How to Buy a White iPhone 4–for the Christmas Tree


Let’s face it–the mythical white iPhone 4 will never materialize. We’re already halfway into the cycle of the iPhone 4, and the odds of Apple releasing the white version is not looking good. However, there’s still hope out there as it’s reported for a Spring 2011 release.

If you really want a white iPhone 4, a publisher via Etsy has some very entrepreneurial ambitions with a model white iPhone 4 Christmas tree ornament (will Apple lawyers be contacting them soon?!):

It won’t feel like Christmas until you have this epic White iPhone 4 Ornament hanging on your tree. This limited run of handmad, novelty ornaments are printed onto premium photo paper and then mounted on durable, coated cardboard stock.

They look amazing hanging on a Christmas tree.

Your handmade iPhone 4 ornament will arrive in a small gift box along with the hook for hanging. Magnets have been added to the back for weight, which will also let you enjoy your iPhone 4 as refrigerator ornament for the new year ahead.

Ornaments are lightweight and measure (3″ x 1.5″), but they should be kept clear of liquids, food and hand goo for months of long lasting pleasure.

Please Specify if you want the BLACK MODEL.



Did you read that last line? US only and no International shipping. Boo. However, if you have an “Amerifriend” this will be a cheap gift for the holidays.

Could this be the “white” Christmas we’ve been waiting for?

[Etsy via iPhoneDownloadBlog]


  • Anonymous

    Jobs wont like this, hes already gonna call the lawyers and have them iSued.

  • Jess

    If you go to their current one, the last line reads: “This item will be shipped via U.S. Mail to United States addresses only on December 15th provided that a confirmed PayPal payment is received. ”

    So it means no international shipping to Canada.

  • Anonymous

    Ya, he mentioned that in the last line….you would have seen that if you’d read the entire article.

  • We should order one, and have it shipped to steve jobs as a Christmas gift lol

    All jokes aside that would be pretty bad ass to see one of those hanging from your tree. Even better is you find out it’s real while your opening your gifts 😛

  • Dustin

    I thought they looked cool until I read that all it is, is cardboard with a printed picture of the iPhone glued on. I’m pretty sure I can make on for a lot cheaper.

  • jo

    No white iphone until spring, boo!

  • Poop

    wow.. just wow..