Hollywood Suite Go Now Available For Free To Rogers Customers


Today, Hollywood Suite announced that Rogers has launched Hollywood Suite Go, which is available for free to all Rogers customers that subscribe to Hollywood Suite.

Hollywood Suite Go is a service that allows subscribers to access their favourite high definition movies from their iPhone, iPad, or Android device. The app has been optimized for iOS and Android, with an easy-to-navigate interface that allows you to quickly find the content you want to watch.

hsgo_1The app includes a customizable watchlist, which allows you to save any movies you want to watch next. Users can also receive optional push notifications about new content. Hollywood Suite President David Kines said:

“We’re thrilled Rogers has picked up HSGO for their subscribers. People want convenience and to be able to watch what they want to watch, when they want to watch it. Our user-friendly app allows movie lovers to do just that with their favourite titles.”

Hollywood Suite Go is available as a free download from the App Store. The app requires any device running iOS 6 or later and has been optimized for the iPhone 5.


  • ????Dennis

    Off topic, but I just switched to Fibe for Internet and tv. Wow what a difference. Rogers is in the dinosaur ages. Fibe is better in every way. From their remote to the guide. Internet is a consistent speed. I’m really impressed.

  • Salinger

    Good luck! You think Rogers’ customer service is bad? Wait ’till something goes wrong and you have to deal with Bell.

  • Gord

    I have been with Bell for 6 yrs now. I love it. I guess I am one of the lucky ones I guess. I have had nothing but great success dealing with customer service. They have continually gone above and beyond for me to make sure everything is working and when I do have problems, they have always been there fixing it as soon as they can. I do not work for Bell or have any family working for them. I love Bell.

  • CanucksGoals

    Bell has the lowest customer satisfaction out of the Big 3 in recent 2014 report. I am not using Bell nor Rogers. I am using Shaw and quite happy with the service.
    There’s always loyal followers and piss off customers in any company.

    There are areas that one company is better than another.

  • ????Dennis

    I’m referring to their fibe service. It blows Rogers away in every way. So far their customer service has been top notch and their wait times are nil. Rogers has super long hold times and I find their customer service pretty garbage in the last year.

    You haven’t watched tv until you have experienced Fibe. It is just so clean and a joy to use.

  • Salinger

    “I love Bell”; There’s a phrase you don’t hear very often. 🙂 Glad it’s working out for you. I can’t ever see me going back to having anything at all to do with them.

    They scheduled an install appointment for me, took a day off work and they didn’t show up. When I called in, they made absolutely no apologies, just asked if I wanted to schedule a new one. They took money from me for a loaner cell phone when I found out the phone I had was under warranty and the loaner should have been free; refused to do anything about it or refund my money, or again, offer even an apology. When I called in to tell them (honestly) that Rogers had a promo on to get me back as a customer, they essentially said “good luck, see ya'” without any attempt to make a counter offer.

    Those are just a few of my experiences with them. I have never felt so unvalued as a customer as when I was with Bell. It got to the point that when something went wrong, I just put up with it if I could, rather than speak to them. They seemed to write the manual on how to treat customers like dirt.

    Perhaps things have changed in the last couple of years since I left them, but that would have had to have been one tidal change. The customer satisfaction rankings that get released every so often sure don’t seem to indicate that’s the case.