Apple Watch Said to Launch in February in Limited Quantities

Apple watch versions

The Apple Watch was officially announced on September 9, but there have been only speculations about its release date. Apple was careful enough to state a potential launch date of early 2015 as the device is a work in progress, but the latest rumour from the Far East claims to have more specific information about the launch date.

Citing its sources, the Chinese site Feng claims (via 9to5Mac) that Apple aims for a February launch of its wearable device. That is apparently in line with The Information’s report estimating a (possible) Valentine’s Day launch of the Apple Watch.

Although rumours of sapphire supply were previously connected to the iPhone — because the blogosphere was expecting a sapphire glass iPhone 6 — it now seems that the limited supply of sapphire output of GT Advanced will affect the availability of the Apple Watch as well.

What this means is the Apple Watch may be available in February, but in limited supply, thanks to the low sapphire supply. The good news is that the Apple Watch Sport version does not include such material as it uses strengthened Ion-X glass.

Unfortunately, the allegedly high-end version, Apple Watch, and the Apple Watch Edition are made by using sapphire crystal, so their availability will likely be affected throughout much of next year.

The device is said to enter mass production in January of next year, with Quanta rumoured to be Apple’s single partner. Until then, Apple has time to polish the product’s key features, such as battery life, which is said to be only one day.

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  • Anthony

    I wonder if Canada will be part of the initial launch. I don’t believe they’ve been part of any in the past.

  • Kirk

    What do you mean by this? unless I’m missing something, that has changed a long time ago when it comes to apple products. We’re usually in the first wave, even when it’s something entirely new.

  • Anthony

    I could be wrong but I don’t believe we got the iPod, iPhone or iPad when they were initially released. We didn’t get iTunes match, iTunes radio and now we aren’t getting Apple Pay. Usually when Apple releases a new category it doesn’t come to Canada right away. Even with the iPhone I think it’s only been the last few years that we started getting it with the initial launch. Which entirely new product did we get?

  • Kirk

    Oh, that’s what your referring to. The first in the product line. Yes, you may be right about that. But I think times are changing with Apple. The only reason why we didn’t get iTunes Radio, iTunes Match, and now apple pay is because of government regulations/music industry and crap. I think we have a good shot to get the watch in the first wave because it’s just a product, with no drastically different features then the iPhone 6 that would interfere with that (wishful thinking).