Check Out This iWatch Concept with 2.5-Inch Curved OLED Display


IWatch concept

After speaking with Tim Cook, UBS analyst Steve Milunovich’s note to investors reignited rumours about the anticipated iWatch, as the CEO emphasized the ease of sending voice messages through a watch rather than writing text messages using a phone. And if we take into consideration that the iWatch is said to feature a 2.5-inch display, you don’t want to type your messages on that screen (via NowhereElse).

In case you were wondering what a 2.5-inch iWatch may look like, here is a video created by the Italian company SET Solution. The creators have based their iWatch concept video on the rumours circulating lately, although we haven’t seen any evidence of the device.

There is rarely smoke without fire, they say, and we certainly hope that this year the highly anticipated Apple wearable device will finally reach stores.

You may recall that Apple has hired a handful of professionals from the medical field, as well as from the fitness industry. Lately, it has hired away the former lead software engineer of Atlas Wearables for the firmware developer position, further fuelling rumours of the iWatch.

And speaking of the device, here it is as seen by the guys from SET Solution below: It has a 2.5-inch curved OLED display, it packs health sensors, and it is running iOS 8. Oh, and it “has” 6 days of battery life. Is this something you will be tempted to wear?


  • iPhony

    This changes everything!

  • FragilityG4


  • Again!

  • Jason

    Need more then 6 days of battery otherwise what’s the point?

  • johnnygoodface

    With the size on this thing I would only be able to wear that on my ankles!

  • WatDah

    2.5 inch screen, full iOS 8, a shitload of sensors, thin as hell, AND 6 days of battery life? iWish!

  • olih

    I sure hope that’s not the design….butt ugly…

  • websnap

    That could be a new market! Designer ankle bracelet for the “constantly arrested but too rich for jail” crowd. It can have a new service called Find my Parolee”.