Designer Releases iPhone 6, ‘iWatch’ Concept Renders Ahead of Apple’s Media Event


Iwatch iphone 6 gold hero

By now you should be familiar with the work of designer Martin Hajek. The Dutch designer is known for his ability to create some of the nicest 3D renders of Apple products and his latest batch imagines what Apple’s upcoming wearable device could look like next to the iPhone 6.

Despite what the Internet has seen so far with alleged iPhone 6 leaks, no concrete evidence has emerged for Apple’s wearable device, or what everyone wants to be called, “iWatch”. This leads us to believe it could be manufactured in the USA (the new Mac Pro never leaked—and it’s made in the USA), instead of the company’s vast Asian supply chain, usually a source of leaks.

Hajek’s concept reveals a watch-like device with a curved screen and a similar iOS interface we all know and recognize, along with a front-facing camera. Here’s how the designer describes his concepts:

And here are some more conceptual images of the rumoured iPhone 6 and iWatch.

I based the iWatch concept on my iPhone 6 concept; making it round and soft and adding those strange plastic bands on the back.

Check out the images below and tell us what you think:

Iwatch interface concept

Iwatch concept

Iwatch concept rear

Iwatch iphone 6 gold 4

Late last month, Hajek released some 3D renders of what the iPhone 6 rear casing would look like based on recent rumours.

You can check out the entire gallery released by Hajek here.


  • Oman

    Honestly, that is hideous. A watch should look like a watch The Moto 360 is the best looking so far.

  • Flash

    That is the stupidest comment regarding a design ever! A watch should look like a watch? I wonder what you would have been like in the 70’s – everyone has their own tastes and the winner of the wearable a market will be someone who can provide different shapes/sizes. But to say this is ugly because it’s not round is hilarious – you realize there are a lot of “square” popular watches on the market today right?

  • FragilityG4

    I believe the posters comments had less to do with the shape and more with the fact that this designer essentially took the alleged iPhone 6 design and made it into a watch … Thoughts I concur with.

  • Really not a fan of the watch design by this designer.. looks more like a skewed image of an iphone 6 concept with slight mods (he even left the antenna breaks) really?.. this older design looks more convincing:

  • WatDah

    I wouldn’t call this a a designer, but a 3D image renderer at best. All he ever does is take the look of an iPhone, shrink it, and put it on something else.

  • OliChabot

    I would like it to be classier, with leather, or even interchangeable bands.

  • BeaveVillage

    The thought of having close up cellular radiation passing through my wrist at all times sounds really fun!

  • We’re doomed!

  • spyridus

    Exactly as I had hoped it would look like! So excited now!!