BlackBerry Launches BBM Protected, Brings Secure Messaging To Enterprise Customers



Today, BlackBerry launched the first product of its eBBM suite, called BBM Protected.

The eBBM suite was first announced by BlackBerry at Mobile World Congress in February, where the “e” stands for enterprise. Additional products in the eBBM suite are expected to be released throughout the year. 

BBM Protected, the first piece of eBBM, allows enterprise users to communicate with each other in a secure way, while still using BBM. The new feature allows BlackBerry owners to send messages to each other with several layers of encryption to protect any sensitive data. Each message Is given its own encryption key, making it very difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to decrypt the entire conversation.  

BBM Protected has been designed for organizations with the need to protect corporate data at rest and in transit. These could be customers in regulated industries like financial services or government as well as highly security conscious organizations like law firms, or healthcare providers. Security-conscious organizations are caught between a rock and a hard place today when it comes to secure IM.


BBM Protected is currently available for anyone with a BlackBerry device running OS 6.0 or later as well as BlackBerry 10 handsets running in regulated mode.

BlackBerry is expected to release BBM Protected to iOS and Android users by the end of the year. 

[via BlackBerry]


  • Biggy604

    Wait this news doesnt have anything to do with iPhones. Its a app for Blackberry’s only, and The BBM4ALL hype was over long ago. While BBM has been a baron wasteland, with hardly anyone with iPhones or Droids care about it.

  • From BlackBerry’s blog post:

    “Subsequent phases this fall will add BBM Protected support for enterprise customers with BlackBerry 10 smartphones in Work/Personal Balance mode as well as organizations with iPhone and Android.”

  • Biggy604

    Guess I miss that part lol

    Still with businesses especially in Canada, slowly moving away from the Blackberry’s in favor of iPhones and Androids. Also the fact that most people that still use BBM are in places like India and parts of Africa. I dont see it going too well, i mean they might make a small return on investment but BBM’s worldwide appeal has gone in favor of apps like Whats App, Viber among others.