eBay Canada Will Launch Price Match Guarantee Program on July 10

Today, eBay announced the launch of a Price Match Guarantee program in Canada, just in time for its summer deals event. The company said it will launch the program on Monday, July 10.

The program guarantees that eligible deals will be offered at the best price online, or eBay will match the lower price of a competitor. If a shopper finds a competitor offering the same product for a lower price, eBay Canada will offer a coupon for the difference in price that can be used towards item being purchased.

In a statement, managing director of eBay Canada Andrea Stairs said:

“This launch comes at a time when we’re seeing tremendous growth in the eBay.ca Deals program – in fact, in the first three months of the year, volume was up 75 per cent.”

In order for the product to be eligible for the price match, it must be brand new in the original retail packaging. The item must also be exactly the same and in stock.

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  • FragilityG4

    This won’t stop people from gouging… in fact it gives them a good reason to keep it up. They will always be paid if eBay picks up the tab. Be that as it may, I stopped using eBay the minute “Buy it Now” was attached to 90% of the “auctions”.

  • Chrome262

    I only look at buy it now, and there are good deals there. But as time has gone on, i just buy stuff from Amazon now, its going to own eBay anyway at some point lol

  • FragilityG4

    Agreed. I do a lot of shopping via Amazon and if I’m looking for something cheap and can wait the two months I use AliExpress. I’ve bought a lot of jerseys from there!

  • Chrome262

    hummm interesting, have to look at that, thanks.