Further iPhone 5 Renderings Allude to Larger 4″ Screen, Thinner Design


We’ve seen leaked iPhone 5 cases that are now widely available in China, and based on their dimensions it appears the next generation iPhone will be slimmer, and wider. MacRumors reports on new iPhone 5 renderings based on earlier purported leaked documents. Their designer put these dimensions into design, as seen below:

Further images show the iPhone 4 placed within an iPhone 5 case, and from the side profile it appears the next iPhone will be significantly thinner, with a tapered profile reminiscent of earlier reports from This Is My Next:

These renderings looks similar to the tapered design of the current 4th generation iPod touch, a contrast to the sharp lines of the existing iPhone 4. Final dimensions based on these cases would indicate a devices measuring 4.7″ x 2.6″, with a screen size spanning at least 4 inches.

It is always interesting to see what final designs look like based on concepts, so take these as more of speculation than anything.


  • Anonymous

    I would prefer to have an iPhone 5 that has the same(or just a bit less) thickness that the iPhone 4 has, but better battery life and better specs than to have a really thin phone but sucky battery…

  • Junkmailinu

    I hate the thicker at the top thinner at the bottom design sooo much.. not to mention the wider button AND what looks like a metallic/aluminium case on the back.. There is noting more beautiful than the iPhone 4.. I just wish they would have kept the same design but bigger display and perhaps a bit thinner.. this design is complete crap IMHO….

  • MrAnonymous

    That design looks like total crap.  They will lose sales with that monstrosity of a design.  They should keep the current elegant iPhone 4 design, if anything make it thinner with a bigger display while keeping the same form factor.  If they do that, any iPhone 4 accessories should be compatible with it.