Apple Says iPhone 5s Demand “Incredible”, Stores Sold Out or Limited in Supply


Apple has said the rollout of its new flagship iPhone 5s has been “incredible”, with retail stores either sold out or in limited supply, in a statement to AllThingsD:

“Demand for the new iPhones has been incredible and we are currently sold out or have limited supply of certain iPhone 5s models in some stores,” an Apple representative told AllThingsD.

The company did not supply any sales numbers from the launch when asked, but most likely we’ll see numbers announced Monday morning.

After last night’s iPhone 5s orders went live online in Canada, all models started with shipping availability set at 7-10 days; within 10 minutes the gold models sold out completely and shipping dates moved to just “October”. Apple has reportedly increased its gold iPhone 5s production by 33% due to increased demand, says the WSJ.

According to the tweets we’ve received from all you, iPhone 5s stock has been extremely limited at Apple Stores, with some stores not receiving gold models at all. As for carrier stores, some also did not get the iPhone 5s or only a handful of models.

According to our Apple retail sources, here are some details from Vancouver area stores:

  • Coquitlam: received 5 units of each SKU for gold and silver iPhone 5s; sold out for Friday; 35 space gray models in 32GB received, sold out for Friday; 16GB/64GB space gray: over 300 received of each, 50% of inventory sold for today, the rest held for the weekend. Line started at 11pm, as of 7:30am, 65 people were there
  • Pacific Centre: 100 gold iPhone 5s units received

In New York City, Fortune 2.0 reports 1,400 people lined up outside the Fifth Ave. Apple Store. A video of the entire line up took more than 7 minutes to film, reports Philip Elmer-Dewitt. Check it out below:


  • Andrew Lee

    Pacific did not have 100 gold units!!! I was 30th on the line. but gold was all sold out!

  • Scott

    I got mine at the Apple store in Montreal on Ste-Catherine.

    There was no problem to get one. They had at least 200 phones left when I picked mine up at 10:30am (only grey though)

  • arbitrage

    Ordered 5s grey at 12:23amPDT. This AM said delivery Oct 8-11. Now says delivery Oct 16-21. Shipping still says 7-10 bus days as it did always. What give with the delivery slipping??

  • Justin Chen

    They decided to ship with a real ship.

  • Guest

    Stores were pretty empty in Belleville. The Rogers store didn’t receive any iPhone 5s’ at all and some Rogers store were reporting 1 or 2 5c sold.

  • Jenny

    They haven’t sold out because of “incredible demand”– it’s because Apple shipped hardly any iPhone 5S’s out. Only 10 gold ones at the Apple store, and all other carrier stores I went to didn’t receive ANY 5S’s at all. Epic fail, Apple. Supply on this release is completely horrifying and embarrassing.

  • Chuck Kahn

    Interesting quote: “50% of inventory sold for today, the rest held for the weekend.” This must be true because Eaton Centre Apple Store had none Friday night and then had a bunch Saturday morning. Welcome to Inventory Theatre!

  • Dylan

    I pre-ordered the 5S from a Bell dealer the day before they came out, paid it in full and now I won’t get my phone till ‘roughly November’ according to Bell since most of their stores had a very low stock to begin with. The specific store I pre-ordered mine from, got one 5S on opening day. The Eaton’s Centre location got 5, total. Its ridiculous.