Bell Promises to Bring Fastest Internet Possible to Canada With a Billion Dollar Network Investment


According to a new announcement from Bell Canada, the telecommunications company will introduce a new internet service called Gigabit Fibe to 1.1 million Toronto homes and businesses this summer.

George Cope, president and CEO of Bell Canada, said that the product would bring widespread access, innovation, and economic benefits to the city. In a statement, Cope said:

“Gigabit Fibe is a revolutionary broadband communications service that puts Toronto out front as a world-class Smart City. Network leadership has been the bedrock of Bell’s rapid transformation in recent years. Our existing high-speed fibre network is already driving fast Fibe TV and broadband Internet growth, and Canada’s largest 4G LTE wireless network is supporting tremendous increases in smartphones and mobile data usage. Gigabit Fibe is key to accelerating Bell’s leadership in home and business Internet services, and to supporting widespread access, innovation and economic benefits for Canadians into the future.”

Bell will begin by installing the service in an initial 50,000 locations in the city. The company estimates that the investment will cost around $1.14 billion, calling it the country’s biggest gigabit infrastructure project. The project will also create an additional 2,400 jobs in Toronto, which is something that caught the attention of Mayor John Tory, who said:

“As we plan for the future, we need to invest in our city and put in place the infrastructure required to keep Toronto competitive. The rollout of Gigabit Fibe is a testament to Bell’s commitment to investing in Toronto. This is Canada’s largest gigabit Internet infrastructure project, creating 2,400 jobs for our city. I’d like to thank Bell Canada for investing in Toronto and delivering services that meet the needs of today and the future.”

The gigabit service will bring internet speeds to a maximum of 940Mbps (megabits per second), up from the 175Mbps that Bell currently offers. Keep in mind that any internet speed advertised by a cable company is a theoretical maximum. The actual speeds you will received are going to be lower, however, it will still be a large improvement over the services currently offered.

The company is promising that other cities in Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada will be getting the service in the future. Bell is trying to offer the equivalent of what Google Fibre offers in the United States.

Canada currently has one of the worst rankings for internet speed in the world, with an average upload speed of 5.67Mbps. Canada currently ranks 53rd in the world and below the global average according to speed-testing firm Ookla.


  • Rio

    Ill believe it when I see it!

    Until last year they only had 5Mb/s down and 1Mb/s up in my area, now its at 25/10. It will probably be another 10 years before we see 175.

  • hobbes33

    Even if ISPs upgrade their lines, are we not limited by the cabling in our homes?

  • Salinger

    There’s no doubt a behemoth like Bell ‘can’ deliver these speeds, the question is, especially with Bell, at what cost? While the speed might be comparable to Google’s gigabit internet, I very much doubt the price will.

  • Nick

    Yes it does effect it, however its not by much because the cabling in the home only has to travel so far. The amount of speed you lose isn’t substantial. By going to fiber optic cables Bell can deliver those speeds closer to the home than before because fiber optic cables can retain the signal strength a lot better than traditional copper or coaxial cables.

  • Richard Labonté

    At least you got more speed than what Bell can offer here. Bell only offer dial up in neighbourhood 31kb. Bell Fibe stop 5 KM from my neighbourhood but have no plan to extend.

  • CanucksGoals

    By going to fiber optic doesn’t mean it can magically deliver faster speed closer to a home. The “last mile” connection between a residential home and the true fiber optic network is different for everyone. Fiber optic is only as good as it reaches your doorstep.That’s why everyone has different experiences.

  • hobbes33

    So just to clarify. My old copper phone wiring will be able to support the giga speeds if they install fiber optic coming to my house?

  • bionicmonk

    Gigabit internet, 100 gig allowance, 199$/month. Coming to a neighbourhood near you.

  • Shinnzo

    that really… sucks.

  • CanucksGoals

    It shouldn’t be a problem and definitely should not be your main concern. It depends on your local infrastructure on how close that fiber optic line is to your house more than your home wiring. If you are using WiFi connection instead of cat5 cable direct connection like most others, investing on a good router and not using the 2 in 1 modem that your internet company provide you is a better way to increase speed and stability.

  • Rio

    haha, dam then I cant complain! lol

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    I have Bell Fibe 25/10 too in my house. I later learned that it is not through a Fibre line but a “massaged” line as they call it. They combined three or four of their regular lines to get the high speed. Will they eventually one day truly upgrade the lines (or “massaged” lines) to fibre thus allow even more speed through the pipe? I work at home a lot and the speed bump was nice but it would be to be even faster.

  • Bernard

    And as usual, no improvement for people living outside of the big cities