Canada Set to Lose Nearly 200,000 TV Subscribers This Year: Analyst


More and more Canadians are cutting their cable, and the $25 basic TV package isn’t helping to stop the trend, according to Mario Mota, with Boon Dog Professional Services, an Ottawa-based research and consulting firm (via CBC News).


After looking at the numbers he got from the country’s seven major TV providers (that of course includes Bell, Rogers, Telus and Shaw), Mota found that they lost close to 100,000 TV in the six-month period between March and September.

That compares to the 11 million Canadians who still use cable TV, which seems minor, but Mota says this will get worse. He estimates that the stage is set for cable TV service providers to lose almost 200,000 subscribers this year, an all-time high.

That’s despite the option Canadians have to pay only $25 for a basic package, mandated since March 1. By June, only 1.57% of Canada’s TV subscribers had signed up for that skinny package. Expectations were around 5%.

But Mota doesn’t rule out the potential of the upgraded skinny package that will be mandated starting next month. Service providers must allow customers to add any specialty channel they want, which could be an individual channel or a group of channels, for a certain price. He doesn’t put too much hope in its effect, however, because some service providers, such as Bell, Telus and Shaw, already offer a variety of pick-and-pay channels.

How about you? Are you planning to switch to Netflix or the like?


  • erth

    bell is good, and includes a lot of sports. that is about all i watch and it is hard to find live sports on the net. i also get a free pvr and i record everything else so i don’t watch commercials.

  • mcfilmmakers

    Live sports is the only thing I find on the net available for streaming…

  • johnnygoodface

    I’ve cut the cord 10 years ago, and I’m never going back to cable and all the ads

  • TheBluesEh

    You should consider open source Kodi. A lot of toutrials available online.

  • Michel F

    Cut the cord many years ago. Originally started with the TiVo Premiere for OTA but now I’ve switched over to a 4 tuner Tablo for my OTA TV. Way better. 30 channels for the low low price of zero dollars. Combined with Netflix, no reason to go back.

    Yes sports are the only downside… you get some with OTA, but nothing compared to cable. But I’m sure as hell not paying cable prices for sports. Sportsnet NOW would be an option if they were to cut the price by 50%. As it stands, $24.99 a month for poor quality streams is unacceptable.

  • Glassbase

    SN Now with a 50% price cut would be very inviting. I was looking through TV plans and if you want the skinny package and SN, it’s also $25 add on — like they have rigged it that way. The quality is not that bad. Downside is no surround.

    Along with an accompanying TSN subscription and we would be all set.

    Sports is number 1 reason to not cord cut unless you want to watch sh*t black market streams IMO… And even legit streams don’t include surround which is a bummer for me.

  • Best way to cut the cord is to have a baby, you’ll never have time to watch live TV ever again! We soon realized we never had time to watch cable and ditched it over six months ago. I do miss live sports but now it’s all YouTube, Netflix, downloads and more. If you’re desperate for a live event, Periscope is your friend!