Bell Offering Fibe Gigabit Internet/Cable/Home Phone Bundle for $99 at Toronto Home Show


According to a user who posted on RedFlagDeals, Bell is offering some amazing deals at the Toronto Home Show.

The user signed up for a package that will cost him $99 per month plus tax, and here is what he gets:

  • Gigabit Internet (subject to availability in your area)
  • The “Better” TV package – which includes everything in the “Good” TV package, plus some add-ins like AMC, Disney, Showcase, and some others.
  • Home Phone
  • Modem Rental Included
  • 4k PVR
  • No installation cost
  • 2 year contract

The user was also informed that he would be able to get the Good TV package instead of the Better TV package, with the rest of the bundle remaining the same, for a total of $73 per month plus tax.

Bell indicated to the user that the deal will only be available to new customers. The deal will run from March 10 to March 19 (duration of the Toronto Home Show).

Will you be jumping on this deal? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Mr Dog

    Yet, before switching to Rogers last year, I was paying $200 for the same package except with 15/10 internet ????

  • RickysCV

    When will Bell come to BC?
    Shaw and Telus really need some competition…

  • Networx

    No, because Bell continues to not offer FoxSportsRacing (the old Speed channel) in its viewing lineup and that’s a deal breaker for me. NASCAR fans are a loyal bunch.

  • Tim

    Home phone!?!? Where do I sign?

  • Raymond Liu

    I signed up to a 2 year contract in august 2016. My “deal” just went up $8-9 in march 2017 due to “rising costs”. Go figure…

  • chickeee

    no free TV ?