Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine Would Have Senior Roles at Apple with Beats Acquisition


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Jimmy Iovine (left), Dr. Dre (right); image via; Interesting how this January article is playing out, eh?

The Wall Street Journal reports sources says both Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, co-founders of Beats Electronics, would join Apple in ‘senior’ positions should the latter acquire the company in the rumoured $3.2 billion deal:

Mr. Iovine and his co-founder, rap star Dr. Dre, both men are likely to take senior positions with the Cupertino, Calif., tech company, according to people familiar with the matter, commuting from the Los Angeles area to Silicon Valley—or meetings elsewhere—as needed.

A person familiar with the matter also says Iovine would depart from his current position as chairman at Interscope as he transition to work at Apple:

Assuming Apple seals the deal to buy Beats, Mr. Iovine will leave his longtime post as chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M records, a division of Vivendi SA’s Universal Music Group, according to a person familiar with the matter, though it isn’t clear how soon he would depart.

The WSJ says Universal, the parent company of Interscope which also has a 14% stake in Beats (and is set to make almost $500 million if the deal goes through), would supposedly let Iovine leave his position prematurely before his contract, which expires in early 2015.

Reuters corroborates the WSJ story by saying a source familiar with the deal says Iovine would similarly leave his record label post to run Beats at Apple, most likely to help launch a music subscription service:

A source familiar with the deal said Iovine would likely leave his record label and join Apple to run Beats, but it hasn’t been determined if he would take on a greater role. It also isn’t yet clear whether Beats would operate as an independent unit or to whom its executives would report.

If you haven’t seen it already, I highly recommend you watch Jimmy Iovine chatting with Walt Mossberg from the D: Dive into Mobile conference; it will shed some light about the vision Iovine has long believed for the future of music.

Earlier in the day Dr. Dre already ‘confirmed’ the Beats deal in a video posted to actor Tyrese’s Facebook page, which was subsequently taken down (but is still alive thanks to the interwebs).

9to5Mac points us to a video of Steve Jobs chatting with Dr. Dre over iChat at an Apple event from over a decade ago regarding the iPod and iTunes; Dr. Dre’s connection with Apple goes way back:

Dr. Dre working at Apple? Now that’s some California love from Diego to the Bay.


  • einsteinbqat


  • sfssf

    Motherf**ers act like the forgot Dre.

  • Watch Samsung copy this move sometime soon.

  • Just watched that D: interview where Walt Mossberg interviews Jimmy Iovine. What a jerk. Somehow he’s the only one that can know which song comes next and every other service out there is crap? He’s not the first person to think about curation (8tracks comes to mind), but somehow his service is “unlike anything else out there.”

    He thinks he was able to make kids care about music quality? Nope. He got them to care about fashion. Period. If they cared about music quality, they wouldn’t be buying his headphones, they’d be buying ones that sound twice as good for half the price but don’t look quite as stylish.

    There are many aspects of what he’s pitching that sound great, but the way he brushes off privacy issues as irrelevant concerns or licensing issues as “I’ll work stuff out with my buddies” is pretentious and annoying, and make him seem out-of-touch with reality. It takes a LOT more than a good idea to change the music industry. Many have tried. Perhaps with his unique connections he can make it happen, but he makes it sound like it just hasn’t happened because everyone else is stupid.

  • WatDah

    While I agree to what you said, the same can also be said about Steve Jobs. The difference? Seems like Jimmy hasn’t quite figured out what song comes next either, while Steve already has plans and ideas, just waiting for the right moment.

  • Shameer Mulji

    Kids cared about fashion long before Jimmy lovine was around. Fashion is something Apple has understood well hence all the recent fashion industry hires.

  • Chrome262

    They should dump lovine and keep Dre, its the name that matters, not anything else apparently with kids anyway. Besides, he seems less of a jerk of late.

  • Very true. I said that poorly. I meant to say that he got them to buy fashionable, popular headphones, but it has nothing to do with the sound quality of them. You’re right in that he didn’t create a desire for fashion amongst today’s youth.

  • Yeah, that’s true too. I was thinking about that when watching the interview. I think you’re right, similar personalities but the difference is that for the most part, Jobs didn’t tend to talk about what was wrong with things until he had a solution. Iovine spends the interview raking on others for what’s wrong with the industry. He thinks he has a solution, but as of that interview it was only a theory, not yet proven.

  • The advantage they’d get with Iovine would be his industry connections. If they’re as good as he claims, that could be worth a large chunk of the price tag in itself. Though from what I’ve seen I don’t like the guy. 🙁

  • Chrome262

    agreed, Apple should of declined to buy, on the premise he is and ass. ” um, yeah, we will pass, not sure I want to hear your douche speeches at company functions”

  • …although having someone who’s kind of an ass run the place worked pretty well for them in the past. 😉