Do You Know How Many Apps Are Downloaded Per iOS Device Sold?


How many iOS devices do you own? With each device comes downloads from the App Store. Reaching 10 billion app downloads very soon, the App Store has been nothing short of a success story. breaks down just how many apps are downloaded per device sold:

The number of apps downloaded for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch is running at more than 60.

In the fall of 2008, there were about 10 apps downloaded for every iPhone/iPod touch. Two years later the rate was more than five times higher. There are significant implications for the network effects related to the iOS platform. End user investment in apps is even higher than end user investment in music which created a very tight lock for iPod users.

I draw three conclusions:

1. Apps overtaking digital music is a watershed event. Apps are a new medium: they will impact all other media.

2. As the number of apps attached to any single device continues to increase, apps create increasingly higher switching costs for users.

3. Apps consumption is increasing at a rate to overtake the PC software market.

It’s interesting to note that magic number of ’60’ doesn’t include app updates. Moreover, the rate of app downloads per day is over 30 million–and that number continues to grow as well. Apple has built quite the lead on its competitors.

How many apps will we be downloading per device in the next 2-5 years? How many apps are on your iPhone right now?



  • Sh3lmart

    If the average is 60 per device, there’s 3 users out there who have none, because I have @ 240, LOL

  • “How many apps will we be downloading per device in the next 2-5 years?”
    For Dev’s sake hopefully more, but as the iPhone grows older will Jailbreaking become more common then it is now? good chance that this would lead to more pirated apps thus reducing the average from 60 to 40? these are all what ifs of course, but its defiantly something that was playing through my mind as i read this page

  • Anonymous

    I have 342 apps on my iPhone 4

    But this is not a proper estimate because an app can be downloaded and removed multiple times on the same device.

  • Yeah I agree. Dumb stat. I’ve downloaded like 150 apps in my day but only about 25 are still on my phone…

  • Anonymous

    I have about 200 on my iPhone 4.

  • Hyperextension

    I am at 339 apps in my library and about 200 are regularily on my phone.

  • erth

    is the word HOW missing in the heading? or is this just the way people talk now?