Desjardins Apple Pay Support “Coming Soon”


Desjardins has announced this morning on Twitter, Apple Pay is coming soon, and customers should “keep an eye out for details.”

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Last week, Desjardins for iOS was updated with Touch ID, and at the time, iPhone in Canada readers had noted they were already getting terms and conditions when trying to add a Visa card to Apple Pay, a hint support was coming.

Canada’s Big 5 banks launched Apple Pay support this spring, along with ATB and Canadian Tire as well, while last month President’s Choice and Tangerine also jumped on board.

On a side note–we’ve seen progress with our MBNA MasterCard and Apple Pay, now able to enter in expiry and CCV details. Yesterday, MBNA Canada said on Twitter they still don’t have a timeline yet for Apple Pay.

Are you excited for Desjardins to launch Apple Pay?

Thanks everyone!


  • Cornfed710

    Let’s go MBNA ????

  • Got an Amex just for Apple Pay years ago it feels like now and would love and can’t wait to be able to really walk around without my wallet.

    Desjardins having Apple Pay will make that a reality for me. It’s about time.

  • OliChabot

    Its about damn time. Switched to AMEX a year ago when it came to Canada. They’ll have a hard time trying to get me and others back.

  • Dominic

    and Tangerine debit

  • steve81

    In French they give more info on Twitter. Looks like it’s only going to be Visa and Interac for Personal use at first (no MasterCard and no Business use) and it’s coming in the next few weeks.

  • johnnygoodface

    You have Canadian Tires Mastercard. They’ve been right there from the beginning just after American Express in Canada 🙂

  • johnnygoodface

    They’ve been too late for me. I switched to MC from the beginning. I’ll “ApplePaying” my Visa just for emergencies and for those few stores who don’t use MC.

  • johnnygoodface

    I’m very curious if it’ll be only Visa and Interac. Wonder if my regular Desjardins ATM card will work?