Apple Releases iOS 11.2 with Apple Pay Cash, Faster Wireless Charging, Date Bug Fix


In a highly unusual move, Apple released iOS 11.2 early Saturday morning with support for Apple Pay Cash, 7.5-watt wireless charging, and a fix for a date bug that can cause devices to enter a soft reset loop.

iOS 11.2 appears to have been pushed out early to deal with a recently discovered date bug that can cause springboard to crash, rendering an affected device barely usable. Detailed in a series of posts to online forums and social media services, the bug is seemingly tied to local notifications generated after 12:15 a.m. local time on Dec. 2.

As seen in a Support Document published at around the same time that iOS 11.2 went live, Apple urges users who are experiencing unexpected restarts to disable notifications and install the latest version of the mobile operating system.

Along with the bug fix, iOS 11.2 is supposed to activate Apple Pay Cash, the company’s peer-to-peer money transfer solution. However, according to various reports, the backend support for this feature does not appear to be live.

Embedded as part of Messages, Apple Pay Cash allows users in the U.S. to send money to other Apple Pay users via a prepaid cash card which can be used for Apple Pay transactions.

The latest iOS version also enables fast 7.5-watt wireless charging for iPhone 8 and iPhone X handsets. Introduced this year, wireless iPhone charging was initially limited to 5-watts of power, the same throughput as Apple’s wired adapter.

The update also includes three new Live wallpapers for the iPhone X, improved video camera stabilization, and support in HealthKit for downhill snow sports distance. Apple also included a host of fixes for first-party apps, including a resolution to a Mail issue that could cause the app to appear to be checking for new messages even when a download is complete.

The update is available on the iPhone 5s and later, the iPad mini 2 and later, the iPad Air and later, and the 6th-generation iPod touch. Users can download the 430.7MB update by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update.


  • Kirk

    Wow this is weird… has Apple ever released an update on a Saturday? Albeit to push out the bug fix but still odd…

  • DONALDainamaito TRUMPetto

    They have to because of the December 2nd bug and don’t believe so and good ol’ Timmie must be out of control lol

  • Olley

    is it my illusion or my iPhone 7 runs snappier than before?

  • Joe

    Has anyone with the iPhone X noticed that the lock screen has a bar in the top right now to show you how to access control centre?

  • Cornfed710

    That’s a feature, it’s been expected

  • Joe

    Was it there before iOS 11.2? I never noticed it before…

  • Riley Freeman

    i havent updated my iphone x cuz everything worked perfectly with what it came with but im going to finally do it. hope it doesnt screw anything up

  • Cornfed710

    No it wasn’t there before

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Date bug? A [?] can’t believe I.T.

  • Yeah, it had been pointed it a few times during the beta stages. I barely notice it, but it is kinda ugly is you’re going for a nice full wallpaper look. Not a huge deal though.

  • Léon

    Has anyone noticed actually faster wireless charging?

  • Kevin D.

    Keyboard lag on iphone 6 is still present. I type faster than it can write… Never had issues before iOS11, been around since iOS3, this is the worst iOS release if we compare stability and issues! iOS is what kept me buying an iPhone over Android, Apple is losing their grip on the quality of iOS releases, should I say since Steve is unfortunately no longer in charge…

  • awkpain

    Pretty sure that falls within Apple’s “iphone upgrade encouragement” program.

  • Jack

    I think you’re just having a bad day. Alternatives running Android don’t even come closer. iOS is way better, I’d suggest staying put. In comparison, try using an Android smartphone that’s more than 3 years older than the recents versus iP6 and you’ll know what I am talking about.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Any news when Apple Pay Cash will arrive in Canada? I read that Apple have filed for the trademarks already. Scotiabank still charges after two e-Interac transfers per month (ridiculous in this day and age) so this would be a great addition. I read that it is free if using your bank otherwise there is a fee for credit cards.

  • Chrome262

    My 6s seems ok actually, maybe you have reached a memory limit or something

  • Kevin D.

    I wish it was just that but I’m not even using half of my 64GB. The problem disappears when resetting the keyboard dictionary and reappears after a few days of use. Clearly just a software bug!

  • jabohn

    Simplii doesn’t charge for e-transfers anymore.

  • The upgrade says it adds Apple Pay Cash with no mention that the zenopathic jerks snub Canada once again.