Tim Cook: Apple Watch to Launch Internationally in April [Report]


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The hotly-anticipated Apple Watch will be available outside the US this April, Tim Cook allegedly stated in Berlin last week, reports 9to5Mac. You may recall that Tim Cook said everything is on track for shipping the Apple Watch in April, precipitating a flurry of new rumours and speculation about the possible launch date.

While we await the “Spring Forward” Apple keynote scheduled for March 9, 2015, MacRumors has heard that Apple may launch the wearable in the US in early April. Considering that the rumour mill whispered of up to six million Apple Watch units ordered in the first batch, an aggressive international rollout makes sense.

With the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple has shown that it is possible to reach 135 countries in just three months, although this won’t be the case for the Apple Watch — or at least not yet, we assume.

What seems to be certain, however, is that Apple Watch will be available in Germany in April, with the usual first wave countries also including, among others, Canada, the UK and Australia. What’s noteworthy though is Apple’s move to promote the device in China, so we can expect the ‘Middle Kingdom’ to be included among this list.

For example, recently the Apple Watch made a cover appearance in a Hong Kong street fashion and lifestyle magazine East Touch. The magazine shows the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport in various lifestyle shots.

Alongside China, you may recall that France was also part of the Apple Watch marketing push, so the list of countries initially getting the wearable is slowly coming into focus.

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  • Al

    Wow… Seeing that on someone’s wrist… That is a truly unattractive watch. It’s boxy-looking and has no style. The 70’s called and they want their calculator watch back. I seriously did not consider that it would look like that.

  • Accordtr

    I would agree. I wasn’t really for or against buying one yet but after seeing it on an actual arm, I think I’m going to pass. It really does come of as tacky and awkward looking.

  • Weelious_225

    Really? And for me seeing it on a wrist makes it actually look nice.

  • bspence88

    Classic Al always has something negative to say. Those photos made the watch even more appealing to me.

  • Al

    Classic small-minded nimrod who can’t think for himself, so he bullies other people about their comments.