easier (and obviously far more secure) to use Apple Pay than to scan my points card on my phone and then also pull my wallet out of my pocket to get my credit card.

  • My local McDonald’s location does not accept American Express. I’m never going there again.

  • Unleash the IIC TWITTER ARMY!

  • I find with Apple Pay it’s just easier to say you’re paying with credit card, then at the last minute pull out your iPhone.

  • ticky13

    TTC spokesperson sent a tweet saying that tap is coming very shortly.

  • Petro-Canada MUST use their loyalty petro points card with Wallet in addition to Apple Pay.

  • Drew

    I agree, the Starbucks Rewards program is too good to pass up, but I just wanted to try it. Hopefully the rewards program will run through Apple Pay in the near future. Way better experience. Also used Apple Pay at Shoppers Drug Mart today.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    but… presto is comming… ish

  • Kellen Rosentreter

    I was 0-3 today attempting to use it. Registered my Simply Cash Amex this morning and was very excited to try it out. First, I tried to pay for a bagel at Tim’s. I told him “credit” as my pay,net method and he asked for my card. I said I wanted to try out Apple Pay and if he could activate his Moneris and I could try with that. I tapped my watch, it vibrated, gave me a check mark, but after some thinking, the machine simply said “Declined.” I tried with my phone and unsurprisingly got the same message. Tim’s definitely supports Amex and definitely tap because I’ve used both at that location before.

    I then tried to pay for gas at 7-11 after work, and tried to use my phone on the tap to pay terminal. Nothing happened on my phone or the Moneris. Again, a location that definitely takes Amex and definitely tap to pay, as I’ve done it before.

    Third, I tried it at McDonalds. The machine said “Application Not Supported.”

    All in all, very disappointed. Is this an issue with me, Amex, Apple, the merchants I tried, or something else? I’ve been looking forward to this for so long and to have literally zero success is pretty shitty. Anyone have any tips or similar experiences? Anything is appreciated.

  • That sucks…it’s early into the rollout…try Starbucks, should work there no problem.

  • Andre

    Tried it twice last night using the Apple Watch. Didn’t work at my local McD. I suspect that the their tap and pay terminal wasn’t set up to accept Amex. Then went to Timmy’s, and it worked like a charm. Before leaving Timmy’s, looked at the back of my Amex card in wallet on iPhone to make sure that the charge was there. It was. In the next few days, I will be on the hunt to check places where it will work. I’ll keep you guys posted…:)

  • Cornfed710

    Used at Tim Hortons last night and McDonald’s a few minutes ago both drive thru both worked first try, it was wonderful ? 🙂

  • Andre

    Gary. Just a suggestion. It would be great if you could put a Sticky somewhere on the home page where people could post about where Apple Pay with Amex works, and where it doesn’t. It’s getting complicated to follow the posts spread in 3-4 different threads.

  • Anthony ?

    Careful what you wish for… Presto functions reasonably well, but the back end systems are older than dirt and pretty much anything aside from tapping and paying involves some sort of convoluted manual process (i.e. their appallingly bad refund process).

  • winnertakesteve

    I asked at a restaurant I was at today if they took Amex, and they said they did, but not with their tap to pay terminal. My visa worked just fine though.

    I’d be tempted to get an Amex to try this out, but it just feels like it will be frustratingly niche at this point, which somewhat defeats the convenience factor if you can’t use it at most places you frequent. main uses at this point seems like coffee shops that already have mobile payment apps. ????

  • Giulio

    Worked at StarBucks. Did not work at EB Games or Pizza Pizza.

  • Potzie2

    Used it at my local Candian Tire. Worked great, I was so excited to try I forgot to use my Apple Watch.

  • Z S

    I can confirm that Apple Pay works in-store at Domino’s.

  • Wicked! thanks

  • 3Stacks

    Confirmed Popeyes: Louisiana Kitchen

  • Nice. I wish there was a Popeye’s here

  • Z S

    Apple Pay works at Second Cup and Shoppers, too. Tested it this past weekend. It even worked at the Canada Post desk that was within Shoppers.

  • Gabi Silver

    can confirm: apple pay is working at pizza pizza for us visa

  • viki pazzano

    I just tried yesterday at my local metro supermarket here in mississauga.. it didnt work for me either. ridiculous. they accept amex. and it accepts tap. i dont understand what their deal is .

  • Jon

    The system utilizes the “tap” technology. So in theory ANY merchant that has a “Tap” terminal can accept Apple Pay. I’ve used both my visa and debit card (both through RBC) almost everywhere. It works every time. The Amex acceptance really means nothing in terms of it working or not. Just look on the terminal screen and if you see “Swipe, insert, or Tap” or the tap logo then it should work just fine with all cards — visa or MasterCard from any bank (if they offer it yet. Currently only CIBC abd RBC as of mid-may 2016)

    So pick your battles with the right people. Start with your banks.