Are You Waiting in Line for the iPhone 4?


Tomorrow is a big day–the iPhone 4 goes on sale in Canada! We’ve already heard pricing details from Rogers and Bell (Telus is MIA). Don’t forget to read our iPhone 4 Launch in Canada FAQ to catch up to speed.

There are already eager iPhone 4 enthusiasts waiting in line across Canada. @iPhoneArena is in line at West Edmonton Mall. @kmore and @chrisonhismac have been in line since 9am PST at the Pacific Centre Apple Store here in Vancouver. They’re there not only for the iPhone 4–but to put their waiting to good use by raising money for charity (I’ve already donated $100–will you contribute too?).

Waiting in Line Outside the Pacific Centre Apple Store

Our original plan was line up at 11pm PST. But, the line up was picking up steam around 3pm PST, so @anothersamchan and myself got down here in line on Granville Street at 6:30pm. We are 30th or so in line, and right now as of 11:27pm PST the line is about 60-70 people deep.

I talked to my sources and the Apple Store here is reported to have about 1000+ iPhone 4 units in stock at the Apple Store here at Pacific Centre. So come early and you have a very good chance of getting one. Here are some pictures of the IPHONEINCANADA.CA NATION sporting custom made tshirts and stickers!


  • I’m below the h&m sign on Granville

  • I’m below the h&m sign on Granville

  • gp

    hey r u sure abt that i ws thnking all stocks will be gone by afternoon…..i ws planing to come by 11am…so u thnk that i can gt an hand on one????

  • gp

    hey r u sure abt that i ws thnking all stocks will be gone by afternoon…..i ws planing to come by 11am…so u thnk that i can gt an hand on one????

  • Rylee K Stonehouse

    About 40 people at west ed

  • mikeeeeeeeeee


    do you think if I show up at pacific center tomorrow at 1 pm in the afternoon, will I be able to get an iPhone?

  • Jordan

    are you kidding, is it only crowded at apple stores, or at rogers stores too?

  • souly

    Damn it, I'm finishing work at 7am…and I'm about 20 minutes away from the nearest apple store in Montreal..

    Anybody's got a status for the lineup situations in Montreal?! It would be a great help, decision making-wise..

  • DaveMCG

    At south gate in Edmonton. Probably up to 45 now. Less than 6 hours to go!

  • Alex Gotsko

    Whens the Iphone going to be available online at

  • Noahattic

    i checked out the pc this afternoon around 5pm. i saw the lineup had already started…… at that moment, i just gave up lineup outside the pc….. lol

    i'll be lining up around 6 at the rogers store nearby my place.

    hey, gary, do u still have free invisible shield? 😛

  • Shiv

    Telus is soo fucked!!! why havent they releassed any status on the iphone4??

  • Jordan

    what city?

  • Yes

  • Trey

    I'm hoping that most Apple stores have close to 1000 iPhones in stock. If that's the case, then I shouldn't have to worry. The earliest I can make it to line up is 5:30.

  • Bblb

    Thank god I have my iPhone 4 already! Roll on the morning so I can get it activated!

  • About 30 right now. Don't expect that store to have a big lineup 🙂

  • Best guess would be in about 3 hours…

  • Mostly just Apple stores. Since they have hundreds of phones, and unlocked.

  • Guest007

    do you think, there will be a big lineup at Bestbuy in Surrey. If I go there in the evening, what are my chances to get one. Damm…I am working till 5pm and can't take a day off.

  • mikeeeeeeeeee

    okay great. thanks!!!

    fingers crossed

  • Nick

    Seriously? I can't make it down until 9:30 because I need to catch the ferry from Victoria… think I'd actually manage to get it or would that be a waste of $120 to drive across?

  • Chiara

    gary how many people in line now??

  • Nick

    Seriously? Because my options are either to buy it online (and wait up to 3 weeks for delivery) or show up tomorrow, but I'm coming from Victoria so the earliest I could get there is 9:30am.. Think I'd be guaranteed a phone or would that be a waste of the $120 to drive across on the boat.

  • iPhoneFace

    Hi Gary, where in PC are you lined up? is it all outside? I'll probably be there at 6am. I'm hoping you're right about the stock levels, hopefully I'll get my hands on one.

  • Thanks bud! What store are you waiting at?

    Got a buddy out at the Apple Store on Ste-Catherine, said there's about 90-100 people already..calisse lol

    I'm considering maybe Carrefour Laval…I'm guessing there will be less people since the news outlets only speak of the one Downtown..

  • bbb

    iphone 4
    where's the iphone 4
    i need an iphone 4

    can you hook me up with the invisible shield? i'm coming to pc around 6

  • Noahattic


  • chzplz

    How's the line looking at Rideau Centre Ottawa?

  • Otoro

    So, I know that I can use my Fido dollars at the Apple Store, too, but do they have lots of stock for locked carrier phones? Or are they all the same, just locked when you buy one? Also, if I go to the Fido store, I won't be charged anything (the charges will show up on my next invoice); does it work the same for carrier-discounted phones at the PC Apple Store, too?

  • SF

    My only option is to buy it online. And still says coming soon 🙁
    I checked the Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore sites, those countries are past afternoon and their sites still says 'coming soon'!!
    I guess I am not getting an iPhone 4 anytime soon. I am almost at the verge of giving up 🙁

  • Noahattic

    bestbuy is getting very limited stock…….i 'd say less than 10. that's why they only take renew or new activation ….
    most likely there will be nothing available if you go to bestbuy in the evening…. apple store should be fine since they got much larger stock.

    i talked a guy working at apple store. he was confident about there're enough stock to feed ppl.

  • Otoro

    Well, you could just walk on and take the bus and save $100. If it's true that there are that many phones, the extra hour or so using public transit shouldn't stop you from getting one.

  • Noahattic

    i think so. the apple guy told apple store follows the same restriction that rogers and fido do.

    so i assume they do the exact thing as the carriers do.

  • Nick

    True, but I've got a gig in Vancouver tomorrow evening, so I don't want to have to carry all my gear with me through the mayhem at the mall. Maybe I'll just try it… Hell maybe a better idea would be to just check this website before I leave for the ferry – I'm sure someone will post if the lineup is absolutely ridiculous

  • Joe+

    anyone know that line up status at Fairview Mall?
    won't be there till 8am …

  • Trencher

    I'm on my way to the line at eaton centre. It's currently 330am….

  • Portacio6

    SO if I come around 11am-12noon I still have a big chance of getting one on the Vancouver City Centre branch!? :S

  • Otoro

    Ah, yeah, if you've got to come anyway for work, you could justify bringing the car, then. I thought you might (be crazy enough to be) coming just for the iPhone 4. 😉

  • Otoro

    Ah, I see. So, is the stock the same, then? (Meaning, are those 1000+ units for either locked or unlocked purchasers?)

  • JMCD23

    No one is waiting outside of the mall I work at doing security yet. There is supposedly a grand total of about 20 units coming here between the 4 stores that will be selling it.

  • Tylerluke

    Calgary Apple store anyone? What time should I go at?

  • Guest

    All the phones are unlocked until activated instore.

  • I'm in line at the Yorkville (Toronto) Apple Store…about 150 in front of me and probably close to 50 behind now.

  • Montreal people…

    From what I've read off random Twitter posts (not the most reliable source, i know..)

    is that the Montreal branch (i'm guessing Ste-Catherine) will have 600 units in stock.

    Let's get some bets going as to whether or not it would be enough.

    I'm betting a pack of band-aids…

  • JN

    how long would rogers line ups be? and would they have enough in stock?

  • I wish I were waiting in line! Man I do! I'm only 16 though and my dad has to be with me to sign some stuff to upgrade my 3G to the iPhone 4, so hopefully when we show up tomorrow morning at 10:00am (opening), I'll be able to get an iPhone 4 🙂

  • I wish I were waiting in line! Man I do! I'm only 16 though and my dad has to be with me to sign some stuff to upgrade my 3G to the iPhone 4, so hopefully when we show up tomorrow morning at 10:00am (opening), I'll be able to get an iPhone 4 🙂

  • Chris Johnston10

    I'm in Belleville and am currently the only one waiting at one of the Rogers stores 🙂

  • Colem

    Good morning everyone.. Apple online stores around the world are DEFINITELY setting up, if you look in the Canada one and refresh, you see the word “Ships” and “free shipping” around, but no links or timeframes.. don't go to bed yet!

  • Jordan

    anybody know? im interested too

  • Jordawn

    I am stuck here in London for a few more days and the local apple stores had no iphone4 stock, the Paris apple stores had none, the orange stores had some but locked and contract issues

    When will a link for ordering off the apple store go live? Looking for unlocked models…
    As long as I have an order in for one I will be happy….

  • souly

    dude, the Apple Stores are opening at 9am…

  • Jordan

    how old do you have to be to get an iphone 4? Im not changing my contract just upgrading..

  • souly

    lol, you might just be getting the only unit in stock! I've been reading many reports of stores receiving up to 4 units or so…ridiculous.

  • Shnoggins

    I've already been to bed and gotten a full nights rest and there is still no sign of anything! I'd say we won't see anything until 10-10:30 NL time.

  • Ryan

    Question! Is there anything I need to bring with me besides my ID if I'm going to get my iPhone from the Apple store (under contract with Rogers)? I'm assuming that all of my information is on a computer and that all I need to do is give my current Rogers wireless number, but I'm worried that I might need something else, lol.

  • I live in a city with no Apple Stores, I'm afraid… so I was talking about a stupid Rogers store 😛

  • Colem

    Dude, if your upgrading and authorized on the account, go right ahead, with bell atleast

  • Colem

    your only upgrading, no new papers

  • Yeah, I'm wondering too.

  • Shnoggins

    Apple will more than likely update it at their usual time which is 8:30 AM ET. And that will most likely when the worldwide online release will be.

    But don't quote me on that. I'm just basing it on Apple's history with updating their online store. Their most recent update was for the iMacs and Magic Trackpad and they brought the store back up at that time. They generally do. The only exception I can think of is the American iPhone 4 launch online but that was for pre-orders.

  • Noahattic

    i really don't know how it works…but i guess the stock level will be pretty much the same for the apple stores in the major cities. and i think 1000+ units should be for all the customers. if you want to choose buying in with carriers, they just lock the phone to the carrier you choose.

  • Colem

    check AU. It was in CA for a bit.

  • Ryan

    At a Rogers Plus downtown Toronto right now and there is no line but they're only 8 units!!! 6 – 16GB & 2 – 32GB

  • Colem

    Make that 7AM!

  • Jordan

    so im 17 my plan expires in december, i only want an not gonna get there and get the “are you 18?”

  • Ah dude that sucks…good luck for that! I know the stocks are limited, so get there early buddy.

  • Noahattic

    i hope not as long as the lineups outside the apple store….. b/c rogers clearly does't have enough stock….

  • Chris Johnston10

    Yeah it's crazy. In my city there is no apple store and about a dozen stores that sell phones. My one buddy works for tbooth and said they have 4 iPhones. 2 for bell and 2 for rogers

  • Noahattic

    i think it's time for me to go to bed now… rdy to get up around 4:30…..

  • Colem

    Well … thats what I was told… I'm the same age… maybe the rep was wrog, or right..but that was there exact word

  • Ah what a sh*tty typo…I did mean 7, though 🙁

    Now I feel like one of those dumb forum know-it-all's, giving out the wrong info.


    (blames it on the fact that it's 4:30am..)

  • I'm gonna try my best man. We got like 4 Rogers stores in my city (at least) and I'm going to (hopefully) the least popular one, in my mind at least. When I went to get the iPhone 3G, I got there 5 minutes before they opened (on launch day of course) and I was like THE first one there. So let's hope it'll be like that.

  • chzplz

    Got to Rideau Centre at ~6:40. 400+ ppl in line at that point. They came around and gave out 16GB or 32GB vouchers so at least you knew they would have the one you wanted when you got to the front of the line.

    Once the store opened at 7, the line moved slowly. Staff estimated 15min/iPhone, able to process 25 customers at the same time. At 8:45 there were still 275 people in front of me… math says it was going to be nearly another 3 hrs wait. I bailed. Not worth taking the morning off work to get it on the first morning. I’ll drop by at noon and see if they have any left. If not, I’ll order it online and wait 3wks.

  • Colem


  • chzplz

    …they were still giving out vouchers for both models at 8:45.

  • Colem

    tHere trying to do an update without bringing the store down.. i say them doing it this way brings even more hype.

  • SF

    Something is definitely happening 😀 I am soo excited now 😀

  • Mr. Speedy

    In line at Carrefour Laval since 4am. There were 25 people here then and now we're about 35. Some people have been camping out since midnight.

  • Jordan

    can best buy do rogers HUP?

  • Jordan

    how any people at Market Mall?

  • Colem

    Also big literature changes to the order page!

  • Viclauyyc

    no, i will go there at 7. don't think i will wait over night

  • CantWait!

    I'm in line here at market mall, shoppers entrance.Currently (3:05) there's about 50 people ahead of me and probably 40+ behind. I have been here since 1:00am

  • yvrgal

    I just ordered my iPhone 4 through the corporate portal. I was going to get in line but I have too many things to do at work this morning plus shipping is only delayed within 14 days so it's not too bad.

  • Mr. Speedy

    About 60 people in line at 5am.

  • Colem


  • Jordan

    should i come now? can i buddy up with you haha

  • SF

    I just checked the Australian apple online store. it says iPhone 4 ships in 3 weeks!! this sucks! guessing Canada will have the same time frame 🙁

  • 150

  • Jordan

    they better be right ahaha

  • Tine2105

    I'll be joining in in 20 minutes…

  • Jordan

    any word?

  • Colem

    yes sir!

  • Thx for the updates bud..I'm still debating between downtown/laval/fairview…

    If you could keep us updated, it would be awesome!

    Finishing work at 7am sucks!

  • Jordan

    they can do rogers hardware upgrade? so like instead of going to rogers i can do it there…because i hear they'll have more stock

  • Guest007

    Thanks Noahattic.

    The only reason I wanna buy from Best Buy is to get 2500 points so that i can use them towards iphone dock.

  • Colem

    Mine got 20.. more than many carrier shops

  • Jordan

    do you think more people will be going to apple stores than best buy/rogers

  • Jordan

    oh and, do you think theyll answer their phone? haha i guess ill give it a shot baha

  • Colem

    fOR SURE! The apple stores is busiest, but also have the most phones.. good luck with a phone answer

  • Jordan

    hahah nope nvm, i hope they can do rogers HUP

  • Jordan

    ya i guess it's better to line up at 6am rather than midnight haha

  • Jon_

    Canada Apple store is up. Just ordered my phone…. 3 week delivery…

  • SF

    Just ordered mine online. Ships in 3 weeks though 🙁

  • Mco_polo

    Online store is live!~

  • SourceSecurity

    Just purchase mine online at have to wait 3 weeks. But good to know i will have an unlock one : )

  • IWantTheOneWiththeWifis

    yay just ordered online aswell. my buddy and i were planning to line up at 2am but he sold me out. all good tho, so long blackberry, hello iphone… in 3 weeks…

  • Mr. Speedy

    There are between 150 to 200 people at 6am.

  • Colem

    From self experience, and watching the US launch, Apple exaggerates shipping times alot, we'll see it faster.

  • Jesus…that much?! I got out of work early…I'm headed there right now! Thanks bud!

  • Anthony Totarella

    Going to join in soon too.

  • 40Minutes Left

    I reserved mine with bell I walk in anytime today and I will have a shiny new iPhone! Oh I ordered a zagg invisibleSHIELD and payment cleared on the 28th. How long does zagg take to ship to Canada? Anybody know? I live in Toronto.

  • Freeskier2oo4

    You can now order the iphone 4 on as well.

  • ZombieLover

    are they processing people fast at the Apple store.. ? those who sign 3 years .. does it take like 45 min each ? trying to figure out how much time i will disapear from my work 🙂

  • Ended up going to fairview pointe Claire…status, about 200 ppl…8 minutes to go!

  • Mr. Speedy

    Yes, and rigth now we're sitting at around 300 people in line. Mall doors are still not opened at 6:59am

  • Lucy

    What is WRONG with Telus? (Besides the obvious?)

  • Wadieh

    500 downtown from what I read on eHmac

  • 7am @ the Pen Centre in St. Catharines. 6 people in line at the Fido (the mall is now open) and I heard about 15 @ the Rogers store.

  • I checked out the line up outside Market Mall at 4:30 am (on the West side by Radio Shack). There are about 70 people and most of them look like they've been there a while with lawn chairs. At least they are guaranteed a phone compared with those waiting at Rogers stores. I talked to the rep yesterday and he said that he will only have 4 in stock and he has a waiting list of 12 people on paper. LOL!

  • gp

    will the stocks last for 2 days?????

  • Jessica

    updates on the St-Catherine Apple store please! Whats the status ?

  • Centric87

    FYI..I ordered an invisible shield (plus zaggsparq; I'm sure that made some difference in shipping time). Takes a few days to ship after payment. It was shipped on the 14th and I received it yesterday so roughly 10 business days.

  • Quantumfluxx

    I just got my iphone 4 after lining up at a Rogers location in Hamilton Ontario. I got there around 8:30pm last night and waited with a few others, more showed up closer to store opening time. The managers were actually really nice guys they stopped by a few times through the night and even bought us pizza.

    As it turned out this store only had 13 iPhone 4's, and only 3 of them were the 32gb. Thankfully my early start the night before paid off, as I was second in line and grabbed my 32GB without issue.

  • Quantumfluxx

    I just got my iphone 4 after lining up at a Rogers location in Hamilton Ontario. I got there around 8:30pm last night and waited with a few others, more showed up closer to store opening time. The managers were actually really nice guys they stopped by a few times through the night and even bought us pizza.

    As it turned out this store only had 13 iPhone 4's, and only 3 of them were the 32gb. Thankfully my early start the night before paid off, as I was second in line and grabbed my 32GB without issue.

  • Mr. Speedy

    Rogers' system is down at 7:40am!!! They say it could take as much as an hour!!!! Suckers!

  • Firat Ataman

    Waiting at Hillside Mall in Victoria BC, 3rd in line!

  • Sandy

    grrr, I'm in a waiting room down at McMaster right now, can't get out of here for another couple hours. I guess that means I'm out of luck?

  • Whereisiphone4

    Can someone update about the line at Yorkdale Mall?? I can't get outta work till 11:30 I already know i'm probably not getting one today. But gonna try any way

  • Timespring

    over 300 people were waiting this morning at 7:00 AM, but there was around 20 people doing everything in the store… Don't know anyhting about stock, but rumors have it around the thousands!

    Good luck!

  • DeMar

    Telus now has the prices up. Anybody know if they're doing the 6GB for $30 deal as well?

  • Graham

    How bout 5pm today at PAC centre? Think they’ll have 32gb’s left?

  • Graham

    How bout 5pm today at PAC centre? Think they’ll have 32gb’s left?

  • Nando83p

    or till saturday?

  • Ddisou

    i was second in line at carrefour laval apple store in province of quebec!!!! now backing up old 3g to restore iphone 4 !!!!!what a nice phone and the dead grip doesnt affect reception!!!!!

  • Jjmrcv

    my husband and i paid our nieghbours 15 year old son on his day off to wait at the best buy here in winnipeg…he is the first in line and i will swoop in before best buy opens…

  • Matt

    Ha, Eaton Centre in Toronto wasn't bad if you got there before 4am. We were checking tweets that Fairview had 200+ by 3AM. SO glad I decided not to go there!!! All people buying unlocked get through FAST. I skipped ahead of about 30 people. WOOT!

  • Got my iPhone 4… very quick… Of course i was there in line since last night (11pm)… and was number 35 🙂
    The Montreal Ste-Catherine seems to have a lot… but also a very long lign to wait as well 🙂

  • Garafraxa

    Very limited stock at retail outlets (Bell, Rogers outlets). As in, 10-12 units per store. Yikes!

  • Babs

    Hi there, I also ordered a Zagg invisibleSHIELD and it was shipped July 14 – still haven't rec'd it yet, but it should be here any time. I live in Alberta

  • William

    This is probably the stupidest question out of all, but here it goes:

    Usually, it's my dad who takes care of the bills related to Rogers. But he's away for a business trip right now, and my mom is willing to accompany me (I'm 16) to purchase the iPhone 4. Since she's an adult, I'm guessing there would be no problems buying an on-contract HUP one right?

    Also, what exactly do you need to take with you for a hardware upgrade iPhone 4?

  • William

    Ah, I rushed the above. To clarify:

    My mom doesn't know much about Rogers-related information (heck, I don't even know if I'm making sense), but I'm assuming the systems have all our info and all they need is my mom's signature right? Yes, I come off as paranoid, but I gotta get this right haha. 😛

    And for the second question, I mean like any items you need to take, such as ID, my current iPhone, etc. – the usual you need for a hardware upgrade.

  • fack

    Rogers store in Calgary (Petro-Canada building) had only 8 phones (2 of which were 32GB); I was 5th in line and left empty handed wanting a 32GB

  • Mitch

    rogers has to be the shittest company ever….in london ontario they only stocked 3 fucking rogers with iphones….one with 50 another with 20 and another with 8….why wouldnt they spread them out and give 10 each per rogers store…i waited from 730 till 9 at a rogers that said they would have some the day before to find out they have none…..

  • Mike

    I think your dad needs to be there as he's probably the primary on the account.
    I called Rogers last night to ask if my wife can do the HUP for me and they said no, since she's not the primary. Even if her name is registered on the account.
    I'd call them to make sure, but that's my guess.

  • fack

    Not to burst your bubble, but I phone them and they said its 3 weeks to ship from China, another 3-5 business days if you choose expedited shipping

  • Suckit

    Anyone that would line up at 7 am to get a fucking phone is a huge LOSER. Get a life. It's just a phone

  • Mac

    lol good thinking

  • fack

    LOL, wicked.

  • CharlesF

    I got mine this morning at 7:30AM at LaCabine from Bell. They doesn't have Fido, Rogers right now.

    Quebec city

  • Blackpanda_44

    I bought mine today at a cellular booth T-Mobile… The apple store line had probably more than a 1000 people

  • What is with all the hating suckit? You must be speaking for yourself!

  • lol

    suckit is right you sheep wait in line for a fucking phone from 11pm. *sigh*

  • Calliope

    Apparently the HUP tool on Rogers is still messed up. At least that's what the RogersHelps twitter says, and when I check it gives me the 649/749 pricing. But when I called into Rogers they said I'm actually eligible for 399/499.

  • Turtle

    some people have fun doing this kind of stuff, let them enjoy it.

  • Turtle

    some people have fun doing this kind of stuff, let them enjoy it.

  • Hyperextension

    Just got two 32GB unlocked i4s and all I can say is WOW. What a great device. Tried the deathgrip in store along with about 5 other guys that I was in line with and NOTHING. Bars did not change at all, or nothing noticeable.

  • Dollardprod

    screen allready broke on the iphone 4!

    drop it when i was on a chair with a protection. falling on the back the front screen glass is ko.

    30 time stronger than plastic? really?

  • Drunkenrobot

    Hundreds of people waiting outside the Ottawa Apple Store. Line goes out to Sears, up the ramp, past the parking garage and down to the street.

  • Baddowman

    I got shafted. Showed up and there were only 5 people. They told me that there was 6 phones so I thought that i was in luck. Then when the doors opened and we lined up in the store we found out that there was 4 16 gig and 2 32 gig phones and the people in front of me took the 32gig ones so I had to leave. Sucks big ones.

  • Qwerty

    All sold out at Place Fleur de Lys in Quebec City. Got my 32GB from the Fido Store there, but no one left.

  • Frogger1x

    Half the stores here didn't get phone yet. wtf!
    Damn small towns.

  • Firat Ataman

    They are getting 14 + 3 phones and there are already more people waiting than that…

  • Jeepy

    Hey Steve I'll go get mine later today at the same store! Hope you had a great night!!

    Jeepy (your old university pal)

  • 11thIndian

    Showed up at Fido store in Limeridge Mall in Hamilton at 7:30 and was the 4th person in line. The Rogers store in sight had a much longer line, and they did their customers the favour of opening up at 8am. Though I had been told that Fido would open at it's regular time at 10am, they opened and started serving customers at 9.

    They must not have had much stock. By the time I left they had announced that they had no more 32GB phones, so they must have only had 6 or 7 of them.

    From my perspective, pretty fast and efficient, especially in comparison to the 3G launch of two years ago.

  • pauljmacdonald

    There were only 9 phones at the Future Shop in Fredericton, nb. Luckily I got the only 2 16 gig Bell phones!

  • MF

    What is with the lack of stock? A toronto Rogers store gets 7 units? My store only got 12. Why make us wait an extra month to send so few units? What a crock of S**t…..I was all excited to get my phone after work today, only to find out everyone is sold out in my area less than 1 hour after open (all the rogers stores around me opened at 10am EST).

  • YAY

    just got mine and i love it, lined up at around 730:D

  • Suckit

    I have better things to do with my time then wait in line at 7 am to get a phone that I can get any time a week from now. Like have sex with my girlfriend.

  • Diecast84

    So anyone started using their iPhone 4? How's the signal?

  • iphonedmilanista

    Already !? My 3g literally falls everyday and my screen never cracked before. Just abit of my plastic at theback near the dock connector

  • portacio

    GARY any news about the stock on Pacific Centre apple store? I might get there around 11-12 do you thing they'll still have anything in stock? PLZ REPLY ASAP 🙁

  • 11thIndian

    Like Apple said in the earning call last week. They're selling them as fast as they can make them, now they've added 12 more countries to the mix. We're either gong to have to deal with limited stock, or else not rake Apple over the coals when they want to push back launch dates. They can only make so many phones, and right now that isn't enough to meet demand.

  • Yup

    Any updates on stock at Apple Downtown Montreal?

  • Fallinin

    Well I just did both so suck it suckit

  • Spleenzorio

    aka hand.

  • HappyIphone4User

    Was a bit of a fiasco there at 6am… “TiPb” (some random blog awkwardly throwing away free t-shirts) and they were writing numbers on hands… trouble was people were lining up at multiple entrances each with their own set of numbers… when the mall doors opened we (mostly*) all walked orderly to the Apple store only to be met by 100 or so other people who waited at the other mall entrance.

    Other than the waiting, the service from the Apple guy was first class… in and out in 5 mins with my gorgeous new 16gb and sim changed over and up and running.

    *except for the hipster douchebag, big tall guy, green checked shirt who stood in the store for nearly two hours on his phone

  • neediphone4

    any updates, on montreal downtown apple store, want to go at lunch time, but there's a crazy line up

  • Spleenzorio

    Yeah I was 4th on the list to get a 32gb model at my Bell store and they only got 2 in…… so I gotta wait til Tuesday for the next batch 🙁

  • Szarky

    Some of you guys are crazy…. yesterday at around 6pm there was already about 10-15 people in line at the Pacific Centre in Vancouver. This morning at around 8am there store had been open I'm assuming for 2 hours already and line line up still went out the mall and down Granville to Dunsmuir.

    So glad FutureShop took phone reservations! Got the last 32 GB at the Robson location. Just have to show up at 9:30 and all the paperwork will already be done I just have to sign some papers.

  • Vignesh

    wicked…. for iPhone 4 i payed 399 inspite of web tool saying 269. I was asked to call Rogers n ask for price diff… what I'm to do ex?

  • Spleenzorio

    I hear ya man, I'm also from London and my Bell store only got a handful of phones also…… I just phoned Best Buy and the only phones they had in are for Telus 🙁

  • Lined up @ future shop on broadway. Only 5 ppl. In line

  • Cshupe2

    wow buddy grow up

  • Wuju

    I just bought a full price iPhone 4 from Apple – does that mean it's factory unlock???

    Cause I asked for a Fido micro sim since I'm with Fido. Call Fido to transfer my phone number to the new micro sim and plug the iPhone 4 and want to sync with iTunes on the MAC, however I get this message that says

    “The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported…” what gives?? I don't imagine the apple employess may have given me a Roger or other branded iPhone 4, could they?

    Anyone is experiencing this? Called Fido and the guy over the phone says that there is a delay in their system to connect the new sim card to my iPhone.. what do you guys think?

  • iPhone4crazy

    Ex, Do you think if they run out of locked units for a particular carrier they will sell unlocked ones for that carrier? Wishful thinking?

  • Prybar

    I got one of the rogers ones. They had 23 at the store I was at, 4 32gb's…but they only had 7 micro sims….good thing i was number 3. What an adventure, met some really cool ppl and had a TONNE of laughs waiting for 8 hours…worth every second though…:)

  • iPhone User

    He’s right, why waste a nice day in a line up to get a phone when you can just sit back and get it a week from now, hassle free? I don’t understand why people are such children when it comes to being the first to have a new Apple product?

  • JN

    the rogers i went to sold out…after i got the last one! haha, it was so lucky, three people in front left before they took our names down

  • randal

    But apparently you don't have anything better to do than to post on iPhone sites on the internet. Winner!

  • Please leave some unlocked iPhone 4 for your neighbor down south!

  • William

    I called Rogers about their Hardware Upgrade Policy and because I'm 16, I was told it's classified information for people like me. Sounds more like the guy had no idea because his first response was “Talk to your local stores because HUP policies differ by each store.”

    WTF. Couldn't he have just admitted he didn't know clearly and end it there? I merely asked about how the HUP works for iPhone 3G owners wishing to upgrade to the 4, and after he asked my age (?), he said he will not release that information to minors like me…

  • rorypiper

    Home now, with my 32GB iPhone 4. Got the full discount from Rogers. $269!

  • Wow! Only 2 32 gb phones at this store. Lucky me I'm #2 in line

  • ShawnV

    Futureshop reservations my ***. I thought that is exactly what I did. I got a call yesterday saying I need to come 15-20 minutes before the store opens and I'll get my iphone 4. Here comes this morning. I get a call at 8:30 from futureshop telling me the manager now says “first come first serve”. There was already people lining up at 6am. I mean really?

    Now I have to test out my luck today going to a couple roger stores. They haven't gotten any yet, so hopefully I drop by at one at the perfect time and snag one.

  • Chamcent

    Scored the last 32GB at the Wireless Wave in Richmond Centre! Rogers' system was TOO slow so they are holding the phone for me and will try again after I get off work. Can't wait!

  • Phphreak

    and burn in hell for fornicating?

  • Spybenj

    At yorkdale, Rogers store only had 1 32 and 3 16, I was number 4 but I wanted. 32
    At apple store, in line for 2.5 hours, Rogers/fido systems down, ma take a while

  • Phphreak

    why? Can't you wait a few more days to get a phone? It seems like some people put a huge priority on not so important items.

  • Phphreak

    I'm going to the mall to laugh at the losers in line for a goddam phone. Then I'll eat lunch.

  • Vazandrew

    it's total craziness. i was 3rd in line at futureshop this morning, only to be told by the csr that they didn't have any virgin/bell. then went to virgin directly, they said they hadn't received shipment..checked with 2 associates who told me different times as to when it would arrive. ultimately had to go into work around noon. it seems rogers and fido are the only ones receiving inventory right now..what's the deal??

  • ShawnV

    The rogers store where I live hasn't received shipment yet.

  • mitch

    anybody have any idea when the next batch of iphones will be shipping?….

  • Francois

    There were about 10 of us waiting in line at the mall here in Vernon, BC. The store there had about 6 of the 32 GB model and I managed to pick up the 2nd to last one. I have no idea how many of the 16 GB they have. From talking to others it seems there is a shortage of 32 GB models here in Vernon.

  • Vazandrew

    really eh? Where about are you? I'm in Oakville and it pissed me off seeing all these rogers and fido customers walking around with their new phones. While I had tried 3 places, was exhausted, and had nothing to show for it.

  • Mitch

    its bullshit man….i also tried to order the 16gb iphone online thru telus and i add it to the cart and everything works until i go to complete the order…i call them and they say they are all sold out and thats why i cant process the order…then why the hell doesnt it say sold out? this whole bs about not being able to order phones in store or online is a crock of shit

  • Francois

    … however, none of the people who purchased at the mall here in Vernon, BC were able to get their phones activated as Rogers' system is overwhelmed at the moment. So we all had to leave our iphone 4s in the store and wait until they are able to get activated.

  • Normy

    I was walking through the Toronto Eaton Centre after a lunch appt, past the queue of several hundred people waiting for a chance at a new iPhone 4. Funny thing I noticed was that almost all of them are already holding either an iPhone or an iPad. What is with this culture that people are willing to waste so many hours for a frivolous device, that gives no real incremental benefit compared to what they already have? The best (and worst) part about it was that I happened to see one of my employees in line. This person had to take half the day off for a doctor's “appointment.” When he gets into the office I'll ask to see his new iPhone. Then, unfortunately, I will have to ask him to clean out his desk and leave under escort, permanently. He's already got an iPhone plus a blackberry that I supplied. What a waste.

  • ShawnV

    If I so head to the mall now, would I have a shot at the 16gb?

  • Dusty_pro24

    how about about to get an iphone but the upgrade server for rogers doesn't work???? what the fuck is that…so i am turned away and the next fool got my phone. ROGERS is losing my business

  • Jim

    Douche Move^^^The kids just excited. He has the right to day's off? No…… No matter what excuse he uses.

  • ShawnV

    Or better yet, since I keep trying to call them and they are busy, could you ask if they have any 16gb left?

  • ohotos

    I can't get the bars to drop even one bar with the death grip… seems like the whole antennagate is a non-issue.

  • Normy

    What would Steve Jobs do? Probably the same thing. And the “kid” is 30 years old…what do you suggest I do, spank him?

  • Jim

    Maybe he's buying it for his kid. If he's a good employee this “day off” regardless of excuse isnt worth firing him for. But if you were looking for an excuse to get rid of him, now you got it. Hope he wasn't a slacker..

  • Mtlangel

    Anyone has any update on stock levels at Apple Downtown Montreal, please?

  • Fordomatic

    They did this on purpose knowing full well we will shut up and take it:

    1) They release the phone on a Friday so no stock over the weekend

    2) They only get enough units to sell out in one hour.

    3) They laugh at us as we run around looking for stores that have one.

  • Francois

    Hey Shawn,
    they did have some 16 gb models at the time I left the store (about 45 minutes ago), but they wouldn't tell me how many.

  • Its a culture in itself, the fact that your employee asked to take time off and said another reason shows he works for someone that he cant be honest with for a reason. Seeing from what you said he had every right to say doctors apointment. Your his boss not his mom, to let that employee go for that is truly sad and hope he finds a better boss that will treat him with respect to not lie to them.

  • Francois

    FutureShop is pulling some funny business. One guy I spoke to said he went to future shop in vernon this morning and was told that pretty much all the iphones were spoken for. Maybe Future Shop got their hand slapped by Apple for setting up a list and thats why they called you this morning to say first-come first serve.

  • calgary82


  • I know the line is still huge at the Montreal Store…. but i didnt expect to be less…It's moving very slowly especially for upgrades or contracts….
    they seems to have a lot of iPhone in stock… but now I don't know… i was there and got mine at 7:40am…. and when i left the line was further than maisonneuve (yes on ste-cath, then on crescent and back on maisonneuve).

  • Gmore

    I am a boss myself and you are being really mean to your employee. Think long and hard about what you are about to do – not a nice move at all. Good luck with that.

  • Jhlars

    I have the same problem. Did your store tell you when they would be getting the shipment because mine didn't even know.

  • bringer666

    Anybody know when they will sending the next batch of phones? I went down to my nearest Rogers outlet and they had 1 (yes I said one) phone. I mean, what's the point. They might as well have said that they weren't carrying the iPhone until next week or next month.

  • Jaye

    well the good thing at least best buy allowed my to purchase the phone outright and they promised to give me a refund once ROGERS is up and running again…

  • Francois

    the reason their phones lines are busy is that they are using all of their phone lines to try to get through to rogers to activate the iphones. I'm really disappointed with Rogers. You would think they would try to better prepare to handle the volume of activations on iphone launches.

  • Normy

    You should listen to yourself…remarkably laughable. Said employee could have taken a floater day, which he is entitled…but to say a doctor's appointment?? Makes no sense. True, if I had been given the “I must have a new iPhone to replace my less than one year old iPhone, so I need to take a day off” excuse, I might have laughed…and said “take a floater, or an unpaid day, your choice.” I've got eager people with great potential and smarts at the door every day looking for a job. Besides, a half day doctor's appointment is now looking like a full day judging from the message we've just recieved…sent from his (our) Blackberry. You Apple people are just plain nuts.

  • MF

    As long as you are ready to pay his severance, I wouldnt worry about it. Be careful with this choice. He has the right to days of, regardless of what they are for. If you fire him over this and he fights it, you/your company could be in for a firestorm. I've seen it happen, Im glad it wasnt me! Good luck.

  • Jarndt08

    If anyone is acting like a “kid” it's you. Grow up, he's allowed to take days off, he forwarned you that he was not going to be there, you allowed the alotted time off, the rest is none of your business.

  • Normy

    Yep, two weeks, full pay. Done. The paperwork is already being drafted up. We are very generous with time off, but the employee tried for a free ride, no integrity there. If that makes me a “kid” then so be it.

  • Ellard

    Hi guys,

    If I go to the Apple Store in Pacific Centre at 7pm, would I still be able to get it?

  • Sean

    I'll be going at 5pm so I'll let you know if I have any luck. If thy do have any left I'm concerned it will only be 16gb. Was hoping to get 32

  • Phphreak

    fun waiting in line for hours? What?

  • Realist

    Victoria bc is a joke if you are on rogers, telus are easy to get. Rogers plus stores got nothing, two biggest malls got about 18-20 each and only 2 or 3 were 32gb models. Futureshop and best buy have like 3 rogers ones and only 2 are 32gb. But again they had telus galore. How rogers got less then telus is beyond me. Met maybe one telus customer at all the places i went.

  • realist

    Am jealous of how easy it is in vancouver and toronto etc, 600-1000 for one store? its a good thing i live in a nicer city to make up for the lack of available tech.

  • Suckit

    Exactly. If only people put so much effort into the important things in this world. But hey! I got an iPhone a week earlier than everyone else!

  • Jo7

    Thinking of going to Sherway Gardens later. Anyone know if they will have any at the the Apple Store around 6.30?????

  • Chris

    Normy shouldn't you be working at 2PM in the afternoon and not surfing the net? Maybe I should call your boss.

  • eb

    Are many people looking for new activations? Just wondering how many new people are getting iPhone 4.

  • Jessica

    I got my Iphone4 30minutes ago from the Apple Store in Montréal.. went there at 9 am and entered the store at 2 pm. Rogers and fido contract are painfully slow (problem with activation) and all those like me who got the unlocked went in faster.. but still wasted 5 hours to get it.

    They are taking names of those who need one with a contract to reserve them one (tomorrow or in the next few days) and send them home .. unless you got many more hours available to waste in line.

  • Jonweb

    Rogers local store breaks sale policy today

    I called my local Rogers store yesterday (July 29) to verify they would be selling the phones and at
    what time. The store manager told me they would be selling them at 10am. I arrived at 8 am and was first in line. The distributor arrived with a plain brown box of the phones at 9:30 and then the manager informed us that they can't sell us the phones that arrived in stock because customers had left deposits for them. That goes against Rogers policy.

    I then contacted Rogers and they affirmed that it was a first come, first served sale and I should have been able to purchase the phone in stock. I have since spoken to the store manager who told me Apple and Rogers allow them to take deposits and have people fill out a waiting list before the product launches, which their head office told me is incorrect.

    Buyer beware of purchasing anything or believing that this store will follow correct procedures. Store location: 6677 Meadowvale Town Ctr Cir,
    Unit 13R Mississauga, On 905-542-9933

    Or the owner who also owns 13 other locations – Am-Call Wireless

  • Turtle

    no offense, but i find it funny that there's always someone that this happens to.

  • jonny_p

    I don't understand why people who are obviously not interested in Apple products browse an Apple news and rumours blog… and then comment that we're all nuts? Exactly what is being accomplished here?

    Honestly? We the ones who are nuts? We come to a place to read and talk about something we care about just to have it cluttered with useless garbage like this…

    By the way, go ahead and fire him. You sound like a shitty boss anyway.

  • Turtle

    you should have made a hissyfit and gotten your phone. you're in the first world, you can always get what you want. tell them you're writing a letter to rogers headquarters and that you need everyone's names and they would have shit out an iphone 4 and given it to you for free.

  • Turtle

    what city is nicer than vancouver? i'm thinking you're talking about a place where you know every cow by name

  • Dave

    For the people standing in line in Toronto… Call the store you're waiting in line with. I just called one of them (Fairview) and said there's about 500 people in line waiting, and that they definitely do not have that inventory. And that's Fairview – not exactly a big popular mall. Called Yorkdale – 400 people there.
    Guess what – not everyone standing in line is going to get a phone at this point. Go home – salvage the night and wait a week.

  • Normy

    Waaaah Waaaah, sniffle sniffle, you are all nuts. I am the employee dumbass, and I'm posting this garbage because (1) I know my boss is reading, (2) my boss sent me to Eaton Centre to stand in line for his iPhone, and (3) you people are all nuts, for being so willing to throw so many precious hours away for a phone. I see most of you goofballs already own an iPhone, probably two, and an iPad, and a Mac book or whatever. Geez, I'm getting paid to stand in this god awful queue at least. You idiots would be better off going to work or something, and coming back next week.

  • Phphreak

    Congrats. Now you can run apps in the background, take high def vids, better pictures, and ummm…. what else?

  • Dan

    I think it was more that 500 in Mtl downtown. Got there at 5am and was the 200th. The line was so huge behind me I’d have to guess there were 600 more behind.
    Awesome phone!

  • ShawnV

    Was able to get a 16gb one, but I don't have it on me at the moment. It is still at the rogers store. Just at home waiting for them to call me back when the SERVERS ARE UP AND RUNNING. Anyone waiting in line to activate with rogers/fido, good luck. They have no idea when it will be up and running

  • QN52

    Just ask for a doctor's note – I assume it's in your Corporate policy that they need to provide one if asked, no?

    I agree to an extent – just be straightforward- could he not have used a VACAY day as I did?

  • Yeah

    How exactly do you know that he didn't have a doctors appointement and then things were changed? Think about what you are doing to this kid. A life lesson? What grounds are you firing him over? Lying to you? How do you know he lied? Being let go is a pretty harsh thing to go through….. and you are about to do this to someone over this? I'm glad I don't work for you. In fact, no one should work for you.

    I also like how you wrote: “I was walking through the Toronto Eaton Centre after a lunch appt” as if you have never have done anything similar – EVER.

    Lighten up!

  • Gmore

    You are right. I called Apple at Square One Mississauga – apparently the lineup is still about 3 – 4 hours long there. They said they are going to close their doors tonight at 9pm regardless of how many people are still waiting in line. I know I would be really pissed off if I was next in line and the doors closed on me! So that is also something to think about. Anyone in the Square One line? Or know about how it is going there at the moment?

  • Smyth_cam

    Same here. Except that was at 12:30 ET when the system went down. Why is it that Rogers continually f*cks everything up all the time? You would think they would have learned from last year's failure.

  • Normy

    Eat a peach, dipshit

  • Dave

    Was he to be paid for a “doctor's appointment” day?

  • Gmore

    What is going on with you? I am worried about your mental state of mind Normy. If we want to wait for iphones then so be it, got nothing to do with you.

  • Heehaw

    wow – you are intelligent.

    with these people / management skills, you are sure to climb your way up the ladder.

  • Turtle

    you are seriously butthurt my friend, i feel sorry for you

  • Turtle

    so because he was in line he definitely did not go to the doctor at all during the entire rest of the day? sounds more like you fired him because you wanted to fire him for other reasons/felt like firing somebody.

  • Dave

    You know – iPhone apps are part of my biz (PunkStar Studios Inc.)… but when I saw the line at Yorkdale this morning at 9… I knew I'd be waiting a few weeks fore I get one. For kicks I walked by Fido in Vaughan Mills right after – only about 15 people – but that was probably an hour wait and I am just too impatient to wait in line. By lunch there was no one (but I think that's because they were sold out).

    I'm resolved to waiting a few weeks to get my hands on one. Props to those who have the patience and willpower to wait in line for 5 hours, risking not even getting one… but looks like I had a decade on most of you. 😉

  • Dave

    Good one Normy.
    There was no way I was going to stand inline… but I admit – for a moment I was tempted to get someone to stand in line for me – but then I realized even that was being silly. I'll wait a few weeks – I'm sure both Apple Store staff and Fido will thank me or it. 😉

  • Turtle

    were you eligible according to the website, or did you have to haggle for it? the website still says I have to pay the semi-discounted price, even though i'm on the boat of people who got the 3g and upgraded to 3gs in the alloted timeframe

  • Turtle

    they are all unlocked. they lock it to the carrier when you buy it

  • Turtle

    the system is really overloaded so they can't handle all these contracts/upgrades and stuff. i wouldn't worry about it

  • Normy

    This is great stuff! What is going on with my state of mind is commentary on this venal society, “culture” as you may refer to it, that wastes away for this piece of trash. Comment on my mental state, as you will. Meet me outside Eaton Centre at 6PM, let's go fisticuffs

  • Normy

    PS. I'm just trying to push each and every one of your buttons…After standing in the midst of your kind I really could use a shower.

  • Soups

    I bet you that when the i4 gets to the stores. The staff and there family's or friends get first dips. I say this because when I walked into a store, sometime around noon there was a phone i4 on the counter. It had to be the staff's because there were no other customers in the store but me.

  • Moicle

    Wrong! The Apple staff at Pacific Centre waited in line to get their iPhones as witnessed.

  • realist

    only cows we have in victoria is when your family visits

  • Moicle

    Vancouver, the best place on earth.

  • Moicle

    Went and took a look at noon and I estimated the wait time today was 6 hours to get your phone.

  • splicer100

    I think that employers should just expect this to happen. If it only happens once (maybe twice) a year, this is no big deal. I bet the employee has gone above and beyond what he was supposed to do. Maybe ask and let the person explain rather than jumping to conclusions. Give the person a break.

  • newbie

    Does that mean there is a separate line for direct, unlocked purchases? I want one, but that line turned me away this morning… it just wasn't moving… (montreal)

  • Kate

    I'd kind of like a phone sooner rather than later but I don't have the time to wait in line. Is it really worth it to keep hoping for Rogers/Apple to get a shipment or should I just buy it online and wait the 3+ weeks for it to ship? Thoughts or advice on how long it will take Apple/Rogers to stabilize their inventory? I'd rather pick it up in person if I can but I don't want to wait in line every other day just to be told that they're out.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly. STFU or bounce.

  • Spleenzorio

    theres a video on youtube showing how long that line is. its pretty crazy

  • Spleenzorio

    Tuesday is when my Bell store is getting their next shipment, so I assume it's around the same for every other place

  • BM

    I just got home, live in Vancouver and waited for seven hours at the Oakridge store…. No iPhone. They sold out. I can understand that it is popular and maybe I should have arrived around 3AM instead of 6, but can't someone count the people in the line and tell those at a certain point that they are out of luck before they wait for seven hours?

  • Silverjunkie

    I'm not sure about anyone else but at the Calgary Apple Store, people have waited in line for nearly 7 hours (me included) only to be told that Rogers was still offline. YOU WOULD THINK THAT AFTER 2 RELEASES THEY WOULD GET THEIR F**ING ACT TOGETHER! When I finally got to the front, I was given a “raincheque” ticket to be called back later when Rogers/Fido are back up. WTF????? At one point, Rogers, Telus, Bell, Fido, and Virgin were all down. If it wasn't for the people I was standing around, this day might have been an absolute waste of time. I wonder if Rogers will compensate all the customers who waited in line for a good portion of the day.

  • JL15

    I had a chance to play around with the i4 at the Apple store, it could be just me but I really prefer the overall feel of my current 3G in my palm compared to the i4 due to the new rigid edges. That and the fact that the i4 looks way nicer on Apple's homepage compared to real life and how it didn't really blow me away being a 3G owner already means I'm willing to wait until all the hype dies down before deciding to buy one.

  • JB105

    Looks like all the stores in the Vancouver area have sold out of the iPhone 4. Both stores at Brentwood Mall (Wireless Wave and Rogers) sold out at 10 this morning. The rep at Wireless Wave mentioned they only had 10 in stock and all were gone by 10am. He continues to get a call every few minutes inquiring if there were any in stock… Both Rogers and Wireless Wave say they do not know when they'll get more in stock.

    I'll wait a few weeks for the hype to die down and try again.

  • Anonymous

    its more scratch and bend resistant but not impact resistant. so u can sit on it but not drop it

  • Aasdfghsdgh

    Rogers has horrible customer service. i was told that i could upgrade at a store when i got there i was told that i had to upgrade by phone only. :@

  • SF

    How is the line up at South Common Apple store? Any more unlocked iphones left?

  • SF

    I meant southgate

  • iPhone4crazy

    I just got mine from futureshop. With 4.0! I thought all iPhones in Canada would be preloaded with 4.0.1, and my test call at the store got dropped, thanks antennagate! :'(

  • ensam

    Got to a rogers store at 8:15AM, came out with a 32gb iPhone at noon. I was getting pretty impatient with the rogers sales rep but from reading the posts here I should maybe feel lucky..

  • VancouverBlade

    Home with my new 32GB. Arrived outside the Apple Store in the Pacific Centre around 9am to see one almight queue which kept going and going and going. My wife came with me as “it won't be too long, surely.” Yeah; well, that was balls eh? Finally got my phone at 2pm.

    Thanks for the site gents; great work over the past few weeks.

  • Jacob

    Any iPhones still left at Market Mall folks ?

  • Robertblack Johnston

    lots, I only waited 2 and half hours in life 20 minutes in store super awesome. They had snacks etc. Totally worth the wait. AMAZING phone

  •  Xaroc

    So i got my Iphone 4 Today from Pacific Center 6:30AM to 4PM at first it was really awesome, the Apple staff were bringing out carts of Water, Cupcakes, Breakfast bars.
    But as the hours went on i started to get exhausted, Feeling sick near the end. but i did get it when it was all said and done. One thing i really liked was the group of people i happen to be waiting with, the amount of enthusiasm, and encouragement they gave me, even though my head was pounding feeling tired, they wouldnt let me quit, some 3rd Party company was giving out Free screen protectors too, but im unsure of the quality.
    It was a once in a lifetime Experience, and i mean just that. I dont think i will be doing that again lol it was worth it, but to much waiting for my own good.

    Bad side was when the Rogers Activation servers kept going down >.< we all knew it was coming, but didnt know when, we got about half way through the line, then they went down after 2 hours. took 6 hours to get the rest of the way.

    FYI: I did get the promo price of 159 on my 16G without a hitch.

    Well Folks… This is Xaroc Signing off. Going to get some well needed sleep. Hope your all Adventures turned out well. I look forward to reading them tonight/Tomorrow

  • I waited an hour and a half (not long compared to some I know) and was 4th in line only to find out they never had any 32 GB in stock. 🙁

  • This is my story too – was away at the cottage so I drove 45 minutes to the nearest town (population <8K) with a Rogers, and was astonished there was a line already 7 people deep 30 minutes before the store opened (at 9:30). It took two hours to serve two customers, By 11:00am they came out to tell us they'd only gotten 4 in stock – so most of us left. All Rogers same story – really limited stock. Luckily the Apple Store closest to me appears to still have stock, I'm going to camp out tonight for a spot first thing tomorrow.

  • VancouverBlade

    Not a chance from what we saw. I was there 9 to 2pm and there was still a big line behind us.

  • Phphreak

    Do you really think that 16 gb is going to be big enough when you take into account 720p HD videos, bigger pictures, and the increasingly complex nature of iOS4 apps? I think that 16 gb is sorely lacking and people are being shortsighted.

  • Dan

    Wow, so they did have a lot of stock. I got there at 5am, was 200th and got out at 11am. You are lucky to have gotten one!

  •  Xaroc

    Yes , i couldnt fill my 3Gs i always had 4Gb Remaining. I dont watch videos on my phone, i have my Ipad for that. So i think the remaining 4GB will do just fine for what ever else the i4 needs.
    to be honest with myself, i take off some music im not currently listening to as your taste changes from time to time. Only have apps that i acually use. so i do believe 16 is just fine for me ^_^

  • Dan

    No separate line. They are all the same unlocked phones. Only close to the store do they start getting people who buy unlocked in a little quicker

  •  Xaroc

    They tried to send me home after 7 hours. i said hell no. i didnt commit all this time to leave empty handed. 2 hours later i got my phone ^_~

  • Phphreak

    You misunderstood. The iPhone 4 can SHOOT HD Videos. I didn't say anything about watching videos.

  •  Xaroc

    Woops my bad. I rarely ever use the video recorder. I think I will be ok 😉

  • Adam

    Any news on the stock at PC? I know the line is too big for me to even try tonight, but I'm planning on lining up early tomorrow, if they are still in stock. I think stock is not the issue at PC but rather the time they have while open.

  • I phone eariler the rep just told me they have 16gb left… but won't tell me how many left, and i ask if i line up now is it possible to get one.. his reply was.. “i wouldn't advise this”

  • Rockalittle

    I have blown more intelligent things than you out of my nose Norman. Go waste someone elses time, like your mommys , little boy. Maybe she will let you suck a tit and go to sleep. No need to respond little man as I won't be checking in again. Nighty night.

  • Jordan

    Went to my local mall at 5:30 am, was the third person in line. Two people in front of me camped out at midnight thinking it would get busy. We were the only 3 in line up until around 7:30 and the Fido store opened at 8. Probably 20 people showed up, and they only had 9 units in stock. I was in an out in 20 minutes…

  • Jhlars

    Any other people having the antennagate problem?

  •  Xaroc

    Mine came with ios4.0 too. I also dropped a call during my ordering of
    pizza lol, but I just moved were my middle finger normally rested on
    the bottom left side and it's no longer an issue

  • Firat Ataman

    Its been 5 hours since i got the iphone 4 but my sim is still not activated… similar problems?

  • ty

    what do you guys think will get an iphone in my hands quicker? i live in vancouver. should i wait a few days to pick up an unlocked 16gb in store or just order one now online from apple??

  • Finally got my iPhone 4 at 9p from the Sherway Gardens store in Toronto. HUGE shout-out to all the Apple Store employees. After they had cut off the end (I was the last person that was suposed to get the phone), they re-opened after 9 to let the last 15 or so in line activate. Great job Apple! Sure, the line took 6 hours, but they handled the situation very well at Sherway.

  • Laura

    this was defiantely correct. I called on my way home from work to check the status of the line-up and wait times. they guy said to myself over the phone(and 3 other ppl that i was standing with…also over the phone) that if we got in line before 7pm, that we would be guaranteed a phone tonight. i got there at about 6:30-6:40pm….they did not barricade the line at 7pm as they said they would…they barricaded at 8pm and the barricade was litteraly right in front of me….i was next…..i understand they need to close up in time and go home and get back to work in the morning….but dont say you'll barricade at 7pm and then do it at 8 and fuck ppl over that were there before 7….super lame…i now have to wait til next week at the earliest (if any stores get more stock)…otherwise i dont have a day off til aug 9th

  •  Xaroc

    i tried resetting, didnt work. Then i tried simply turning off the power counting to 30 then back on. Bingo, instantly fixed. only issue i have now is my FaceTime is stuck at waiting for Activation

  •  Xaroc

    Ordering online will take a lot longer. Wait for restock in a few days and jump in there.

  • Darkspy93

    My sim activated as soon as I synced the phone to itunes.

  • Fallinin

    did anyone else get one of those cheapo $10 bumpers? the clear ones which are only rubber and aren't even apple brand. i got one with mine just to keep safe untill i get my real bumper in 3-5 weeks

  • ty

    thanks Xaroc. you think by next week stock will be replenished and no more lines?

  •  Xaroc

    Nope. Just a charger dock

  •  Xaroc

    Restock Before next weekend yes.
    Might be a lineup but nothing near today. I'm talking 10 people line
    up or something. Apple employee said they were restocking right after
    the long weekend, so many call en on tuesday or something m

  • Silverjunkie

    anyone know how Rogers server went?

  • Guest

    Going to the apple store tomorrow at PC, anyone if they had stock left at night?

  • Guest

    You know if Pacific Centre Still has some? I'm planning on lining up at 8:00 tomorrow (opens at 9:30) and hopefully getting one. Anyone know how things ended today there. I know they had plenty but likely ran out of time to sell.


  • Guest

    I got the same answer when I called at 11:00 then at 5:00, so I think they are just supposed to tell people no to keep lines down if possible. Not sure how things are going to work tomorrow though, anyone know how things ended today? Are they all accounted for is there still some left for tomorrow? They either ran out of stock or time.

  •  Xaroc

    I left at 4:30 – 5PM and they were still going strong. but i have no idea if they still have any left. i know oak ridge sold out around 4PM they announced it. its your call. They also said they would restock after the weekend. so thats an option too

  • Peter

    Anyone planning to get an iPhone 4 from Fido? I know where to get it. Burnaby, BC Area only

    Also I have a Brand New iPhone 4 32GB for sale. No contract. Fido network only. $950

    Opened at the store to activate it. Brand new. I have receipt, got it at 9PM.

    Please leave a message here

  • Fake

    Why did they try to send you home? I thought you got it at 6:30? Were stock levels getting low?

  • Nice man!

  • Centric87

    thats crazy dude…I know theres the whole “want it now” aspect, but your asking much more than what a factory unlocked 32gb costs from the apple store

  • Peter

    Anyone need an iPhone 4 16GB from Fido? I know where you could buy it tomorrow morning. Burnaby Area.

  • newbie

    Anyone know about stock levels at the downtown Ste Catherine store in Montreal?

  • Winston Sih

    I just returned from Fairview Mall and was told that all iPhone 4's sold today were going to people with claim checks and tickets. No walk-ins allowed as they don't have enough phones in stock. They say they will be getting more phones next week and to call back.

    Luckily I complained enough to the store manager to get her to make me an exception to get on the iPhone Priority list, which they claimed they didn't have at first. That is, until I called them out on it. 😉

    Apple, don't think you can pull the wool over my eyes!

  • Calliope

    Didn't bother with the Oakridge lineup, it was too huge and they cut off the line around 3 PM (maybe earlier, but I was at work). When I got there at 9 AM the line wrapped around the mall outside, they wouldn't let everyone stand inside.

    Bell was open, but empty. I'm guessing they opened up real early & sold out fast. Rogers had like 15 people, Fido had about 30.. and the line stretched past my store. When I came to open my store it looked like a lady in line was praying, haha.

    Glad I didn't attempt to buy my phone though, heard there was lots of problems with Rogers' system and activations yesterday. Was gonna try Pacific today but decided to wait until new stock Tuesday.

  • Geetkukkar

    anyone had issues with the Rogers early upgrade for iphone 4??

    apparently it wasnt working.

  • Was there an hour ago and they said no more 32 GB if you're not on a priority list, so I left… Anyone heard about stocks in Laval?

  •  Xaroc

    They tried because the Rogers server crashed, the line didn't move for
    nearly an hour. They were picking people out of the line who were
    buying the device only, because there was no activation at that time.
    They didn't know if it was going to come up again anytime soon.
    Knowing we been standing there so long they offered to hold one until
    the next day. Personally I have a hard time trusting a piece of paper
    that tells me one will be waiting for me after committed my whole day.
    So naturally I refused, and so did 80% of the others

  •  Xaroc

    They should have made it one per person, not 2. I know a bunch of
    people who popped the extra on eBay stealing from the rest of you. I
    don't think that's entirely fair. I was lucky enough to stick out the
    9 hours and get one

  • remoteguy

    does anyone know if the PC or Oakridge apple stores have any 16gb in stock today? are people still lining up?

  • CGYheavy

    You are a goof Peter. Just get a job like the rest of us. Idiot

  •  Xaroc

    No kidding. Or people can wait 1 week and get it for a lot cheaper lol.

  • Patrickpoon18

    they did it to me too. and they told me they going to give me a call on tuesday more iphone are coming in on tuesday .

  •  Xaroc

    Yes, I heard that too.

    Sent from my iPad.

  • Calliope

    Oakridge has nothing. They ran out yesterday afternoon. Won't get any more til after the long weekend.

  • OracleGuy

    Wow, I really wish I'd gone to Pacific Centre instead of Oakridge. I was in line from 5:40 AM to 1:00 PM when they told us that they'd already accounted for their supply. The last guy to be guaranteed a phone (based on polling the purchase intent of people in line) was about 50 people in front of me. So I went home after all that and ordered one online. What a waste of time!

    The line was moving at a glacial pace. Apparently activations on Rogers/Fido were taking 45 minutes each, and they didn't separate the “purchase only” customers from the Rogers/Fido customers until you made it inside the Apple store. I am really pissed that Rogers can't manage their IT infrastructure (I work in IT) to support the completely expected demand from an iPhone launch event. To me it shows a complete lack of respect for the customer.

    The only good thing about the Apple store running out of stock was that it saved me at least another 4-6 hours of waiting in line (on top of the 7 I'd already waited). I guess Apple considers Pacific Centre to be their flagship store and so must have given it a much larger allocation than Oakridge.

    Really disappointing experience. Epic fail for Rogers, and fail too to Apple. They could have done a much better job of telling us earlier that we had no chance to get a phone, and/or come up with some kind of ticket system for the poor slobs standing in line.

  • Vazandrew

    Got mine this morning through Virgin! Was there 15 minutes before mall opened and was only one there. It's amazing, will see if I have any signal issues

  • Calliope

    This is what I was saying to my boss yesterday – that they should have made it one per, instead of 2. At least for launch weekend. Then more of us who actually wanted a phone for themselves and not eBay profits this weekend could have gotten one. 😛

  • Debsmac1

    Pacific Centre still have iPhone is stock although big line up. Ticket holders from yesterday and device only getting precedence.

  • Anyone know where a 32gb Iphone 4 is still available in the lover mainland B.C

  • How long is the line?

  •  Xaroc

    Pacific center. People are reporting large lines again. Might want to call

  •  Xaroc

    Yeah a few people got turned away. Could have been avoided. It's
    kinda sad really after they stood in line for so long.

  • Rvershona

    are there still 16gb iphones @ apple in Montreal??

  • Jordan

    anybody wanna hook me up with a invisible shield for my new 32gb iphone 4?

  •  Xaroc

    Bestbuy can 😛

  • FG

    I was in line at Square One in Mississauga at 2am Saturday morning, and received my 32GB iPhone 4 at around noon. Huge lines, long delays, but worth the wait! Truly an amazing phone! Don't think I will line up again though…what an exhausting experience!

  • ty

    just called right apple PC right now. all 16gb are out

  • Jeff_R

    I called Pacific Centre and they said they're sold out, more shipments next week they hope.

  • Vazandrew

    People in the GTA should come down to Oakville, there have been lines but it's usually handfuls of people. I got mine earlier today and never waited in a single line..only reason I had to wait a day was because of delayed shipment for a smaller carrer. Call to check availability of carrier etc just to be safe.

  • shade45

    I heard the Apple store at West Edmonton Mall still has lineups. Anyone know how much stock they got left?

  •  Xaroc

    No way to tell. They won't lease that info when asked either “policy” apparently

  • alex83

    which store are you talking about ? rogers or apple?

  • oh and btw, you're welcome Canada

  • Vazandrew

    there's no apple store in Oakville, i'm talking about futureshop, bestbuy and the carrier stores (roger, bell etc). All the apple stores will be crazy with lineups for awhile, they may have more stock but i wouldn't go near them.

  • Guest

    Based on your post, perhaps you blew a little too hard out of your nose. Next time, use a little more restraint.

  • Guest

    Based on your post, perhaps you blew a little too hard out of your nose. Next time, use a little more restraint.

  • Noggin

    My story is a little bit different…I set my alarm for 3:00AM so I could get down to the Eaton Centre to wait in line for my new iPhone. I waited in line close to 7 hours by the time I got close to the Apple Store front doors. By that time, the Tim Hortons had caught up with me, so I snuck away to the washroom to relieve myself. I was positive that before I left (for three minutes max), that the blue shirted line attendant and the people around me had acknowledged my presence in line the whole time. Well when I got back, word had gotten out that there were only a few 32 GB models left, and my rightful place in line should have guaranteed me one. Well, some burly dude in a tight T-shirt and holding an iPad said, “hey you, back of the line!” I said that I had been there for hours and turned to the Apple Store employee for help, and she said something to the tune of “it's not our policy to look out for your place in line,” and stood there as the big guy and a group of seemingly random Mac Addicts grabbed me by my shirt collar and threw me out of the line. Apple Store staff just watched with glazed over eyes and it seemed as though everyone else made a conscious effort to avert their eyes and pretend that the violence that was before them was not happening. No iPhone, a couple bruises and several hours for nothing. Thanks a lot, iPhone fans are such a supportive bunch. Never again will I subject myself to that.

  • Is this normal for the digital (iPhone) age?
    No inventory system at all. Not Apple nor the Dealers had any knowledge how much stock there is out there. And now that it's out of stock, no one knows when it will be in stock again! Apple store in downtown Montreal said to me that i'll have to call every day to check.

  • guest

    Your story's timeframe doesn't add up. I call BS.
    You woke up at 3AM and waited in line for 7 hours.
    What time did you get there?
    If you got there at 6AM, then you couldn't have been in line for 7 hours.

    We arrived at the Eaton's Center at a little before 9AM for the lineup and waited only a little over 9 hours to get into the store at 6PM.
    As far as we could tell, there were no “scares” of shortages of phones all day, _no one_ was worried about this, Apple staff went around counting people to continuously make sure they had enough for everyone.
    So you must have been in line towards the end of the day, up until 9 PM

    Really? being physically tossed out of line?
    There was ample security watching the lineup, they would have stepped in if it was major. If someone did push and bruise you, why didn't you go to the security officers all over the place for assistance? Seems like sour grapes.

    This seems made up so that you could have a “story” to tell your friends/family as an excuse about how you didn't come home with a new Iphone.

  • Lol

    Line up for 10 hrs, buy 2 and then sell them out afterward. I made around 200 bucks each. I lined up 10 hrs, so on average I made 18 bucks per hr by “doing nothing”. If you mean having intercourse with your gf is far better then this, I guess you got paid from your “girl friend” by selling your body. Don’t slack off and browse an iPhone website!!! Go back and do your job! Lol

  • He

    I mean… Your fucking job..

  • newbie

    They said the same to me. Though I heard “early” next week, I'll start calling tomorrow!

  • Melody

    This empolyee probably did have a doctor’s appointment. The appointment was probably cancelled because the doctor had to go wait in line for the i4.

  • Melody

    This empolyee probably did have a doctor’s appointment. The appointment was probably cancelled because the doctor had to go wait in line for the i4.

  • Boblemarrant

    So I went to the Fido Ste-Catherine store on Saturday

    That sales rep tells me that their next shipment will be there by the end of this week

    Yeeeeeah riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

  • Rkhn115

    your the smart one! However next time line up at the start, take a couple buddies that aren’t interested, and take their profit too. Thats what i did. PS i went back towards the end of the day with my other two buddies and bought 6 more, and made over 2000 on profits! I wish apple has these kind of successful releases every year.

  • Mastdesi

    I am waiting for my iphone 4 also from fido montreal, Called yesterday and they said out of stock and they dont know when its coming. Called all apple stores in quebec today and got the same answer.

    If anyone knows when will fido or apple store get there stock plz share.

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