Benchmark and Speed Tests: iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5c vs iPhone 5 [VIDEO]

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After getting my hands on the gold iPhone 5s and green iPhone 5c from the Southgate Apple Store in Edmonton on launch day, I decided to do some benchmark and speed tests between these two new models and the ‘old’ iPhone 5 using Benchmark 3, SunSpider, GFXBench and GLBenchmark.

Check out the results below (click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss any future videos):

The iPhone 5s really is a monster with its 64-bit A7 chip and it shows. How are you liking your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c?

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  • Tim

    The ‘c’ in iphone 5c should stand for “case”, because it’s simply an iphone 5 in a plastic case. Why is anyone bothering to benchmark the 5c? The only difference internally is a slightly larger battery and a bit better spec’d front camera.

  • You’re right. And that’s exactly what Kris mentioned in his video.

  • Chrome262

    Actually the 5 did slightly better in most of the test then the 5c. So no need to get the 5C, but wow on the s So fast

  • MeadorsMusings

    Yup – I just wanted to be fair. I wanted to make sure they were similar. It’s easy to just come out and claim it’s the same. I wanted to make sure they were similar.

  • MeadorsMusings

    It’s a beast!

  • Tim

    It does appear to be a beast, indeed. Sorry if I sounded snarky in my initial comment. I appreciate the videos, always high quality, informative, and to the point 🙂

  • Chrome262

    No worries, I agree with you on the 5C, but then again if I had the 4 and little cash it could be an alternative. Or if i was into the aesthetics of the colored phones. But who can beat the 5 on styling, its so cool the 5s has it. If the 5c was cheaper I could see kids grabbing it up.

  • Al

    Conclusion statement of the video…”When looking at real world testing, the differences are very small”.

    It’s important to keep in mind that, as history has dictated for the past 3 decades, that sentiment only lasts about 6 months before it changes to… “You really need a [64bit] processor if you want this [app] to run at its full potential”.

  • Carol A.

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