Faster Memory And Greater Storage Could Be coming To Mobile Devices, Via “ReRAM” Chip


Researchers at UCL have successfully developed a new type of silicon memory chip called ReRAM, or Resistive Random Access Memory, that can be 100 times faster than current NAND memory.

This new technology would be cheaper to produce and require less room inside devices. The memory chips are composed completely of silicon oxide, improving resistance. This material does not need to be in a vacuum state to work, making the chips much cheaper to produce. The chip is able to move between states conductivity, making it a dual purpose solution. It can be used as RAM or storage, or configured to do both, providing even more room inside computers and mobile devices. UCL is using their new design to develop transparent memory chips for mobile devices.

Companies like  Elpida, Sharp and Panasonic have already started incorporating this new tech into new chips, that should see light of day in 2013. It is not known if Apple is looking at this technology, but this would definitely allow Apple’s mobile devices, like the iPhone, to be much thinner and faster. This tech will not be in the iPhone 5, but maybe iPhone 6 or 7? Apple is always looking for the newest ways to improve their designs, and this seems like a possibility.

[via Engadget]


  • BrodieTheDog

    Sweet! I can only imagine all the possibilities.

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