Audiophile Calls AirPods the Best Truly Wireless Earbuds Ever


The Verge’s Vlad Savov has finally gotten around reviewing a pair of Apple AirPods. The review comes over a year after the initial launch.

At first, Savov thought that they were just another pair of crappy Bluetooth headphones. Even though he once dismissed the AirPods, he now thinks that they are the best truly wireless earbuds he’s used.

“I say the AirPods aren’t technically amazing, but that’s only when comparing against existing standards for sound quality. In the category of truly wireless earbuds, the AirPods are the best I’ve yet heard. Bragi’s The Headphone and Dash Pro left me underwhelmed, with the latter being especially bloated and disfigured by an overabundance of bass.”

The AirPods have been doing surprisingly well since their launch. The earbuds are one of Apple’s easiest products to setup and use, plus they sound good enough for most customers.


  • Riddlemethis

    I see Audiophile is resorting or even caving into Apple’s marketing strategy.

    Each year Apple says their iPhone is the best ever making the previous [best ever] iPhone no longer the best.

  • raslucas

    To an extent the headline is no different than Rogers claiming they have the “Best” network. You could probably argue it true, but it’s really just unquantifiable.

    I have a pair, and they are great. My only complaint is actually (like I think most complaints for iOS stuff these days) is software based. Why can’t I plug in, or connect two sets of headphones and listen to both. Maybe I’m on a plane with an iPhone X and want to share my movie with the person next to me, you know?

  • raslucas

    Truth! Gotta stamp a big red date on anything that says “Best” because it might not be the best tomorrow.

  • VanCity

    He’s reviewing these way after they came out, and after many many more competitor products have been released since. Your comment about caving to marketing doesn’t really hold water here.

  • Jay

    Would get them if I could connect by bluetooth to other sources…. but as a simple iphone headphone its not as useful to me

  • poopchute

    The sound is passable at best.

  • Felipe

    It does work with other bluetooth devices. There’s a button in the back of the case for traditional pairing

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    “the AirPods aren’t technically amazing … when comparing against existing standards for sound quality.” Soooo, he’s saying if you lower your standards, their great. Ok.

  • Olley

    you’d appreciate AirPods much more if you owned Bragi dash before. They were great in the beginning but 3 months in they’d just die without an alarm… it is a very well known issue around the community yet Bragi refuses to acknowledge it. they’d give you the runaround until your warranty is up and they’d offer you a 20 dollar coupon for a new pair. Bragi is a no go company and I really wish everyone working there dead.

  • brandon onishenko

    They work fine with non apple devices. By the time I put my airpods into my ear, my s7 edge is already connected and ready to go.

  • cat3600

    So verge is an audiophile publication smh, at least try the new gen Samsung Gear headphones or the Sony noise cancelling before talking utter rubbish, how much do you need to suck up to Apple!!

  • dsp4

    This is the first time Google suggested an article from iPhone in Canada to me. You guys are getting out there!

    So please, write something of value, make your own content. Don’t just report on the opinion of more successful bloggers.

  • Was this from the Google iOS app or from a Google search? or where?

    We’ll continue to do our best for you!

  • dsp4

    The article was suggested from the Google Android app (Swipe left on the home screen when using Google’s launcher).

  • Jay

    shit negro, might pick these up after all

  • Nick

    You should try the Bose Quietcomfort 35 headphones. They do that sharing.. only with another compatible Bose headphone but I think that’s where the tech is right now. And they sound great and do an excellent job of blocking out sound around me.

  • Tony

    I love my AirPods. Cordless is the future and I will not and refuse to untangle a headphone cord ever again. I think my AirPods was the best purchase I made, even better then my iPhone 8 Plus ?. They are seemless between my Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. Love it.

  • MrXax

    Finally got a pair a few weeks ago, and they’re fantastic.

  • meister

    Bluetooth 5.0 allows two headphones to connect to 1 device. Many new cellphones have Bluetooth 5.0 now (iPhone 8, Samsung S8, LG V30, Pixel 2, etc). Just a matter of time before BT 5.0 headphones hit the market.

  • Nick

    Oh cool, good to know! Got the iPhone X so I assume I’m covered, just need to wait for those headphones.

  • Guillaume Steinmetz

    No way… I bought them in December, returned them a couple weeks later. I’m not an audiophile but I can tell you that sound quality was the same as the cheap wired earbuds you get with any new iPhone.

    Battery life also sucks compared to my Beats Solo2 Wireless.

    A LOT of room for improvement…