Apple’s TV iOS App Rolling Out in Canada Ahead of Tomorrow’s Launch


Apple announced at its recent September special event their TV iOS app would be launching in Canada, finally expanding outside the U.S. for the first time.

With the release of iOS 11 GM to developers, the TV iOS app has started to gone live for some users, such as reader Aaron (@theadub):

Apple TV ios app canada

TV apps shown as supported include CraveTV, Treehouse, CBC TV, City TV, ICI, FXNOW, MUBI, Hopster and CuriosityStream:

Tv ios apps canada

This is what Bachelor in Paradise episode listings look like, from CityTV. Tapping an episode will handoff to the appropriate provider app for viewing:

Tv ios app bachelor

According to Aaron, moving off Wi-Fi to his cellular data network would reinstall the former Videos app, but jumping back to Wi-Fi would reinstall the TV iOS app. So far, nothing has appeared on his iPad, yet.

If you’re on iOS 11 GM—are you seeing the TV iOS app yet? Apple is set to release iOS 11, watchOS 4 and tvOS 11 tomorrow.


  • DonatelloNinjaTurtle

    Yup, an hour ago the TV app suddenly replaced the videos app on iOS 11 GM for me.

  • Sam Dion

    It popped up for a few minutes, then it dissapeared. Videos app is back.

  • Ben

    I’m on GM. It’s not here

  • Jesse

    I’m on GM, but got nothing.

  • So Young

    I’m on GM and nothing on my 2 iPads and my 6s plus all on iOS 11 GM.

  • jabohn

    I only get the Videos app.

  • Glassbase

    Got it too.

  • Andrew Viarruel

    Still have the Videos app… does this app just appear? Or do I have to reset something for this to appear?

  • Mike Visconti

    My ATV just gave me a guided tour of the TV app and now it’s availble on my ATCV, but not seeing on my iPhone or iPad.

  • Marc Murr

    Same here

  • raslucas

    I have it. It’s cool. Hey Gary, umm… I think it might be time we shame the CityTV app again for being so terrible.

    And FYI don’t bother trying to watch a CityTV app from tv app on Apple TV.

    Click on show -> switch to City TV app -> home screen -> [double redirect] -> black screen [end scene].

    I can exit and go back into it. Still doesn’t play.

    I know that it’s free, but it’s actually not, the app shows ads. I’m just beginning to think it’s Apple’s fault for even approving an app that is incapable of actually working.

  • macskiman

    It worked for me on the iPhone, the iPad and Apple TV after I restarted them.

  • O_o

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Will the Bell Fibe app be part of this eventually? What about Tablo? What do developers have to do to make their app work with the TV app?

  • Mark

    Shows on my AppleTV in Canada but not iPhone yet.

    Immediately had to change the remote control setting back to the home button actually take you home rather than to the tv app.

  • Mario Gaucher

    I have it on my ApplleTV … but not on my iPhone or iPad.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Follow-up. I get this app only on my Apple TV. Nothing is working except my Library section. Watch Now and Store has only the spinning icon. Nothing happens even if I wait for 5 minutes. Does this app work on the Apple TV for anyone?

  • johnnygoodface

    Same as you (but haven’t rebooted it yet as macskiman stated), and not yet on my iPhone

  • bbousquet

    It wouldn’t show up last night on my iPhone and iPad but it did this morning after I rebooted the iPhone. Videos app graded out, then disappeared. TV app appeared at the end of the last app page.

  • Andrew Viarruel

    After trying to watch the citytv app last night and sitting through the 4 forced commercials only to have it crash and replay the 4 commercials upon resuming—I quit. lol

  • Parksy

    I’ve got it on phone, ipad and apple tv but don’t seem to have the single sign-on option.

  • Brew

    I add my ya to it appears only on AppleTV (4th Gen – tvOS 10.2.2) & does nothing

  • Brew

    I add my ya to it appears only on AppleTV (4th Gen – tvOS 10.2.2) & does nothing

  • usher2005ca

    No TV providers are available the only one I think is coming is bell TV

  • usher2005ca

    Not many apps are supported on it yet here in Canada

  • usher2005ca

    Not many TV apps are supported on this here in Canada and there is no single sign in feature for Canadian TV providers

  • jabohn

    The app showed up on my AppleTV last night by itself. It took awhile for it to start loading content and then I did the walkthrough.

    It’s not on my iPhone, even after a reboot just now.

  • Mike

    It showed up after installing iOS 11 on both my both my sons iPads and 1 iPhone. However it has yet to show up on either my iPhone or iPad which already had iOS 11 from he beta program. I have tried restarting them both with wifi on and off and no luck. If anyone gets it that has iOS 11 from beta please let me know..

  • Shawn Zeek Clarke

    Same issue here… both my iPad and iPhone were on the beta and I haven’t got it yet, however when I updated my wife’s iPhone and iPad today she got it on both.