Apple Needs to Work on Its Apps So They “Just Work” Again: Mossberg


In a recent review column on Re/code, Walt Mossberg has urged Apple to work on improving its apps, saying that the iPhone’s built-in software is a huge part of the smartphone’s experience, which in his opinion is “the best smartphone on the market”.

He added that a major aspect of what makes both users and reviewers value Apple products is “software that melds power, reliability and ease of use”.

“It Just works!”, Mossberg recalls Steve Jobs’ favorite phrase. However, he believes that in the last couple of years, there has been noticeable degradation in the quality and reliability of Apple’s core apps, both on iOS and OS X platforms.

He says that it’s as if Apple has “taken its eye off the ball” when it comes to these core software products while it looks towards electric cars and smartwatches.

Let me be clear: Most of the time, in most scenarios, I find the core Apple apps work well enough, sometimes delightfully well. Otherwise, I couldn’t recommend the hardware.

But the exceptions are increasing. And I hold Apple to its own, higher, often-proclaimed standard, based on all those “It just works” claims and the oft-repeated contention by Mr. Jobs and his successor, Tim Cook, that Apple is in business to make “great products.” 

Last month, Mossberg similarly expressed his views Apple should use 2016 to improve the company’s software.

To read the article in full, hit up this link, where Mossberg shares examples of how core apps like Mail, Photos, iCloud and others have become less reliable.


  • Anthony ?

    Agreed. While I think iOS in general works pretty well, some things just aren’t working the way they should, for example Apple Music on both iOS and Mac can be a massive piece of shit at times, and iTunes in general is a bloated turd that badly needs to be broken into multiple apps or seriously reworked.

    I’d say that it’s my opinion that the overall quality of their software has dropped over the past few years, and it’s about time they put some serious effort into fixing things so that the quality of the software reflects the general quality of the hardware they produce.

  • Guest

    I also feel that the overall feel of my iPhone 6 has greatly deteriorated. The app updates constantly stuck, and gone missing during the process. There’s more crashes, more bugs. Just doesn’t feel the same.

  • Personally I want Mail to see improvements. Right now I’m using Outlook and Spark, and they’re light years ahead.

  • winnertakesteve

    Super glad to hear some honesty in this regard. It’s not a matter of apple sucking, but just missing that attention to detail that made made their tech so enjoyable to use. It’s less about raw power or volume of features for me, but simply the enjoyability of the overall experience.

  • mxmgodin

    From the article:

    It’s time to disassemble the thing, the way Apple has done on iOS, where iTunes is just a store and each content type, such as music, videos and podcasts, has its own playback app.

    I could not agree more! iTunes is so bloated, it’s hardly in any working condition on my older iMac.

  • BigCat

    One of the biggest things that has really affect users is the increased speed of implementing new features and change to Apple’s platforms. For years the hallmark of Apple upgrades was the fact that users did not even realize that they were being moved forward.

    Now, just show the average user the last 5 big new features and most will not even know they existed. Users would be better severed by seeing improvements in how iTunes, Apple Music, iCloud, iPhotos, Apple TV, and App Stores all work together.

    It’s still mostly good, but in the last 5 years Apple has really punch out a lot new things.

  • Tim

    Normally I think of Walt Mossberg as old and out of touch, but he’s point on here.

  • Yeah, I’ve had a lot of frustrating issues with Apple Music as well. I use song ratings to build smart playlists that are easy to manage, but lately I’ve been noticing that Apple Music is deleting random song ratings from my library. Super frustrating, as rating a few hundred songs accurately is not something that can be done quickly.

  • Kael

    Love Spark!
    If Apple is not going to update their apps or make them relevant. Give us the option to make another app the default and open the API’s!