Full List of Siri’s New Features as Noted at WWDC 2012


Apple announced the biggest update to Siri yesterday at WWDC 2012, with new sports, restaurants and movie capabilities. During the keynote, Scott Forstall was on stage to announce the latest features. Most of them appeared shortly on a slide.

We took at look at that slide and listed the details of what to expect for the ‘new’ Siri:

Get sports scores
Ask about movies
Eyes Free
Launch an app
Make dinner reservations

English Premier League
Italian Serie A
Dutch Eredivisie
French Ligue 1
Spanish La Liga
German Bundesliga
NCAA Football
NCAA Basketball
Check out team rosters
Get game schedules
Check player stats
Ask for team standings

FaceTime someone
Send a text
Review your schedule
Create a reminder
Send mail
Move a meeting
Setup a meeting
Find movie reviews
Get a stock price
Make a call
Reply to a text
Dictate a note
Play a movie trailer
Play a song
Listen to notifications
Get weather
Get movie facts
Find a local business
Find a theater
Get answers
Get showtimes for movies
Get restaurant reviews
Find your friends
Set an alarm

The most important update was the addition of language support for Canada in both English and French, along with local search. Sources tell us Siri in Canada now works exactly as advertised (it’s actually downright awesome now), so those griping now have something to look forward to (on their 4S and new iPad) when iOS 6 is released this Fall. Who’s excited?


  • mackman6151

    if siri has to connect to the server anyhow, i dont get why it’s only rolled out to iOS6….wouldnt it make more sense to update the server that siri pulls info from so that changes take effect immediately?…the only thing i can think of is that apple is calling for “greatly improved siri” to boost hype for ios6 to essentially force peopel to upgrade….

  • pegger1

    I believe the commands are local on the handset.

  • mackman6151

     hmmm good point…the only problem with that is if you turn off wifi/3G and say one of those local commands, siri will respond that she cannot connect to server, meaning the server is what likely holds those “natural english” commands….

  • o_clement

    Not necessarily,
    the software probably check first if it can reach the server and throw an error before continuing, saving a few cents on processing power and memory. 

    It also would make sense that the commands (or part of them) are locals, as a few jailbreak tweaks extends those commands. Since it doesn’t need a proxy server to work, my guess is that they are local.

  • mackman6151

     very true. agreed.

  • kev

    From a business perspective, these guys are geniuses.  90% of the “new and improved” features of ios 6 revolve around Siri, hence if you want to benefit from ios 6, you absolutely must upgrade to a 4S or new iPad.  
    From a customer relations perspective, they’re dickheads.  They essentially cut support for their devices once they’re 2-3 years old.  How hard would it be to just include Siri for any ios device? It wouldn’t be at all (thank you jailbreak).

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  • FragilityG4

    First off I agree with you on both your points … But I must give some credit to Apple in the case that my 3GS is still supported even though the 2G and 3G saw support dropped rather quickly. I imagine this will be the last major update for the 3GS … Good news for me as I already had plan to upgrade to the New iPhone when it’s released this year.

  • Allens3

    So apple just took the code that people already made for jailbroke Siri’s to do almost everything on here and polished this up a bit? Good job apple, still behind but at least I can see the pretty baseball cards now. As for making everything easier I still don’t see shortcuts to the most important toggles that everyone uses

  • DoctorT

    Screw off! 
    No ones gonna go and find your spammy link!! :@ 

  • Finally. Canadian support. She’s become more of a novelty than an assistant. Siri needed Canadianization.
    What’s “Eyes Free”? Is that so I can tell Siri todo everything without having to push a button or some Okay popup?

  • Eyes Free is coming, soon to be built into cars by the noted manufacturers (ie BMW, Audi, Honda, etc)

  • I believe that’s Canadianisation 😉

  • djepsilon

    I use Siri on a daily basis, so I’m pretty pumped. Definitely some cool new features. It’s unfortunate that official Canadian support took so long, but better late then never.

    I’m still pretty pissed at Apple for not giving a shit about their desktop computers… but I guess I’ll save that for a different thread!

  • djepsilon

     I actually have a bluetooth Motorola roadster that already does the eye’s free thing! The button just isn’t on the steering wheel. And if you have a car with bluetooth built in, all you have to do is reach into your pocket, hold your iPhone’s home button and Siri will come through your speakers.

    …What? Reaching in your pocket is TOTALLY safe while driving!

  • The new Siri rocks–so weird to have such a sudden increase of support.

  • Not a Fan Boy :-)

    All voice to text translation should be done locally like on the Android and other phones.  Hopefully Apple will learn how to do this properly to avoid having the extreme lag trying to cheap out with doing it server side.  Some data mining needs to be done server side, but translation needs to be done properly in a local fashion.  But Apple is more concerned about marketing rather than actual usable function.  
    Waiting 1.5 years for a working SIRI in Canada after blatant false advertising for the 4S is not something I would be excited about, I am quite ticked off actually.