Here’s Apple Pay Working at Tim Hortons and Subway in Canada [VIDEO]


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As long as you have a US bank-issued credit card that has been approved for Apple Pay, you can setup it up to use in Canada or anywhere else in the world where NFC terminals are available.

Right here in Canada, numerous restaurant chains such as Tim Hortons have NFC-enabled terminals. Below is a demo of Apple Pay working successfully at a location in Vancouver as shared by reader Ellard.

The demo is the same as what you’ve already seen before from Apple—once it’s time to pay, just place your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus next to the terminal then authorize your purchase with Touch ID. Here’s another but this time at Subway:

However in this case you will be required to bring up your card using Passbook, but at some US retail locations, it should just appear on the lock screen.

You can find NFC-enabled merchants from MasterCard by downloading the nearby app. Want to try Apple Pay in Canada? All you need is a supported US-based credit card.


  • miggy_smalls


  • bspence88

    Just got approved for a $300 US capital one credit card… just to try it out.

  • Chrome262

    I have capital one, it might work, but alas no iPhone 6

  • bspence88

    Is it a Canadian-issued capital one or US-issued? I have a Canadian one and it didn’t work… Waiting for my US one now.

  • K3

    Now they have your location, your choice of product and your soul for the price of one doughnut! DoH!! ????

  • Rio

    Yes but prior to this, the store had your name what you bought and credit card info. 😛

  • Imadudeadam

    I’m with capital one but don’t see any U.S. credit cards offered. How do you get a us card?

  • Apple Pay doesn’t share any of that info.

  • K3

    That’s who “they” had been in reference to.. they have iTunes preferences now they have access to world outside iTunes.

  • This is hilarious. Why are people so excited about a method of payment??? Jumping through hoops, getting US credit cards, etc. etc. IT’S JUST A PAYMENT SYSTEM!! It’s hysterical why people care so much. It’s as if paying for a coffee is the most exciting thing in the world. Hilarious!

  • Rio

    It’s because we see the potential in this for when it comes to Canada. We get to be a part of it.

    People being excited for this is what will help get this to Canada faster. Apple Pay is amazingly far ahead it terms of security and once fully pushed out will be a huge convince for most people.

  • Still seems absurd to me. Why not wait until it comes to Canada? You can be an early adopter and change agent when it comes here, and still have same effect. Instead people are going out of their way to get US credit cards (which is not great for your credit score, in terms of owning too many cards.) Just seems absurd to me. But hey, what do I know.

  • Rio

    I agree, its silly to go out and get a US credit card. Some people do it for blogs like this.

    I’m pretty sure you end up paying more for your stuff too.

  • I agree that for blogging and/or demo purposes it makes sense. But for everyone else? Did they get excited when Interac came out too? Lol!

  • steve81

    I wonder if you’re getting screwed by the exchange rate by doing this (CAD to USD).

  • jonezora

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  • Maxwell250

    The question is can a Canadian citizen apply for a US credit card? I noticed from the American Express prepaid application it requires a SSN #?

  • Ellard

    Not really, my US credit card has 0% transaction fee, my CAD$3.92 bill became USD$3.49, exchange rate is pretty fair.

  • Ellard

    I applied using my Canadian SIN# and I got approved.

  • Nafizur

    are you guys really dying to order a new credit card just for this? just get a prepaid visa so that way it doesn’t hit ur credit score..

  • Ellard

    Convenience. I don’t have to bring my wallet knowing that I can pay with my phone at the coffee shop below my building.

  • FerrariF1

    Hey. How do you sign up with it? Do you have a US address?

  • FerrariF1

    Which card did you get?

  • Ellard

    Capital One

  • NoOneCares

    Once you have it set up, can you change your region back to Canada and passbook/Apple Pay still stay active? Or do you have to leave it permanently as US in order for this to work?

  • NoOneCares

    Maybe you should read up on how it actually works before you spread FUD.
    “They” (Apple) know nothing about your spending.

  • Oh I understand the benefits of convenience. What I don’t understand is people going out of their way to get U.S.-based credit cards just to try it and then go “cooool!” Why not just wait?

  • FragilityG4

    Owning too many credit cards is bad for your credit score? Since when?

  • The more credit cards you own, the more your credit score MAY be impacted. Not saying a great deal, but it can be. The major credit bureaus generally do not consider it a good thing for one person to have many credit accounts – i.e. lines of credit, credit cards, etc. Not to mention that when you apply for a credit card, sometimes they do a credit bureau pull on you as part of the process. This may also impact your rating. All I’m saying is – it seems absurd to me to take this risk, just to be able to be the first person to pay for your coffee at Tim’s using Apple Pay! LOL!

  • If you don’t believe me, read this article:

    See #’s 14 and 15

  • FragilityG4

    Only if you carry a balance. If you have no balance after each month it doesn’t matter how much credit is extended to you.

  • “Credit inquiries account for 10% of your credit score. Making several credit or loan applications within a short period of time will cause your credit score to drop. Keep applications to a minimum”

  • Ellard

    You can change it back

  • But that’s almost besides the point – is it even worth the risk? Even if someone were to say – “there’s a SMALL risk of affecting your credit” – why even take that risk??

  • MIke Nitsopoulos

    Thanks, I’d like to emulate your approach.
    Can you provide more details? You used a canadian SIN#, did you use a US mailing address too? (if so, how did you physically receive the card?).

  • Ellard

    Yes, US mailing address

  • Etus

    How to get supported US-based credit card??

  • Parksy

    It could limit your ability to get more credit (ie. new car financing, mortgage etc). The bank will look at your ability to pay a new loan assuming that you’ve maxed out all your other available credit. Even though you may not be using it, it is still available to you.

  • Exactly, thanks Parksy. And all this just to say “I used Apple Pay at Tim Horton’s!!” LOL!

  • yermum

    Wow. Now apple knows you like coffee…

    Actually they don’t, all they know is that you made a purchase at Timmy’s for XX amount if dollars. Nothing more.

  • FragilityG4

    I’m not sure what your point is here? Are you assuming that the people who are signing up for US based cards are also getting a bunch of loans at the same time? You’re pulling teeth here to save face.

  • bspence88

    I had a business in the states last year so I had a US SSN. I also have a mailbox in the states I used as my address.

  • FragilityG4

    That’s a bit of paranoia … Much like when creditors tell you canceling cards is bad which it can be if you carry a balance.

  • FragilityG4

    Again if you carry a balance only. If you don’t carry a balance it won’t affect you.

  • bspence88

    It’s not going out of the way. It took 5 mins to signup. The card will get mailed to me. It’ll take another 2 minutes to setup. It doesn’t affect my Canadian credit rating because I did it under my US social security number. Now I can leave my wallet at home when I go to work knowing that I can still buy lunch using my phone. Worth it to me. It’s obviously going to be a lot better once it’s mainstream in Canada. But for now… I’ll take what I can get… And let’s face it, I’m impatient.

  • bspence88

    A Canadian SSN has an extra digit.. How did it accept it?

  • It is a FACT that owning an additional credit card is a RISK to impacting your overall credit. Regardless of how big an impact, or that it doesn’t impact in certain situations – it is still a risk. You cannot dispute that it MAY impact one’s credit. This risk, coupled with the time of effort of obtaining a US credit card, just to say I can use Apple Pay in very limited circumstances, when I could very well just wait until it comes to Canada, is inherently absurd to me. Posting pics/vids of this process is even more hilarious! But that is just my opinion.

  • Nafizur

    what’s the link to apply for the card? there are many capital one card, which one did you select?

  • Nafizur

    Did you have to use a US address?

  • FragilityG4

    ONLY if you carry a balance. If you pay your cards at the end of each month it doesn’t matter how many cards you have. I have a mortgage, a car loan, an available line of credit, three credit cards and a perfect score because I don’t carry a balance on my cards.

  • Ok man – we can agree to disagree. I guess you and I have different definitions of both risk and time-wasting. That’s ok, not everyone has to agree. Will leave it at that. As for my own opinion – waste of time, some risk, and I still find it hilarious. Enjoy your Apple Pay though!

  • FragilityG4

    I don’t have a 6 or a US based card and don’t plan to get one. At the end of the day I agree that to me it’s silly to get a US card just for this feature but not because of credit scores. Ironically enough the time we spent back and forth you could have already signed up for a card … So I don’t see it as a time waster … Money waster if you have to pay the exchange.

  • Ben

    I’m trying to understand why we need to wait for the banks in Canada. Its not like you need to have a TD Visa or a CIBC Mastercard you can go straight to the credit card company and get a card, any card and any company. I am not very well versed in Canadian banking but I would love to know why we have to wait on the banks to basically use credit cards. Why can’t MasterCard come out and say hey we support apply pay come get a mastercard. Talk about a leg up on the competition.

  • Lol! Yeah, that is a true point. I could have! Well, friendly debating is something I enjoy. So I at least got some entertainment out of it. Hope you did too. Cheers!

  • FragilityG4

    Agreed. Cheers!

  • Brooke

    Can I buy a US master card gift card and use it for ApplePay?

  • Salinger

    I think it’s fine if someone has easy access to US dollars and an easy way to make payments on the card.

    I just fear some people are getting caught up in the hype and not stopping to think how they’re going to get the USD payment to the US card issuer once they start charging on it. Getting the card may be the easiest part.

    Most Canadian based USD chequing accounts don’t allow payments to clear in the US so it may well mean going to your bank, converting CAD to USD (+ fees) then buying a US acceptable money order (+ fees) and snail mailing the payment to (hopefully) reach the card issuer in time. Suddenly the convenience of Apple Pay is anything but convenient.

  • Parksy

    You must not understand what I’m saying. Each person has a total available amount of credit available to them. Say my total available credit is $500,000. I have a $400,000 mortgage and four credit cards from different companies that total $80,000. I do not carry a balance on any of those cards. As far as the credit agency is concerned, I’ve still “used” $480,000 of my $500,000 available credit. If I try to finance a new car for more than $20,000, I will be denied as that would exceed my total available credit. On a given day, having multiple cards with no balances doesn’t impact you, unless you try to get more credit. Trust me on this one, I’m an accountant and I used to work for Equifax (Canada’s largest credit reporter).

  • K3

    Did that actually come across a serious? Did the smiley not give a clue? Wow…harsh.

  • K3

    First it was a play off of something Gary said and nothing more.
    Good to know though that you’re 100% behind the curtains at Apple just in case.

  • NoOneCares

    Yup. Your reply to Gary made it seem more serious. Most people don’t/won’t read up on the details, but will quite easily believe FUD on random comments online. Amazing how easily people believe that information about them in particular is valuable and a scary invasion of their privacy.

  • 6Plus

    This is simply amazing. I Can`t wait for apple watch, so I don`t have to take my iphone out of my pocket…Goodbye old bulky wallet!

  • talkiewalkie

    Cash is still king! Completely untraceable or hackable.

  • Dude

    Let me know how convenient Apple Pay was for your when your credit card runs out of battery.

  • bspence88

    My iPhone 6 Plus has yet to run out of battery. Lasts more than a full day.

  • Ellard

    Hi Brooke, you can buy a prepaid visa from Chase/Wells Fargo and use it with ? Pay

  • Anon

    If you don’t mind carrying a bunch of change in your pocket, it sure is.

  • ken

    Frankly, PayPass already makes the payment process much easier. To address the security concerns, the banks already have the steps and protocols to deal with missing or stolen credit cards. So why not just leave that to the bank and keep our CC in a safe place.
    I don’t see how ApplePay can take off unless Apple is willing to pay for all the hardware expenses and software tools for the banks or the vendors; which they can because they have so much cash.

  • Shorty_dammit

    Ask anyone who has been mugged if they still had their money in their pocket/wallet afterwards.

  • gtasscarlo

    The lengths people go to for Applepay. It really is no different then using your paypass or expresspay M/C or Amex.

  • neufsky

    Quick question, how do I add credit card to apple pay? I can’t seem to find it anywhere in my iphone 6+

  • You need to change your Region to USA in iOS Settings first, then go to Passbook, and pull down on the screen to reveal the “+” symbol.

  • neufsky

    ah, that is why. Changing region to USA is key! Thanks, Gary.

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  • speedracer99

    Why is this still top story? Old news..

  • Hurray, I can use my phone to buy coffee and doughnuts in the morning… Oh wait, I could already do that at Starbucks.

  • Apple-I-broom-owner

    Tried to open a chase liquid card with my Canadian id ,,, Passport and licence,, everything was going ok until they asked for a bill in my name showing a US address . There was no way around it

  • Apple-I-broom-owner

    Had a relative set me up a separate chase checking account in his name ,,,and with that a a debit card in his name ,,, used it here to buy a chocolate bar at supercenter in toronto .,,,worked like a charm. Now with a chase app on my phone I can deposit cheques with the camera to load the account and view balance and transactions.

  • Zaphod Beeble

    You can do this with a US debit card. I opened a TD Bank US domiciled account without ever leaving Canada using their cross-border services. They sent me a US debit card, I use their online banking services to move $500 from my US$ TD (Canada) bank account to my TD US bank account, authorized my TD debit card on Apple Pay and I was good to go.
    To those of you pooh-poohing having to get a US credit card – these can be very useful. Before Netflix came to Canada you needed a US based credit card to pay for the service and a VPN to use it in Canada. Having a US based credit card is also useful for payments on a US based iTunes account, to pay for a SIM card subscription with a US based carrier so that you don’t have to pay roaming fees and to get Google Glass. It really facilitates getting lots of things that (technically) aren’t offered in Canada so I would encourage anyone to try to get a US bank issued credit card.

  • Andrew Nig

    It’s simple: our lives suck and every little new thing that comes along without us making an effort is an occasion for hype.

  • Lol! Wow that’s rather cynical. But sadly you may be right. Re-reading this debate makes me laugh all over again.

  • You’re looking way too deep into this.

    You sound like one of those people a half a decade ago that were scared of the chip cards. lol

  • I’d argue the opposite. The people going through all this trouble just to use Apple Pay a bit early, they’re the ones looking way too deep into this.

  • We aren’t arguing I’d hope. My point is that for the sake of progress and trying out new things, generally that is a good direction for anything instead of stagnation.

  • No not arguing, just friendly debate. 🙂 I’m all for trying new things, but not at the cost of my time and effort, and potentially my credit score.

  • patrick

    so how many points of purchase terminals have apple pay? Do all McDonalds have Apple pay. Do all Tims? What about all the major gas stations? Samsung has it I’m sure , but don’t know much about Apple. (In Canada)